Daily Archives: Jan 26, 2009

Continuing with the performance success of the STILLEN Generation 3 Intake System for the 3.7L engines in the G37 Coupe and G37 Sedan, STILLEN is proud to release the Gen 3 Intake for the Dual Throttle Body G35 Sedan.

STILLEN G35 Sedan Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake

STILLEN G35 Sedan Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake

When developing these intakes, we’ve seen the highest gains after 7-8 dyno runs. This intake was installed on a customer vehicle, so we limited testing to 3 runs.  During this testing, gains are up just over 15hp to the wheels (dyno below) at high RPM’s, 12hp peak, and may increase slightly.

Sound is mild during normal driving, but spirited under acceleration, especially over 5,500 RPM.  These intakes are in stock and shipping.  Pricing and additional information available HERE.

More information and a video (for approximate reference on sound) is available on the G37 Coupe Gen 3 Intake Blog post HERE.

Additional Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake Photos