Mine’s GT-R R35 Silence VX Pro Titan II Exhaust – In Stock & Shipping!

Mine’s GT-R R35 Silence VX Pro Titan II Exhaust – In Stock & Shipping!

We received the first batch of Mine’s Silence VX Pro Titan II Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for the R35 Nissan GT-R’s, and pulled one out of the box to get a closer look at this completely titanium system, see what all of the fuss is about, and shoot some pictures.

STILLEN Mine's GT-R R35 Silence VX Pro Titan II Exhaust System

The construction on this exhaust system is beautiful, with every flawless weld point showcasing that signature heat treated titanium color band.

This system is extremely light weight, with the rear section weighing in at 19lbs, and the center section at 5lbs, for a total exhaust system weight of 24lbs.


  • Full Titanium Construction
  • Bolt-On Application for R35 GT-R
  • 80mm Main Pipe Diameter
  • (4) 120mm Exhaust Tips – Heat Treated

These systems are in stock and ready for shipping, more information at the STILLEN Product Page.

As you can see in the following photos, this exhaust has a very striking appearance, and will reduce weight compared to the factory exhaust.

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