First Nissan GT-R Delivered in the U.S.

First Nissan GT-R Delivered in the U.S.

At exactly 12:01am this morning on July 7, 2008, the first Nissan GT-R was delivered to the first consumer owner, and STILLEN was on hand at Universal Nissan in Los Angeles for this historic event.

Nissan asked Steve Millen to be on hand to present the vehicle, and deliver a specially painted replica helmet which included the date and details of the first GT-R delivery. And the first GT-R to be delivered is…..

A Black Obsidian Premium Model.

Video of the mini-event was captured from our friends at

First GTR sold in the USA

Check out some photos of the event below:

As you can imagine, this has created a lot of buzz, as people can’t wait to get their pre-ordered GT-R’s, as well as begin seeing these beasts on the road:

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