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2:14pm NDT (9:44am PST)
First day is going well.  We were hoping to come down yesterday to do some final touches on the car but unfortunately our flights got messed up and we did not get in until six or six thirty.  No worries though!

STILLEN GT-R Being Prepped for Tech at the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Rally

Oneill Motors has been great to us and let us come in early to perform our nut and bolt check.  Special thanks to Brian and Dave for all their help!!!

Next we will be taking the GT-R over to tech.

Tonight I will be sending a full explanation of a top secret part of the car.  Coilovers!!!

  • RT @bentoboxx: 2 out of 3 Chipmunks agree…The Datsun 240Z has TONS of storage space! -JB #
  • Air Canada needs new planes.. this one is having electrical issues.. sitting in it for an hour turning things on and off.. -KM #targarally #
  • So the delay at LAX getting a new plane caused us to miss our flight in Toronto.. 2 hours before next possible flight.. -KM #TargaRally #
  • Our plane is having a “mechanical” problem…apparently that means we need to change to another plane!! -KM #
  • The crew has left for Newfoundland for the rally.. look for tweets directly from Kyle Millen at the event! #
  • RT @jalopnik: You’re Doing It Wrong 6.0: That Will Buff Right Out Edition #lolcars #fail #
  • – Luckiest memory cards ever.. for the ChaseCam in the STILLEN GT-R at the Targa Rally #
  • Luckiest memory cards ever.. for the ChaseCam in the GT-R at the Targa Rally… #


Well, the car is ready to go.  Steve flew out a few days early to get the STILLEN GT-R across the border and all the spare parts into the service van.  Mark (Lead Mechanic) and I (Kyle Millen) are in the airport waiting for our flight to Toronto where we will board our second flight into St. John’s.

STILLEN Crew Headed to Targa Newfoundland

We’re all excited and looking forward to a great week. I will be posting information, updates, and hopefully video interviews throughout the next week. I will also be posting comments to the STILLEN Twitter account, I encourage you to follow along there as well for daily updates.