Nissan Juke Cat Back Exhaust Customer Review

Nissan Juke Cat Back Exhaust Customer Review

Recently we received a great customer review of our Nissan Juke cat-back exhaust system.  This exhaust is available as an axle back or a cat back.  In the Juke cat-back exhaust configuration the system has been dyno tested to deliver 20 horsepower!  That’s about a 10% increase in total output!

Here is the review from Mr. Michael Z:

“Good morning Kenny. I hope your day is fantastic.

I received my exhaust yesterday and took it down to my local Midas shop.
Not only was I impressed with how the exhaust looked but so was the Midas
team.  From the time they racked the car up and until they took my car off
the rack was 33 minutes.

Upon starting my Juke,  everyone including other customers in the shop
were again impressed with the deep sound and great look and fit of the exhaust.

As I left the parking lot of Midas, it was time for a test drive.
I’m excited to tell you that all of the information you gave me was
correct.  At idle it has a nice purr.  On acceleration, it sounds
like a souped up foreign sports car.

I do not know what the power gains are, but it sure is more responsive and
appears to have much more get up go.  It also adds a litle more driving

Thanks again for your help and wealth of information.  Your products are
number one.



Thank you very much Michael for the great review.  We are very proud of our products here at STILLEN.  From the engineering, to the testing, to the manufacturing, we do it all here in-house in Costa Mesa, California!

To see the dyno results and learn more about our Nissan Juke cat-back exhaust or our Nissan Juke axle back exhaust take a look at the product page on our website: