NADAGuides / STILLEN Ford GT Video from 2008 Targa New Zealand

NADAGuides / STILLEN Ford GT Video from 2008 Targa New Zealand

Well after long last, here is the in-car footage of a couple of stages from the 2008 Dunlop Targa Rally in New Zealand.  Special thanks to for providing the camera equipment.

STILLEN Ford GT Targa Rally New Zealand 2008

These videos are both from Day 1 (of 6 days) of the rally, and are full stages, giving you some of what it’s like to be part of such a neat event such as this.

Kyle Millen’s Introductions

“This was one of the longest stages of the rally.  It offered very diverse conditions.  Some spots were tight and twisty, others were wide open and fast, and a few spots were like hill climbs.  We caught four cars in this stage and we ended up beating the eventual race winner by over 30 seconds through this stage.”

“This stage was pretty tricky.  It was mostly wet and pretty treacherous.  You can see where a few cars went off.  It wouldn’t have been to go off the road in these stages as some of the drop offs were pretty tall.  This stage was run through mainly mountain roads….It was a BLAST!!!” also came down to the STILLEN compound and got a chance to sit down with Steve and Kyle after the event to discuss the rally and plans for the 2009 Targa Rally.

Subscribe to the blog as we prepare our Nissan GT-R for Targa Newfoundland this year.  A complete build is in order, and AWD on tap.. look for even more excitement.  We encourage you to follow along through this build and Targa event.

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