Video: 3 More Road & Track GT-R Build Features

July 31, 2009

Steve Millen and the R&D crew here at STILLEN are at full throttle wrapping up the build of the STILLEN GT-R, and Road & Track has been continuing their great video coverage of the build and testing.

These three videos bring the total to 16 videos surrounding the STILLEN GT-R and the build for the Targa Newfoundland Rally which is in mid-September and quickly approaching.

Follow along and hear Steve talk about (and weigh) the new STILLEN/AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Rotors, the bedding in procedures and temperature testing, as well as Steve and Mike Monticello of Road & Track discussing the seats and interior.

Road & Track Video:  STILLEN R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brakes Weights & Install

Road & Track Video:  STILLEN R35 GT-R Bedding In The Brakes At The Track

Road & Track Video:  STILLEN R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Race Seats


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