Eibach PRO-TRUCK Shocks Aid Off-Road Performance

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Shocks Aid Off-Road Performance

Eibach, one of the world’s leading performance suspension manufacturers, is now looking to take your truck performance to the next level with its new line of PRO-TRUCK performance shocks.  For decades, Eibach has dominated all forms of professional motorsports with their superior suspension products, demonstrating firsthand their philosophy of “the will to win.”  The Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks help to deliver maximum performance both on and off the road by channeling the same industry-leading technology found in their SCORE, CORR, Dakar and WRC racing vehicles.


Shocking News: Shocks Are Important!

Shocks are one of the most important – albeit often-overlooked – components when it comes to preparing your vehicle for off-roading (or any other type of spirited driving).  Shocks essentially help to minimize the impact and vibration to your vehicle’s suspension while driving over rough and uneven ground.  They also assist in keeping your tires in contact with the ground’s surface at all times.  Ultimately, a good set of shocks will help reduce the wear and tear to your vehicle’s suspension, wheels, and tires.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks on Jeep Rubicon

Shocks serve as a very important upgrade when it comes to making your vehicle off-road-ready.


Three Levels of Eibach PRO-TRUCK Shocks

Eibach offers three different levels of PRO-TRUCK shocks to meet your different performance and usage needs: PRO-TRUCK, PRO-TRUCK Sport, and PRO-TRUCK Sport Leveling (RHA).

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Shocks

The first level, PRO-TRUCK, serves as the ideal performance upgrade for your stock truck or SUV that is equipped with its original shocks and standard ride height.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Sport Shocks

The PRO-TRUCK Sport line, on the other hand, offers maximum performance for your standard to moderately lifted truck with larger wheels and tires. The Eibach PRO-TRUCK Sport shocks are engineered to successfully tackle any type of terrain.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK Leveling Shocks

Lastly, the PRO-TRUCK Sport Leveling line of shocks provide the same maximum performance as the PRO-TRUCK Sport shocks.  However, they come added with front ride height adjustability (RHA) for vehicles with factory front coilover shock configurations.  Depending on the application, the front ride height adjustability can go up to 2.5”.  This allows for you to have a bigger wheel and tire combination, enabling your vehicle to be able to clear a majority of the obstacles it may face while off-roading.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks tested out at the Jeep Moab Safari

The Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks are sure to help you conquer whatever terrain lies ahead.


Superior Monotube Design

All of the Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks feature a modern, monotube design (as opposed to the twin-tube design).  Monotube is generally viewed as superior to a twin-tube design for multiple reasons:

  • Better ride quality – Monotube shocks offer a better ride quality due to their use of a single chamber.  A free-floating piston helps prevent the mixing of the hydraulic fluid and gas.  This inhibits foaming from occurring when the two mix (as what often happens in a twin-tube design).
  • More responsive – Monotube shocks also tend to have more ride responsiveness and damping stability thanks to their larger piston and single valve mechanism.
  • Easy to install – Monotube shocks are even easier to install due to their single shell design. Because everything is all in one chamber, it becomes easier to fit in from different angles.
Jeep in Moab with Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks

The Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks enable this Jeep to be able to handle the harsh conditions of the Moab desert.


Dyno-Tested, Battle-Proven

Not only have Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks been tested on the dyno for quality and performance, they have also been battle-tested out at the famous 2016 Moab Jeep Safari by Eibach’s Head of Marketing, Mark Krumme (as seen pictured above).  Known for its serious off-road conditions, the week-long trek through the red desert served as the perfect proving-grounds for the new line of performance shocks.  All in all, Kremme claims that the Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks passed with flying colors, dominating all obstacles that were thrown at them.  The Eibach-equipped Jeep even made a recent appearance here at our STILLEN facility – it definitely earns our nod of approval!

The Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks offer an unimaginable transformation in off-road handling and performance, all without sacrificing ride quality on the streets.  Whether your vehicle is a stock weekend warrior or a full-blown off-roading machine, Eibach is sure to have the right PRO-TRUCK performance shocks to meet your needs.

Eibach PRO-TRUCK shocks on STILLEN Jeep

We certainly give this Eibach-equipped Jeep our STILLEN seal of approval.

Part Number

Eibach EIB28107980 PRO-TRUCK Springs & Shocks (2011-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee)