Genesis Coupe Flywheel | ACT Streetlite

Genesis Coupe Flywheel | ACT Streetlite

The new Streetlite Hyundai Genesis Coupe Flywheel from Advanced Clutch Technology, is SFI approved for the 2010-12 Genesis 2.0 T and this, single-mass lightweight upgrade over the dual-mass OE flywheel. At 18.75lbs the Streetlite Genesis Coupe Flywheel is 37.9% lighter than the stock flywheel, which results in quicker engine response and acceleration, and their engineered for strength, allowing for cost-effective resurfacing when needed.

Genesis Coupe Flywheel

ACT 600665 Genesis Coupe Flywheel

You know this Lightweight Genesis Coupe Flywheel is reliable, not only because it carries the ACT name, but because this Genesis Coupe flywheel is one-piece, forged Chrome-moly steel, that’s CNC-machined and features an induction hardened, integral ring gear. ACT has ensured that their Genesis Coupe Flywheel, will result in maximum torque capacity, long life and clean, fast shifting by soundly designing NEW, rather than modified OE parts, resulting in maximum holding power.

ACT Streetlite 2010-2012 Genesis 2.0T


You’re getting a top of the line performance flywheel with the Streetlite Genesis Coupe flywheel, and it will come with an SFI sticker and serial number, which are required for SFI Specification 1.1 standards certification, to be legal for competition where SFI 1.1 is required or recommended. So, you can drive your Genesis 2.0T around as a daily-driving grocery getter during your work week and find a track for some fun in your time off, with the Streetlite Genesis Coupe Flywheel installed.

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