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For all gear-heads alike the initials B.R.E. represent something almost god like in motorsports. Countless images of 510’s and Z’s with iconic stripes on the side of them fill my head with all of racing’s glory. Granted, fourty years ago I wasn’t alive to enjoy all Brock Racing Enterprises victories, but one can live vicariously through the internet can’t he?

In 2010 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the BRE 240 Z victory at Road Atlanta, Peter Brock  built a 370z with the help of STILLEN as a tribute piece aimed at capturing the soul of the BRE car with a modern twist.

While building the car, they turned to STILLEN to make sure the car ran as good as it looked on the track and among other products we made sure to install the STILLEN 370Z Oil Cooler Kit to make sure oil temperatures were under control at the track. STILLEN 370Z SWAY BARS to take car of the handling, STILLEN 370Z CAT BACK EXHAUST to give a little more grunt but still stay within class regulations.

Road and Track put together a pretty awesome video that highlights both of these car’s at speed on the Spring Mountain circuit in Pahrump Nevada. Check it out:


It turns out the BRE 370z tribute car decided to pay us a visit this week. I love the autographed dash on this thing!!!

BRE 370z Tribute Car at STILLEN

BRE 370z Tribute Car at STILLEN

For more info on this car and the BRE 240Z check out the Road and Track article.