STILLEN’s Top 2014 LA Auto Show Vehicles

STILLEN’s Top 2014 LA Auto Show Vehicles

With the opening of the 2014 LA Auto Show. We at STILLEN were very excited to see what new cars were entering the market. As an aftermarket performance company we also take one look at these new exciting cars and start dreaming up everything that can be done with them. As usual, there is always a fresh crop of new vehicles that are begging for some upgrades. We wanted to cover some of the new releases that we think the tuner market would find most exciting.

Cadillac ATS-V Coupe and Sedan:

The ATS-V is nothing short of revolutionary. This car features the best Cadillac has to offer. Everything from a 455 HP Twin Turbo V6 that makes almost as much torque, to the signature magnetic ride control found on the CTS-V. Cadillac claims that over 70% of the team responsible for designing and testing the ATS-V are former race car drivers and they had a big part in making sure the car was as viable on the track as it is on the street. Cadillac worked with Brembo to develop the 6 piston front and 4 piston calipers and two piece rotors that are found behind the forged 18 inch wheels. Cadillac even worked with Michelin to design special Pilot Super Sport Summer tires for the car. All of this put together with the option of an 8 speed automatic or 6 speed manual transmission make the ATS-V a viable option for any driving enthusiast. Cadillac even added data logging feature for such track enthusiasts so they can record lap times, g-forces, and telemetry for later review and driving improvements. Even with a track ready luxury sedan or coupe that can hit 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph from a 3.6 Liter Twin Turbo V6 sending everything to the rear wheels, there is still room for improvement. Cadillac themselves said that the engine block has been tested at higher boost levels and can easily manage 600 hp at the crank.

We think the new ATS-V will do very well for itself. With an engine that is built to take more power, it is just a short matter of time before there are a bunch of power adders for this car. With the added power, there will be plenty of buyers looking for even more capable brakes that the factory ones. We can already picture a full AP Radi-CAL kit for this beast.

Chrysler 300:

The Chrysler 300 has been very successful in the premium sedan market for many years. Pressure was definitely on during the redesign. With a returning engine line up of the same 3.6 liter V6 and 5.7 liter V8 engines, performance options should be very similar to the outgoing model. Without the option for an SRT model as of yet, we expect the 5.7 liter option to be the most popular tuning platform. Worried about SRT Dodge Models running circles around you? Expect to see a supercharger system from Whipple pretty quickly along with exhaust options from Magnaflow to really wake this car up. The styling cues have remained similar to the previous model. The signature large fender flares leave a lot of space for much larger wheels. It shouldn’t be long before you see these lowered and rolling around on a set of Vossen 22’s.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350:

Ford recently released pictures and details of the new Shelby GT350 a few weeks ago and we got to see it in person at the LA Auto Show and it did not disappoint. Ford has made a big leap in performance with the newest Mustang updating the design to utilize a fully independent rear suspension and updated motor options. With this new Shelby, Ford has really gone all out. Maybe it isn’t on the same power level as something like the Hellcat, but 500 hp is nothing to scoff at. With a Flat-Plane Crank 5.2 liter 90 degree V8 mated to a 6 speed manual transmission and a Torsen limited-slip differential helping put the power to the ground. With resculpted body work, MagneRide Dampers (Fords version of Magnetic Ride Dampening), and functional aerodynamics, this car is ready to roll right out of the box. Some great personal touches would be things like a Magnaflow Exhaust for some extra rumble to match the 500 hp muscle and some more aggressive suspension and ride height. For those who are going to be taking the GT350 to the next level, we are sure there will be Supercharger Systems from Whipple or Magnuson and STILLEN will be there with the AP Radi-CAL kit to reign in all that extra power.

Infiniti Q80 Concept:

STILLEN loves when Infiniti releases a new concept car. It is exciting to see the new directions and styling progression of a company we have worked so closely with over the years. While the Q80 Concept is more of a Full Size Luxury car that might not interested the performance world as much. Infiniti has said that the new Q60 (G37 Coupe Replacement) will share a lot of styling cues with the Q80 Concept. The G37/Q60 and STILLEN have gone together like peas and carrots since it was released back in 2008. With the success and popularity of the Q50 Sedan, we think that the new Q60 will be an even bigger hit, especially with the aftermarket crowd. The large grille and aggressive lines of the Q80 have created a much more aggressive looking front end and if the future Q60 does carry some of these design ideas, it should be a pretty mean looking car.

Lexus LF-C2 Concept:

Toyota’s Luxury brand has taken on a new sporty face in the past several years. With the LA Auto Show debut of the LF-C2 concept is Lexus’ way of showing the world where they are headed. Lexus GM Jeff Bracken said, “The LF-C2 show what’s in store for our brand’s future design direction.” and “This concept shows consumers around the world Lexus’ devotion to emotional designs as well as our passion for an exceptional driving experience.”

While Lexus did not come out and say the LF-C2 Concept was a RC convertible design, the styling cues and dimension as so close to the RC we would expect to see something like this hit the show room floors in the next two years as a drop top option for Lexus might stand a better chance in this competitive than the old SC430 and the outgoing IS Convertible. With the release of the new RC and this LF-C2 concept the overall direction of Lexus is very exciting and definitely performance oriented. Just a quick glance at the new Lexus line up will give you visions of lowering the car with RSR Suspension Products, and adding some Vossen wheels. Of course core upgrades like an intake and exhaust would definitely be our choice starting point.

Scion iM Concept:

At the 2014 LA Auto Show, Scion has released its first concept since the FRS concept back in 2011. The iM Concept seems to be a slightly modified Toyota Auris. The Auris is a 5-door hatchback built on the Corolla platform sold outside the US. Now this doesn’t down play our excitement to see this car come to the market. Scion has definitely been present in the 5-door hatch market for some time with the xA, xB, and xD, but none have really been seen as performance or fun vehicle. With the iM Concept already slated for production we may be looking at the first Scion/Toyota Hot Hatch since the Matrix RS. Hot hatches have always been a great way to have your fun while being practical. Scion’s concept pretty much showed what is possible with the car adding aggressive body work, lowering, and setting in on some Gramlight 57 Xtreme wheels. Here is a car that we don’t have to paint a picture for what it will look like modified. We expect to see some solid aftermarket support for this car.

Toyota FT-1:

Though the FT-1 was debuted quite a while ago, it is very impressive to see in person. The concept showcases what Toyota is still capable of and communicates that they have not left the sports car world quite yet. Be hailed as the new Supra, the FT-1 looks like it will compete with the likes of the Nissan GTR, Chevrolet Corvette, and even the Porsche 911. Rumored to utilize a hybrid power plant, we could be looking at the direction of a lot of future performance vehicle. If the design carries though to production, we are probably looking at the emergence of another Flagship car that will final give Toyota fans what they have been asking for since the end of the Supra. Expect heavy aftermarket support for this future Toyota. No doubt STILLEN will jump be on board to develop AP Brake Kits and possibly other performance parts for this car.

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