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Since it’s been a while since we last checked in with the STILLEN performance shop, we thought it’s time for an update. Our shop techs have been extremely busy with all sorts of cars, trucks & SUVs, but we’ve all been happily surprised by the number of Ford vehicles making their way into the shop to visit us. It seems the STILLEN performance shop is quickly becoming the top Ford Performance Shop in Southern California!

Ford Raptors, Ford GT500 and Ford GT at the STILLEN Ford performance shop

Ford Performance Shop: Raptor Supercharger Installs

Being the only Whipple warranty certified installer in Southern California, our performance shop technicians been extremely busy installing superchargers for American muscle cars and imported sports cars. However, they have been especially busy installing superchargers for various trucks and prerunners. The blue Ford SVT Raptor featured in the photo above, is just one of the many trucks that has gotten a supercharger installed by the STILLEN performance shop over the past few weeks and there are even more on the schedule!

STILLEN Performance Shop Tech Installing a Supercharger on a Ford Raptor

As you can see from the photo below, the owner is already having a blast off-roading with this Raptor after they got their supercharger installed!

Ford Raptor with STILLEN installed supercharger jumping

Raptor with Supercharger Service

After adding a supercharger to your car’s engine, you don’t want to be taking it to the dealer service center or the service center down the street. You want to take it to someone you know you can trust and who knows how to service performance cars and trucks. This is why we are seeing the black Raptor featured in this photo. As many of you will remember, the STILLEN performance shop installed the supercharger on this prerunner a few months ago (click here to see the full write up on this Raptor). The owner brought it back for service.

Black Raptor Horsepower Dyno Charts

GT500 Supercharger Pulley Installation

Now, if you’re looking to get a bit more from your supercharger, the STILLEN performance shop is definitely the place to come and this is why the Ford GT500 came in. The owner brought his car in because he wanted to get a bit more horsepower from his supercharged engine. With that in mind, the STILLEN team installed a new supercharger pulley to create more boost and get the horsepower the owner was looking for.

GT Service

Like the cars and trucks that have superchargers installed, you don’t want to trust your Ford GT servicing to just anyone. Over the years, the STILLEN performance shop has seen its share of Ford GT’s come in for service and has earned a sterling reputation for working with these vehicles.

Scheduling Your Appointment with the Top Ford Performance Shop in Southern California

Whether you have a Ford GT and need to bring it in for servicing, you have a Ford Mustang or Ford Raptor that you want to bring in to get a supercharger, and everything in between, the STILLEN performance shop is who you want to trust your vehicle with. We have nearly 30-years’ experience working with performance cars. To make your appointment, simply call (866)250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.

The classic Ford GT is always a welcome sight in the STILLEN Performance Shop, and there is nothing that says classic race car like a white striped, Mark IV Red beauty.

ford gt on rack

  • Ford GT ready for service.


Whether it’s a minor service for your Ford GT or a full track build, you can rest assured knowing the factory trained STILLEN technicians know your Ford GT inside and out and will give your supercar the proper care it deserves.

ford gt rear wheel

  • Ford GT waiting for new tires.


This Ford GT service included some general maintenance along with a mount and balance of 4 fresh Michelin tires. From there, the Ford GT went on the rack for a complete computer alignment.

ford gt new tires

  • After the new tires are installed, the Ford GT will get the proper computer alignment treatment.


ford gt front

  • Ford GT: A Classic Beauty


To schedule an appointment with our STILLEN Performance Shop technicians for your Ford GT, call (888) 366-0686 or visit the STILLEN Performance Shop Page.

STILLEN also carries a complete line of performance products for the Ford GT including Big Brake Kits, Exhaust Systems, Coilover Suspension, and much more. Here is a link to view the complete line up of Ford GT aftermarket parts and accessories.

two Ford GTs outside service area

With the Ford GT Rally 8 coming up in September in Northern California, we have started to see a few of these supercars trickle into the STILLEN Performance Shop. We are equipped to do everything from routine maintenance to high performance upgrades. STILLEN also manufactures and sells numerous performance parts for the GT.

black ford gt on rack at stillen

We replaced all fluids, the oil pump and belt in this black beast, along with a mount and balance of some fresh new Bridgestone tires.

black ford gt headlight

black ford gt rear angle

white ford gt on rack close up

An upgraded Ford Racing supercharger pulley went into this blue striped machine. By simply installing the smaller supercharger pulley and a re-flash of the ECU, you can see power increases of up to 100HP!

white ford gt rear tail light

white ford gt front

For more information on available Ford GT performance products from STILLEN, including Cat-back Exhaust Systems, Rear Diffusers, Performance Race Clutches, and more, please call (888) 366-0686 or visit http://www.stillen.com/ford-gt-aftermarket-parts-i-45.html

Steve Millen Ford GT

What did you do this weekend?  Mow the lawn?  Have a BBQ?  hang out at the beach?  How about race a Ford GT supercar around closed public roads?  Well that’s what Steve Millen found himself doing this weekend.

Steve Millen Ford GT

As you may know Steve was born and raised in New Zealand before moving to America in the early 80′s to launch his very successful North American racing career.  Now that he no longer races professionally he enjoys competing in Targa Rallies, hill climbs, and “street sprints.”  This particular event was the latter and basically consists of blasting around public roads (closed for the event) in your favorite weapon of choice.  Here are a few pictures of Steve hustling the STILLEN Ford GT around the Ruakaka Street Sprint. Pictures come courtesy of Amy Davidson (Steve’s niece.)

Steve Millen Ford GT

How can you possibly make a FORD GT look any better? From the factory these things are the perfect combination of vintage throwback looks and modern bad assery.
While the phrase “you don’t mess with perfection” comes to mind every time I think of adding a “body kit” to a Ford GT. There are very very few products I would put on my Ford GT if I owned one, could you imagine seeing one with a Black Widow body kit on it ? Oh dear god. That being said, I have to say these dry carbon pieces from Tecnocraft most definitely raise the game of any Ford GT to a whole new level.

This Ford GT received the FULL dry carbon aero treatment. Front lip, Side skirts, Rear diffuser, and custom painted spoiler. I’d say it looks amazing wouldn’t you agree?

This rear diffuser is most definitely a work of art.

These side skirts aren’t just for looking cool, they are actually very functional, check out the notch in front of the rear wheel to ad some turbulence to the air flow.

Check out the custom paint work on the dry carbon spoiler…. the beauty is always in the details.

For more info on this build please feel free to give one of our product specialists a call.
3176 Airway Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(800) 834-0376

It’s the middle of the week and our Performance Center is operating on all cylinders today, excuse the horrible pun please.  We have a car in just about every department getting the attention they deserve.

Aaron is taking car of a G35 on the dyno, and releasing some reliable torque and horsepower by way of an UP REV tune.


We have a twin pair of FORD GT’s getting some suspension love by way of PENSKE coilovers and alignment.

It doesn’t get much better than a brand new set of external reservoir Penske 8300 Shock absorbers.


Not only do we have one gorgeous 370z in the shop but we have two, getting some routine maintenance done…


As you can see, the guys in the Performance Center have had a very busy day, but that’s not to say we don’t have time for new projects here at STILLEN. Make sure you give us a call if you need anything done, from oil changes to custom builds, these guys quite literally do it all.

STILLEN Performance Center
(866) 250-5542