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We ran across a thread from TitanTalk.com from one of our customers fillup who has had the STILLEN 5.6L Titan Intercooled Supercharger System installed for a while now and wanted to let everyone know his thoughts in his Titan supercharger review.

Customer 3 Year / 85,000 Mile Titan Supercharger Review

Customer 3 Year / 85,000 Mile Titan Supercharger Review

fillup gives his impressions on the kit, and how it has held up over the years:

I have now had my Supercharger for around 3 years and have managed to put 85,000 + miles on it. I have driven in every type of conditions imaginable from Living in Aspen to Working in Yuma and Spending way too much time in LA. My mileage has been 65% highway with rest in heavy urban environments.

I have owned a wide range of all motor and F/I vehicles. ranging from 360 AWHP Scooby’s to a 450+ RWHP Z’s and numerous all motor lead sleds. This however was my first modified truck.

As has been said the only thing better than power is more of it and the s/c has definitely delivered. The truck has a fairly linear torque curve with good power available from 1800 to 4500 rpm. The superman appeal of going from tire melting head jerking power to mild mannered truck is nice.

Another member RyTan adds:

Nice, I have had mine on for coming up on two years, and about 20,000 miles, and I have not had any real issues other than some belt squeak. Looks like a good installation can really be the deal maker for this add-on. Its good to hear from someone who has had a positive experience with their SC. Knew there was a risk when I put it on, but was willing to accept it. I feel that Stillen did a good job of maximizing what they could do safely without destroying the tranny, cats, etc. I am very curious to see what they have up their sleeve for the stage 3 upgrade.

For more information, including dyno numbers on the STILLEN Titan Supercharger, visit the product page HERE.  Also available is a kit for the Armada 5.6L and QX56 5.6L.