Dodge Challenger Clutch by ACT Here for Your MOPAR Monster 08-12 SRT8 & 09-12 R/T

Dodge Challenger Clutch by ACT Here for Your MOPAR Monster 08-12 SRT8 & 09-12 R/T

ACT has just released the Dodge Challenger clutch kits for the 08-12 SRT8 and 09-12 R/T models, and there’s a full range of possibilities for everyone from the enthusiast to the semi-pro to be able to get more performance out of your re-born legend, whether for street or track (race) driving. Each of these new Dodge Challenger clutch kits is a twin-disc system, resulting in twice the disc surface area compared to conventional clutch systems, and the options available can support from 875-1470 ft/lbs torque!! From the premium organic, spring-centered street disc, to the 6-pad, rigid-hub racing disc kit, every Dodge Challenger clutch kit includes ACT’s proprietary positive lift floater system, which compensates for disc wear.


With the available performance options for these ACT Twin-disc Dodge Challenger clutch kits, you’re sure to find one that appeals to you, and each kit is a 10% reduction in weight compared to the original equipment. Whether you’ve got the mean 09-12 R/T or you’re looking for serious Challenger SRT8 performance parts to put on a 392 beast, you’ll get real performance gains and ability to expand on your further upgrades.

ACT Organic Twin-Disc Street Dodge Challenger Clutch Kits With Smooth Engagement / Stock to Low Gear Rattle

Dodge Challenger Heavy Duty Street Twin-Disc Clutch Kit – Part # T1S-D03

  • Low to Moderate Pedal Feel
  • 875 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Xtreme Street Twin-Disc Challenger Clutch Kit – Part # T2S-D03

  • Moderate to Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 970 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc MaXX XT Street Dodge Challenger Clutch Kit – Part # T3S-D03

  • Very Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1150 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin Disc XT Street Kit

ACT Ceramic Twin-Disc Racing Dodge Challenger Clutch Kits for Aggressive Engagement / Low to Moderate Gear Rattle

Twin-Disc HD Race Challenger Clutch Kit – Part # T1R-D03 

  • Low to Moderate Pedal Feel
  • 1120 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Dodge Challenger Twin-Disc XT Race Kit – Part # T2R-D03 

  • Moderate to Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1240 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc MaXX XT Race Dodge Challenger Clutch Kit – Part# T3R-D03 

  • Stiff to Very Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1470 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc HD Street Kit
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