RS-R Coilovers & Lowering Springs Now Available at

RS-R Coilovers & Lowering Springs Now Available at

Born from frustration caused from low quality suspension parts available in the 1980’s, RS-R has become the premier manufacturer of coilover kits and lowering springs. As such, STILLEN is proud to announce that we are now carrying RS-R Sports-i series coilovers, Black-i series coilovers and lowering kits for select vehicles!

RS-R Black-i Coilovers

Just because you want your car to look good, doesn’t mean you or your passengers should have to suffer through jarring and uncomfortable ride each time you take it out – that’s why RS-R created the Black-i series. These coilovers feature valving, spring pre-load, and spring rate that is designed to work well with lowered cars that most other coilover shocks would not be able to handle.

Check out the top RS-R Black-i coilovers we carry below:

RS-R Sport-i Coilovers

Characterized by versatility that is not normally associated with a track suspensions, the RS-R Sport-i coilovers are designed to be a solid option for a range of uses. From the track to daily driving, with the RS-R Sport-i coilovers, you can enjoy a comfortable ride during your day-to-day driving without the hassle and headache of having to make damper and camber adjustments or adjusting your suspension settings after a day at the track.

Here are a few of the top vehicle applications we offer for the RS-R Sport-i series coilovers:

RS-R Lowering Kits

Enjoy superior performance and handling, while still getting the low look you love with the RS-R Sus and Down Sus lowering springs. Both styles of lowering springs factor in factory suspension geometry, ride height, spring rate and shock dampening to ensure you are able to lower your car’s stance without impacting the performance and comfort.

RS-R Lowering Springs

RS-R Lowering Springs

Here are a few of the RS-R lowering kits we offer:

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For more information about the RS-R Black-i coilover shocks, RS-R Sport-i coilover shocks or the RS-R lowering springs, please visit or give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.