STILLEN Cold Air Intakes now CARB Exempt Through 2014 (See EO#s)

STILLEN Cold Air Intakes now CARB Exempt Through 2014 (See EO#s)

Good for 18.5WHP / 13WTQ Power Gain – CARB EXEMPT EO# D-436-22

Just announced… STILLEN cold air intakes for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles have been granted CARB EXEMPT EO#’s through 2014! For over 20 years, STILLEN has worked with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop products that are compliant with OE standards of total vehicle integration and performance while still satisfying emission control regulations. With this long history in mind, STILLEN is proud to announce the cold air intakes for the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 have been granted CARB EXEMPT Executive Order numbers. These numbers mean that the part has been shown not to alter or modify the design or performance of the factory emissions control equipment. While a typical aftermarket intake will automatically fail visual inspection, intakes with a CARB EO# will not fail a visual inspection, allowing the car to still be emissions tested as usual. We are equally proud to announce year range extensions for the 2014 370Z , Maxima and more. For a full list of vehicle applications, please see below.

STILLEN was the first company to prove that a cold air intake on the VQ37 engine could actually make power and is still recognized as the leading cold air intake with the highly sought after Generation 3 long tube cold air intakes for the 370Z, G37 and Q60.   It took 6 months of in-house R&D and testing and 56 different variations of prototype intake systems but it was all worth it and the end result was the leading cold air intake for the VQ37 equipped vehicles.

Nissan Titan Air Intake

STILLEN Air Intake for Nissan Titan CARB EXEMPT EO# D-436-22 is good for a 15WHP / 27WTQ Power Gain At The Wheels

When it came time to manufacturing air intake systems for vehicles like the Altima, Maxima, Titan, Frontier, etc. STILLEN leaned on its vast experience in manufacturing high performance parts for NISSAN/INFINITI vehicles.  On the Nissan Altima and Maxima applications STILLEN is the only manufacturer of high performance intakes that incorporates a poly-urethane ducted air intake path leading fresh air from behind the factory grille directly into the air intake filter.  Included in many of these kits is STILLEN’s unique velocity ring which increases the velocity of the air as it is drawn into the engine thus producing more power!

Note: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a division of the California state government and is widely recognized for having the most stringent emissions control regulations in the United States. Therefore, each of the 50 states recognizes its standards as the emissions standard for all performance parts. Each performance part that achieves CARB EXEMPT status is considered 50-state legal.

STILLEN CARB EXEMPT Cold Air Intakes (EO# D-436-21)


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