Daily Archives: Nov 24, 2008

We are proud to announce the release of our License Plate Bracket for the R35 GT-R. This utilizes the 24mm tow hook at the front of the vehicle, accessible via the existing tow hook opening.

Nissan GT-R License Plate Bracket

The License Plate Bracket matches the curves of the GT-R fascia for perfect fitment, and can be installed and removed in minutes.  With the post made from machined billet aluminum, the unit is strong and fits securely.

STILLEN GT-R License Plate Bracket

Don’t let your dealership ruin your front fascia by drilling a license plate holder directly into the bumper, and for those lucky enough to be in a state which requires a mounted visable front plate, you won’t have to worry about the police using that as an excuse to get a closer look at your GT-R.