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  • That's the plan, but no news yet, 370Z / G37 first.. RT @tsui_san: Burning question for VQ35HR owners – will the G37 supercharger fit?? #
  • I'll have to check.. what does the butt dyno tell you? RT @kaipodiesel: @STILLEN how much horsepower does the intake make? #
  • Nice! Doing the install yourself? Should be no big deal if you have basic tools.. RT @kaipodiesel: My @STILLEN intake comes in on Monday!! #
  • And the reason the STILLEN supercharged G37 isn't on the dyno.. hail in Southern California.. (video) #
  • First video teaser of STILLEN VQ37 Supercharger System.. as installed on a G37 – #
  • First teaser pic of the STILLEN 370Z / G37 Supercharger.. as installed on a G37 – #
  • Will start the trek to Canada soon! RT @autoshowcanada: The Nissan Stillen GTR will be at the Toronto #Autoshow #

  • Looks clean to me.. Love that color.. :) RT @CexiDeja: Diamond Girl…… NOT at her best @STILLEN #
  • STILLEN Supercharged G37 being driven today! If it stops raining we'll finish the tuning and wrap up the 370Z as well! Videos/pics soon! #
  • Awesome! Let me know what you think.. RT @kaipodiesel: @STILLEN Thank you!! I put in my order for my intake for my truck #
  • 370Z / G37 VQ37 Supercharger Progress: STILLEN Intake Manifold and Intercooler technical details.. #

In the last update post we showed the new Intake Manifold and discussed the function of the Air-to-Water Intercooler System.  Heres some more details on the design of the Intake Manifold and the engineering behind the STILLEN VQ37 Supercharger System.

As you can see we have relocated the throttle bodies to one side of the intake manifold.  There are several reasons for this:

After the decision was made to go with the Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger, work began on developing the kit.  The engineers spent hours under the hood of our project G37 Coupe taking measurements, test fitting parts, and checking the tight clearances to see where they could put all of the necessary components.  The new VQ37 has a very unique and challenging dual throttle body intake design.  The STILLEN engineers have had great success with making big power off this design and a perfect example of that are the Generation 3 Intakes which offer up to 18 horsepower!  However, the supercharger was going to require some creative thinking and once again, the engineers have pulled it off!

Here are some pictures of the STILLEN-designed intake manifold done with our 3D CAD software, and some of the new aluminum castings just received before final machining:


Join us Saturday, January 16th at STILLEN as we host the first BIG Detail Clinic of 2010!

STILLEN relies on Adam’s Polishes to keep all of our show cars looking the way they were meant to be, and we’re opening up the shop to give our customers an up-close look at these detailing products in action.

Adam’s experts will be on hand, demoing Adam’s most popular products, new detailing tools and accessories, and giving you first hand advice for getting the absolute best shine possible. Plus, there will be one-day-only special savings and FREE Adams’s samples for all that attend. 

STILLEN is proud to announce we are nearing completion for the Nissan 370Z / Infiniti G37 Supercharger System. As we approach production, we will be updating the progress as frequently as possible on our blog. We’ll start with the concept, and some insight into the development process.

This 3.7L supercharger development began in late 2008 and moved steadily through 2009.  We had a bit of a delay in the development while the STILLEN R35 GT-R was prepared for Targa Newfoundland, but after that car was completed it was back to business on the supercharger!  We have just started the new year in 2010 and we are excited to say the supercharger is nearly finished!  Here is a re-cap on our development and some of the engineering that went into making this kit come to life!

This Strap Drive System has been developed by AP Racing both for Road and Race applications. The standard fitment brake discs on many performance cars can suffer from brake vibrations caused by disc distortion. This generally occurs on fast road and track installations.

On many performance cars the typical standard brake disc will be a heavy duty ventilated single piece casting. Couple this type of rigid disc to a standard hub and wheel bearing and the result is any hub distortion / run out will transfer onto the disc brake faces. This eventually results in brake vibrations, usually picked up through the steering wheel.

The AP Racing Strap Drive System offers a new take on the floating systems already in the market place. Strap Drive uses a series of stainless steel straps to locate the disc to the mounting bell, producing a flexible coupling between the hub and the disc faces. This allows the disc to run true in the caliper under all conditions and also permits the disc to expand and contract without being restricted.