STILLEN Performance Shop Update – Ford GTs

STILLEN Performance Shop Update – Ford GTs

two Ford GTs outside STILLEN Performance Shop

With the Ford GT Rally 8 coming up in September in Northern California, we have started to see a few of these supercars trickle into the STILLEN Performance Shop. We are equipped to do everything from routine maintenance to high performance upgrades. STILLEN also manufactures and sells numerous performance parts for the GT.

black ford gt on rack at stillen

We replaced all fluids, the oil pump and belt in this black beast, along with a mount and balance of some fresh new Bridgestone tires.

black ford gt headlight

black ford gt rear angle

white ford gt on rack close up

An upgraded Ford Racing supercharger pulley went into this blue striped machine. By simply installing the smaller supercharger pulley and a re-flash of the ECU, the STILLEN Performance Shop was able to see power increases of up to 100HP!

white ford gt rear tail light

white ford gt front

For more information on available Ford GT performance products from STILLEN, including Cat-back Exhaust Systems, Rear Diffusers, Performance Race Clutches, and more, please call (888) 366-0686 or visit