Corvette Dyno Tune with Magnuson Supercharger

Corvette Dyno Tune with Magnuson Supercharger

The 2001 Chevy C5 Corvette is back in the shop after the Magnuson Corvette Supercharger install, running strong and with a freshly painted hood. Now it’s time for the dyno tune to dial in the Supercharged LS1 V8.

Supercharged Corvette Dyno Tune

2001 Corvette Dyno Tune

Supercharged 2001 Getting Dyno Tested

Magnuson Supercharger Installed on Corvette Hooked up for Dyno Tune

Magnuson Supercharger Hooked Up on Dyno

2001 Corvette Dyno Tune - Rear

Corvette Dyno Tune – Rear Wheels

2001 Corvette Dyno Tune - Strapped in.

Corvette Strapped in the STILLEN Dyno

Supercharged 2001 Corvette Dyno Tune

Fans Cooling Down the Supercharged Corvette

The California sun was beating down on the fresh black paint and pushing temperatures close to 100 degrees, which isn’t ideal for optimal horsepower gains. Powering through the heat and after a few pulls, the dyno tune showed increased power to 394HP on the Magnuson supercharged C5!