Will the automotive aftermarket live forever?!

Will the automotive aftermarket live forever?!


We’d like to think so.. case in point..

It’s nice to know with new innovations in the automotive world, new technology, new products, pyretic gas prices, new anti-enthusiast laws, changing shifts in every industry, there are always the staples that never seem to change.

You might think I’m referring to such companies and products supplied by K&N, Eibach, AP Racing, Bilstein and many others.. but in this case.. not so much.

In this instance, I’m talking about the one and only Uncle Booger’s Bumper Dumper, the purveyor of the patented trailer hitch toilet, who has been around as long as I’ve been in the automotive industry. Crackpot? Genius? The debate has been open for years and years.. but the simple fact, they are around, and unchanged, and glorious in every way.. complete with the same website circa sometime in the late 90’s.. (be sure to click around.. even T-Shirts are available) and the telltale image that sells it all:

Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper

There is something to be said about longevity in the automotive aftermarket world, and in the specific case of Mr. Uncle Booger, I for one salute you sir.. well done and congratulations..

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