STILLEN Event Tracking (S.E.T.): Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett

STILLEN Event Tracking (S.E.T.): Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett

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Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett

February  25, 2017

By Richard Fong



Only the excitement of going to the track can get me up at 5am with enthusiasm. The STILLEN crew rose before the sun to make the trek out to Willow Springs International Raceway for the Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett event. This multi-faceted event was run in conjunction with Global Time Attack, Just Drift and Drift 101. For the time attack fans, GTA conducted its first round for 2017 on the Streets of Willow, while JustDrift took over the Horse Thief Mile track where participants smoked some tires. For those interested in learning to drift or seeking to improve their drifting skills, class was in session at the Balcony as Drift 101 conducted lessons on how to get slideways.


On Horse Thief Mile, JustDrift participants practiced drifting as Drift 101 instructed its students up at the Balcony.


Global Time Attack Round 1 Results:


CLASS            Time               Driver                            #       Car                               Team

Unltd RWD     01:22.577      Hessam Toudiee           458   Ferrari 458 Italia      Rules of Traction

Unltd RWD     01:22.692     Jason Sharek                   63     Mercedes C63 AMG   Jason Sharek

Unltd RWD     01:22.988    Will Wattanawongkiri  107     BMW M3                    WWR Racing

Unltd RWD     01:36.505     Matt Perkins                   166    Honda S2000         Gryphon AutoLab


Unltd FWD     01:28.789     Martin Gonzales            73      Infiniti G20               MotoIQ


Unltd AWD     01:18.717     David Haagsma            422      Nissan GT-R            SP Engineering


CLASS            Time               Driver                            #       Car                               Team

Street RWD     01:23.617     Clement Kwong            6      Honda S2000            Raceline USA

Street RWD     01:24.531     Henry Lam                   29     Mazda RX7                lucky7racing

Street RWD     01:25.353     Karla Pestotnik           54      Honda S2000   Karla Pestotnik Racing


Street FWD      01:29.177     Bradley Herrock         3       Honda Civic Si          Herrock Racing

Street FWD      01:29.193    Chris Hofmann         501     Chevrolet Cobalt LT    Foximus Motorsports

Street FWD      01:33.400   Jack Thomas               19       Fiat 500 Abarth   R1Concepts/Jolly Club


Street AWD      01:20.637    Markos Mylonas       555     Subaru WRX                Snail Perf.

Street AWD      01:22.791    Johnny Hernandez    30      Subaru WRX STI         lido labs

Street AWD      01:26.028   Sally McNulty            412     Subaru WRX                Snail Perf.

Street AWD      01:26.540   Jaime Jacquez             51      Subaru WRX STI         Unleashed Racing

Street AWD      01:27.497   Cody Nicot                   44      Subaru Legacy GT       Nicot Racing


Pro/Comp        01:19.600   Richard Buckingham  28      Ariel Atom SRA          R. Buckingham

IMG_2122 Cropped

CLASS            Time               Driver                            #       Car                               Team

Ltd RWD         01:21.445      Ken Xu                         88       Mazda RX7            Diamond Hills Coll.

Ltd RWD         01:23.904     Joshua Haddox           20       BMW E90 M3            Racewerkz Eng.

Ltd RWD         01:25.297     Jon Rook/Ravi Tomerli  8    Acura NSX                  WDL Racing/SPN

Ltd RWD         01:25.402    Jerome Silvers            427      Chevy Camaro           Snail Perf.

Ltd RWD         01:27.652    Travis Barnes               24       Ford Mustang GT350  Snail Perf.

Ltd RWD         01:27.764    Michael Sutton            36         BMW M3                EDGE Motorworks


Ltd AWD         01:19.445      Steven Chan              720      Nissan GT-R            RD Engineering

Ltd AWD         01:24.915      Alan Bidgoli               55        Nissan GT-R            Abiddyy

Ltd AWD         01:25.397      Nick Bright                  7         Subaru WRX STI    Prolific Auto

Ltd AWD         01:25.408      Daniel Albrecht        117       Subaru 2.5RS          Albrecht Racing

Ltd AWD         01:27.748       Scott Santellan          53       Lambo. Huracan   Caliber Customs

Ltd AWD         01:29.667       Lars Wolfe                23         VW Golf R               Lars Wolfe Racing


CLASS            Time               Driver                            #       Car                               Team

Enth RWD      01:26.912       Hessam Toudiee         77      BMW M3                 Rules of Traction

Enth RWD      01:28.249       Mike Kang                  248     Subaru BRZ             CounterSpace Garage

Enth RWD      01:29.311       Ariel Salazar                5       Mazda Miata           SBGarage

Enth RWD      01:32.368       Giuseppe De Vivo      50      Alfa Romeo 4C        Caliber Customs

Enth RWD      01:32.650       Vincent Anatra          89      BMW M3                 Hoonigan

Enth RWD      01:37.391       Bret Nicoletti              10      Mazda Miata          Rooney Speed Racing


Enth FWD      01:30.107       Efrain Flores            17       Ford Fiesta ST          FloresRacing

Enth FWD      01:31.373        Daniel Barker        805     Mazdaspeed 3            Durp Squad


Enth AWD      01:28.190       Taylor Libolt          42        Subaru WRX STI         Libolt Racing

Enth AWD      01:29.294       Chris Hain             813       Subaru WRX                  Hain Racing

Enth AWD      01:30.091       Team Snail            124       Subaru Impreza 2.5RS    Snail Perf.

Enth AWD      01:35.564       Istvan Klag            214       Subaru WRX STI     Nightmotorsport