Last week, we put up a little teaser photo of a one-of-a-kind  WideBody mystery car getting some more grunt under the hood by way of a STILLEN Supercharger. We asked our readers to guess what kind of car it is.

To our surprise, most of you guessed what car it was immediately, and said the tail lights where a dead giveaway. I guess we should have cropped more out of the photo. Oh well, the next “guess the car post” will be much more difficult and maybe we will even throw in a prize or two ;)

Since you guessed the car pretty easily, we figured it was a good time to show you the finished product.

The Intercooler of the Stage2 Supercharger kit looks nice and tidy tucked inside the widebody G35 bumper. You might have to look reeeeeeeeeeal hard but it’s in there… trust us.

Keep an eye out for this car on the streets. :)