2014 Camaro Exhaust By MagnaFlow

2014 Camaro Exhaust By MagnaFlow

MagnaFlow has done it again with a well built, powerful performance exhaust for the 2014 Camaro 6.2L V8 Coupe and SS that is ready to get put in on these legendary American vehicles, almost before the Chevrolet dealers have them to sell.

The cat-back 2014 Camaro exhaust by MagnaFlow works for the SS model and the axle-back is for the 6.2L Coupe model, and each is made of 100% stainless steel. Not only are the MagnaFlow 2014 Camaro exhaust systems dyno tested and proven to make power but they each also make serious performance gains in both horsepower and torque. Check out the video below to hear this Camaro roar!!

MagnaFlow 2014 Camaro Exhaust – 6.2L SS Cat-Back

SS 2014 Camaro Exhaust

MagnaFlow 15307 Exhaust

Either 2014 Camaro Exhaust is easy to install and boasts a dual split rear end, with 4.5-inch polished tips, stemming from 2.5-inch tubing for the axel-back and 3-inch tubing in the cat-back. The 2014 Camaro exhaust by MagnaFlow is sure to bring the smooth, deep tone you’re looking for in the name MagnaFlow and, sporting a lifetime warranty, they’re able to keep your’ instant classic consistently sounding and performing better than the day you brought it home.

MagnaFlow 2014 Camaro Exhaust – 6.2L Coupe Axle-Back

Coupe 2014 Camaro Exhaust

MagnaFlow 15308 Exhaust

Whichever MagnaFlow 2014 Camaro exhaust kit is made for your vehicle, you can be sure that the installation is simple and requires no modification to the vehicle, just simply follow the easy to understand install sheet, created by MagnaFlow. Really, if you have a way to safely work under your car and don’t want to pay a shop, it’s basically as simple as taking out the stock system and using the same mounting hardware and positions and you’ll be roaring down the road in no time.

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