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For all gear-heads alike the initials B.R.E. represent something almost god like in motorsports. Countless images of 510’s and Z’s with iconic stripes on the side of them fill my head with all of racing’s glory. Granted, fourty years ago I wasn’t alive to enjoy all Brock Racing Enterprises victories, but one can live vicariously through the internet can’t he?

In 2010 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the BRE 240 Z victory at Road Atlanta, Peter Brock  built a 370z with the help of STILLEN as a tribute piece aimed at capturing the soul of the BRE car with a modern twist.

While building the car, they turned to STILLEN to make sure the car ran as good as it looked on the track and among other products we made sure to install the STILLEN 370Z Oil Cooler Kit to make sure oil temperatures were under control at the track. STILLEN 370Z SWAY BARS to take car of the handling, STILLEN 370Z CAT BACK EXHAUST to give a little more grunt but still stay within class regulations.

Road and Track put together a pretty awesome video that highlights both of these car’s at speed on the Spring Mountain circuit in Pahrump Nevada. Check it out:


It turns out the BRE 370z tribute car decided to pay us a visit this week. I love the autographed dash on this thing!!!

BRE 370z Tribute Car at STILLEN

BRE 370z Tribute Car at STILLEN

For more info on this car and the BRE 240Z check out the Road and Track article.

Last week, we told you about the IMPORT TUNER Power Pages article that featured our Supercharged 370z with just 3 magical parts on it.

As you can see from the previous article, those three parts alone gave the 370z a 139HP boost at the wheels and 90lb/ft of torque. While we would LOVE to equip our customers cars with superchargers all day, the $8,000+ price tag might be a little too much for every budget. So today, we figured it would be fitting to cover a more cost effective approach to the “magic number.”

While navigating through the wonderful world of YOUTUBE this morning, I stumbled upon a video from EFI LOGICS that features the magic number of 3 in a much more affordable combination.

For their customer (Richard Park) EFI LOGICS  combined the
370Z UP REV OSIRIS ECU TUNE $499 (plus dyno time)
For some pretty amazing horsepower and torque gains.

370z dyno tune

As you can see, it turns out 3 is in fact the magic number on the 370z for gains good for +40HP at the wheels and +30 lb/ft of torque. All for a price that’s roughly around $2500.

If you are interested in taking your 370z to the next level, give us or EFI LOGICS a call and both of us will gladly help point you in the right direction.


The list of amazing cars using AP RACING brakes continues to grow every day, we have touched on some of those vehicles before but today is a perfect time to highlight the ULTIMATE AP RACING equipped vehicle.

What makes it the ultimate? Other than the obvious name, how about it beating the Koenigsegg CXX around the Top Gear test track by over 4.5 seconds, and the Pagani Zonda R by over 5.5 seconds.  Yeah I’d say that pretty much makes it the ULTIMAte! Check the video below for the record breaking run:


If that’s not enough for you, how about some of these amazing photos by GF WILLIAMS that were posted today on Jalopnik.







For the rest of gorgeous photo shoot
Cruise over to Jalopnik:

Since today marks the unofficial start of the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America with the first drivers meeting of the year, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of the vehicles running STILLEN products.

The One Lap of America is one of those racing series that is as equally bad ass as it is grassroots, as quoted from the One Lap of America website: ” The TIRE RACK ONE LAP OF AMERICA is the toughest 8 days of racing featuring the fastest street-legal cars on America’s most challenging racetracks.”

Ill sum up what makes this series so awesome in a couple short bullet points.

– Drivers must drive to 9 racetracks across the county to compete in Time attack, Drag and Skidpad events in the same car they will be competing in.

– Drivers only get ONE set of street radial tires (tread wear 140 or above)  to complete the 5000 mile journey and track events in.

-The driver with the most points at the end of 8 days wins


Very simple yet very intense.

Last year’s winner TOPSPEED motorsports ran our AP RACING J-hook rotors for their 2011 campaign, they loved them so much they decided to run them again this year.

TOPSPEED motorsports running AP RACING J-hook rotors


TOPSPEED motorsports aren’ the only guys running the J-HOOK rotors… Forged performance opted for the tried and true formula as well.

Forged performance running J-HOOK rotors


The SPEED CONCEPTS team is running the DBA Curved Vane rotors and STILLEN sway bar products on their GT-R


I’m sure I’m missing a few other GT-R teams that are running STILLEN product so if any one has any info or news they want to sent over please have them email me at

We wish everyone the best of luck and we can’t wait to see how this year turns out.



There are a handful of cars in this world that will make any enthusiast stop what they are doing and admire the “collection of parts” in front of them. Those cars will always hold a special place in just about any enthusiasts heart. While there aren’t many nameplates that can make just about any enthusiast stop in their tracks, anything with COSWORTH in it’s name will always fall into that category. Today, featured a very special Ford Focus RS Cosworth that spared no expense with the level of quality and detail that went in to the car.

As you can see, this COSWORTH has been meticulously prepared and every area had either been rebuilt or improved. This holds true even with the brakes.

The factory brakes were ditched and replaced with AP Racing Six Piston Front Brakes with Reyland Floating Alloy Bells.

The quality and beauty of this car is hard to ignore and so are those 6 piston AP RACING brakes and 365mm discs.

You can catch the rest of the article here…



And for more information on our line up of AP RACING products.. don’t hesitate to pay us a visit.


Remember a week ago when we told about those crazy Russian dudes from who race the best of the best in a standing mile for bragging rights? Well we stumbled upon a video from those guys today that is nothing less than amazing.

Like we mentioned earlier, these guys frequently take their GTR’s up to speeds well over 170mph. Slowing a 3800 lb car from those speed’s time after time will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the stock Brembo rotors and pads. It turns out, our R35 GTR Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake kit is a very popular option among these guys, because of their resistance to brake fade and warpage.  Watch the video below and you will understand why :).


(Note: Did any else notice the “rocket booster” mod on the GTR at the 3:04 mark of the video?)

It’s the middle of the week and our Performance Center is operating on all cylinders today, excuse the horrible pun please.  We have a car in just about every department getting the attention they deserve.

Aaron is taking care of a G35 on the dyno, and releasing some reliable torque and horsepower by way of an UP REV tune.

G35 Getting an Up Rev Tune at the STILLEN Performance Shop


We have a twin pair of FORD GT’s getting some suspension love by way of PENSKE coilovers and alignment.

It doesn’t get much better than a brand new set of external reservoir Penske 8300 Shock absorbers.


Not only do we have one gorgeous 370z in the shop but we have two, getting some routine maintenance done…


As you can see, the guys in the Performance Center have had a very busy day, but that’s not to say we don’t have time for new projects here at STILLEN. Make sure you give us a call if you need anything done, from oil changes to custom builds, these guys quite literally do it all.

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