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The NISSAN Juke is most definitely one of those “love it or leave it” kinds of vehicles, personally I love it. The car reminds of a 90’s group B rally car that has been tamed for the street. Yes, I’ll admit it, the car does look kind of look like a bloated frog on a hot day, but sometimes new designs just take a little getting used to. Another thing I love about the Nissan Juke is that it’s turbo charged 1.6L engine responds very well to slight modifications.

The guys over at PERFORMANCE FROG have been covering the build of their JUKE on their blog for quite some time. Recently, they compiled a very thorough video on how to install the STILLEN axle back exhaust on your Juke.

For about $260 and 30 minutes of your time, you’re good for an additional 13hp and 14 lb ft of torque.

It’s not quite going to make your Nissan Juke a group B rally monster but it’s most definitely a step or “hop” in the right direction.

Making performance parts for Nissan’s is something we have been passionate about for over 20 years here at STILLEN. We take pride in the quality and craftmanship we put into our products and we stand behind every one that leaves our doors. One of the biggest compliments and testaments to the quality of our products is when a Nissan dealership not only sells our products in their showroom but also makes it a point to run our product on their own dealership vehicles.

KINGSTON NISSAN is one of those dealerships that we are proud to have in our network. Last week, they sent us over a few photos of their STILLEN equipped vehicles in their dealership. A Turbo’ed JUKE with our STILLEN Juke Exhaust, a GT-R with the STILLEN Y-PIPE, installed and some shots of a STILLEN P.O.P. display in their showroom were included in the photo package.

As you can see, things are looking really good over at Kingston Nissan, so if you are in the the Ontario, Canada area make sure you give them a ring or stop by and see what they can do for you.


Kingston Nissan

775 Gardiners Road

Kingston, ON K7M 7H8