Bennett Infiniti STILLEN Q50 Red Sport

Bennett Infiniti STILLEN Q50 Red Sport

Automotive customization at the dealership is really starting to hit the mainstream more and more these days. You used to walk into a dealership, pick your color and a few options and that was really your only option. Things are changing though, as automakers have started to understand that people want their vehicle to be unique and to reflect their personality. We’ve seen manufacturers expand their offerings to include more trim packages, color combinations and more elaborate accessories over the years. While this has satisfied a good number of buyers, some dealerships realize that their customers wanted more!


Cash flow often becomes a challenge when you invest in a brand new car. One generally invests a sizable amount on a down payment in order to reduce monthly payments. This option doesn’t leave much of a cash reserve for modifications. Fortunately, Bennett Infiniti of Wilkes-Barre, PA recognized this dilemma and decided to enable its customers to buy and modify their new ride at the time of purchase. When this dealership modifies a car for you, it sources the parts directly from STILLEN, installs them on your car and then roll the modification costs into the financing. This means that you can make some nice modifications to your new car for approximately $40-$120/month (depending on the cost of the parts and labor.) Check out this example of a Q50 Red Sport AWD that Bennett Infiniti modified for a customer. It features a STILLEN Front Splitter, Side Splitters, Diffuser and Rear Wing that complement the Red Sport’s elevated performance with a more aggressive appearance.

2017 Q50 Red Sport AWD STILLEN

The Bennett Infiniti observed that the modified cars on the showroom floor always get the most attention and it’s easy to see why. So next time you are in the market for a new car and want it modified on day one, you know where to look!