STILLEN Review: RS-R Coilovers & Lowering Kits – A Ride Quality Even Your Wife Will Enjoy

STILLEN Review: RS-R Coilovers & Lowering Kits – A Ride Quality Even Your Wife Will Enjoy

We’re all pretty excited to be selling RS-R coilovers (RS-R Black-I and RS-R Sport-I) and RS-R lowering kits and when one of the sales guys had an opportunity to test the ride quality of an AWD Q50S, you can imagine how excited he was. Check out his review below:

“I got a chance to drive the Q50 before and after the coilover install and I was very impressed. It is not night and day difference obviously being a luxury car; however, I noticed it was more compliant on some of the bumpier roads and felt very solid over road imperfections (the run flats suck though). Handling feel was definitely improved and the car felt very well composed and planted in turns (though I did not push it at all). My wife rode in the car and had no idea it was lowered until I told her.” – STILLEN Imports Sales Specialist, Infiniti Q50


More RS-R Reviews:

After hearing his review on the forums, other reviews started pouring in from other STILLEN customers and forum participants.  In each case the story is the same – they love the ride quality and handling.  Check out STILLEN customer, Manny E.’s review of the RS-R Sport-I:

“In summary, the sports-I is awesome. Ride is perfect. Very minimal bounce or none at all. my wife didn’t even notice I had them in there until my front scraped while we were coming down a steep driveway then she asked– DID YOU LOWER THE CAR AGAIN???!!! Did a little canyon driving and handling was very impressive just don’t overcook too much. This car is my DD and I am very satisfied with the comfort and the performance if the need arises.” – STILLEN customer Manny E., Infiniti Q50

Then we saw even more reviews…

“I would like to thank RS-R and Stillen for making my car looks fab— I had the RS-R coilover over a month now and I may say ( thanks RS-R for installing my coilovers) ..the quality of my ride really improved … the handling … very nice as in very nice….. and the drop level RS-R did on my car.. i loved it!!!!” – STILLEN customer Ricky P., Infiniti Q50

“Compared to the OEM…the ride quality difference is day and night. Right away, car feels much more planted and balanced, very predictable and gives great feedback. From the picture, look at the top mount, you’ll see a rubber layer over the top-mount where it connects to the chassis, this reduces coilover clunking noise with metal mounts, been over 3 weeks now and haven’t ran into any noise/chatters, or problems. Customer service is awesome, they even offered me to come in when their Japanese engineers were in town to ask any questions or need any help.

Performance wise, I did couple of canyon runs and I’m more than satisfied, feedback from the car is top-notch, handling greatly improved!” – forum participant, Nissan 370Z

Next Steps

As you can see from our sales rep’s review and the customer reviews, the RS-R system is top notch and provides superb ride quality.  So much so that there were several wives that didn’t realize the car had been lowered until the dreaded scrape gave it away or until questioned if they noticed anything different about the car. If you’re interested in getting a set for yourself or have any questions, be sure to give our experts a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. We should add that the Q50 RWD RS-R Coilovers are available now and are ready to ship!

Additionally, we also feature a full service performance shop in Orange County, CA that specializes in all sorts of performance upgrades – including coilover shocks and lowering kit installations. If you would like to set up an appointment, just give us a call and we will get you on our schedule!