Daily Archives: Aug 24, 2012

We EXCLUSIVELY use K&N Filters for all of our intake kits here at STILLEN for plenty of reasons. Proven horsepower gains, fuel efficiency gains, and most of all MAINTENANCE! Every K&N filter comes with a 1,000,000 mile warranty and is meant to be REUSED.  I know that may seem crazy but trust us on this one, K&N filters are worth every penny.

Now with that said, the question remains. When do you clean your air filter? The thing with air filters is that it’s their job to trap dirt before it reaches your engine… in other words, they are designed to get dirty. But how dirty is TOO dirty?

K&N has provided a very simple graphic to help illustrate this.

k&n air filter replacement guide

More information on how to clean your K&N filter can be found on K&N’s website

Now that you know when and how to change your K&N filter, go pop that hood and check to see if you’re making the most out of your intake kit. It will be a perfect project to tackle over the weekend.

One of our sales specialists are also here to chat with you regarding your filter cleaning questions.
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