STILLEN News: STILLEN Cold Air Intakes Receive A.R.B. Exemption

STILLEN News: STILLEN Cold Air Intakes Receive A.R.B. Exemption

STILLEN News: STILLEN Cold Air Intakes Receive A.R.B. Exemption

May 26, 2017




Street-legal status equates to being able to smog and register your car with ease while avoiding fix-it tickets and visits to the courts and/or the state referee. This becomes particularly important if you live in California or any of the 49 other States of America that subscribe to California’s style of stringent emissions requirements.


Developing performance products that achieve street-legal status involve a significant investment of research, development, time and money. To this end, STILLEN prides itself on the engineering time invested to garner measurable performance while maintaining compliance with the standards set forth by the Air Resources Board (A.R.B.). STILLEN employs a Nissan “CONSULT III” diagnostics computer to monitor and log vital data channels to ensure reliable and consistent performance. This means that STILLEN Intake Systems do not require ECU calibration and are a truly “Plug and Play” performance upgrade. No “check engine” lights and no idling issues.


Obtaining an Executive Order from the A.R.B. involves prototyping and testing to prove that our STILLEN Intake Systems do not affect the vehicle emissions control devices. Periodically, we resubmit and update our product listings with new products as well as updates to existing part numbers and additional qualifying vehicle applications. STILLEN’s most recent release included the highly anticipated VR30DDTT Intake System for twin turbocharged 2016+ Infiniti vehicles (p/n 402856, 402856DF).


STILLEN’s list of qualified products has also expanded its coverage under A.R.B. E.O. # D436-22.


Part #                          Application

402843                       2008-09 Infiniti EX35 – 3.5L V6

402843                       2008-10 Infiniti EX35 – 3.5L V6

402843                       2015 Infiniti Q40 – 3.7L V6

402847                       2015 Infiniti Q40 – 3.7L V6

403235                       2003-07 Infiniti G35 Coupe – 3.5L V6

403235                       2003-06 Infiniti G35 Sedan – 3.5L V6

402843                       2007-08 Infiniti G35 Sedan – 3.5L V6

402846                       2008-13 Infiniti G37 – 3.7L V6

402847                       2009-13 Infiniti G37 – 3.7L V6

402845                       2007-09 Nissan 350Z – 3.5L V6

402842                       2007-09 Nissan 350Z – 3.5L V6

402851                       2009-16 Nissan 370Z – 3.7L V6

402852                       2009-16 Nissan 370Z – 3.7L V6

403230                       2014-15 Infiniti Q50 – 3.7L V6

402856                       2016 Infiniti Q50 – 3.0L V6

402846                       2014-15 Infiniti Q60 – 3.7L V6

402970AS                 1995-97 Nissan Altima – 2.4L I4

402841                       2007-13 Nissan Altima Sedan – 3.5L V6

402875                       2013-14 Nissan Altima – 3.5L V6

402956                       2000-01 Nissan Maxima – 3.0L V6

402962                       2009-14 Nissan Maxima – 3.5L V6

403447                       2004-11 Infiniti QX56 – 5.6L V8

403235                       2003-08 Infiniti FX35 – 3.5L V6

402834FX                 2003-08 Infiniti FX35 – 3.5L V6

402835FX                 2003-08 Infiniti FX35 – 3.5L V6

403447                       2004-15 Nissan Armada – 5.6L V8

403440                       2005-16 Nissan Frontier – 4.0L V6

403447                       2004-15 Nissan Titan – 5.6L V8


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