LED Light Grilles By T-Rex | ’09-13 F-150

LED Light Grilles By T-Rex | ’09-13 F-150

There’s a new way to turn the best-selling truck in the country into an off-road beast of the night, LED light grilles. Industry front runner and American produced developer T-Rex has just released their Torch Series LED light grilles for the F-150 series vehicles from ’09-’13.

The LED light grilles comes fully ready to install as a replacement or just for more adventure, with 2 three inch LED cubes and a twelve inch LED light bar in between them!!

2009-2012 F-150 Torch LED Light Grilles – Part # 6315681

LED Light Grilles - 2009-2012 F-150


You just have put the LED light grilles on and plug the lights in, without the hassle of developing or ordering a complex mounting system so you can trudge through the forest or desert. These LED light grilles are plug-and-play in comparison, and still carry the Iconic “X Metal” T-Rex design as well as being sure to output all the light you’ll need to make it through wherever the fun may beckon.


2013 F-150 Torch LED Light Grilles – Part # 6315721

LED light grilles - 2009-2013 F-150


**All Torch LED light grilles with lights can be quickly and easily installed with the Optional T-Rex wiring harness 639HAR1, sold separately for $69.95, so just give us a call @ (866) 250-5542 or mention it in the comments section during checkout and we can add the harness to your order. **

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