Magnuson Corvette Supercharger Install & Magnaflow Exhaust Install

Magnuson Corvette Supercharger Install & Magnaflow Exhaust Install

magnuson corvette supercharger install front view

Since 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette has been a true American Classic. Old or new, it’s always a treat to have a Vette in the STILLEN Performance Shop, especially for a Corvette supercharger install on top of the LS1 V8.

magnuson corvette supercharger install

Magnuson Corvette Supercharger Install

  • Magnuson TVS2300 – Part# MAG011058015SL

With the Corvette supercharger installed, the Hybrid-roots supercharger produces 6 lbs of boost and delivers performance power while retaining reliability and drivablity.

magnuson corvette supercharger install - side view

magnuson corvette supercharger install - 2001 c5 orvette

magnuson corvette supercharger close up

Magnuson Superchargers comes with a 3-year / 36k mile warranty on supercharger hardware and a 1-year limited warranty on electronics.

After the 2001 Chevy Corvette supercharger install, a new RK Sport fiberglass hood was put in place to cover it and Dual Stainless Steel Magnaflow Exhaust installed for increased flow.

RK Sport Corvette Supercharger Fiberglass Hood

In addition to the Corvette supercharger install, a new hood is required to clear the blower. We opted for the RK Sport RK5 fiberglass hood, not only for clearance, but for the sleek, aggressive look it adds to the front of the car.
rk sport fiberglass corvette supercharger hood installed
The RK Sport RK5 Fiberglass Hood for the supercharged Corvette comes raw and ready for prep and paint.

Magnaflow Corvette Exhaust System

The Corvette Magnaflow exhaust is a bolt on application constructed from mandrel-bent, stainless steel tubing. The stainless steel Magnaflow Performance mufflers and polished rear exhaust tips generate a smooth, pleasing, deep tone.

corvette magnaflow exhaust install - bottom view

corvette magnaflow cat-back exhaust system
The Corvette Magnaflow exhaust system carries a limited lifetime warranty and has been dyno tested and proven for performance gains in horsepower and torque. It is a perfect add-on after the Magnuson Corvette Supercharger install.

The Supercharged Corvette is now off to have the hood painted, but will be back soon for the Corvette dyno tune.

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