370Z Drifter with STILLEN Supercharger Tearing It Up in Germany!

370Z Drifter with STILLEN Supercharger Tearing It Up in Germany!


While we have a strong racing heritage here at STILLEN, it’s not as well known that we also have an appreciation for drift cars. STILLEN founder, Steve Millen and the Millen family have quite the history hooning RWD cars before we ever called it ‘drifting’. Steve Millen and his brother, Rod Millen, were actually some of the first to drift on national TV with their 1989 Nissan 240SX TV commercial, and later Rod’s son, Rhys Millen, was one of the first professionals Drifting in the USA. As most brothers tend to be, Steve and Rod have always been very competitive, even having raced professionally against each other, which makes the title “Me and My Shadow” especially fitting.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, check out the video below:

Quantum Auto Sport’s Drifter 370Z Supercharger Install

With this history at STILLEN, you can imagine our excitement when we heard one of our vendors, Quantum Auto Sport, was installing a STILLEN supercharger on 370Z drift car. We have a long history with Quantum Auto Sport and they are one of our premier supercharger installers in Europe. Their team has actually installed most of the STILLEN 350Z superchargers in Germany and are Uprev Pro Dealers, so it’s great to see them continuing the tradition with the 370Z. Even with such a long history of working together, it’s always exciting to know that another STILLEN supercharger will be tearing up the streets overseas.

Check out the Quantum Auto Sport video on their Facebook page to see how the dyno testing went after the supercharger install!

As you can see, 370Z drifter is making a ton of power with its new STILLEN supercharger – even enough to move the suction pipe (approximately minute 0:48)! The results of the dyno showed that the 370Z drifter made 460 horsepower with the STILLEN supercharger kit installed. Now, we can’t wait to see the video of this 370Z drifting after the supercharger install!

Ready for Your STILLEN Supercharger?

If you live in Europe and are looking for an authorized STILLEN installer, be sure to stop by the Quantum Auto Sport shop. With over 10 years’ experience working with high performance cars, they are very knowledgeable and are extremely qualified. To get a hold of them, call them at +49 6102-837760 or stop by their shop which is located at Dornhofstr. 32 Gebäude, 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany.