LED Off-Road Lights Grilles by T-Rex | 2009-12 Ram 1500 and 2013 Ram 2500

LED Off-Road Lights Grilles by T-Rex | 2009-12 Ram 1500 and 2013 Ram 2500

With the LED off-road Lights in the Torch Series Grilles by T-Rex, the American based company that’s been producing stylish, durable, practical grilles has nailed it again, in the Dodge Ram Torch Series Grilles for the 09-13 Ram 1500, and the ’13 Ram 2500.

Part# 6314571 -2009-12 Ram 1500 Torch w/ 24 LED Off-Road Lights Center Bottom & 2×4 LED Cubes

09-12 Ram 1500 w/LED Off-Road Lights


You’re sure to light up the path you’re making off-road with your beastly Ram having one of LED off-road lights installed, because the Torch Series has LED offroad lights right in the grille, and with the flip of a switch you can Let there be light just about anywhere you can get your truck to.

Part# 6314581 – 2013 Ram 1500 Torch w/ a 24-LED Off-Road Lights center-bottom & 2×4 LED cubes

13 Ram 1500 w/LED Off-Road Lights


The Torch series LED off-road lights don’t just speak for your style and thinking ahead with the lights, either because the iconic X-pattern is made of quality steel, has a tight mesh pattern, and is black powder coated throughout, including the black billeted frame, and boasts the X Metal logo in the center.

Part# 6314521– 2013 Ram 2500 Torch w/ a 40-LED Off-Road Lights center-top

13 Ram 2500 w/LED Off-Road Lights

**All LED Light grilles can be quickly and easily installed with the Optional T-Rex wiring harness 639HAR1, sold separately for $69.95, so just give us a call @ (866) 250-5542 or mention it in the comments section during checkout and we can add the harness to your order. **
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