STILLEN is excited to announce the launch of our complete product line up for the 2018 INFINITI Q60 at the 2017 SEMA show.

The INFINITI Q60 redsport is a very exciting car as it brings performance back to the INFINITI marque.  Featuring a potent 400 horsepower twin turbo V6 badged the “VR30.”  This car offers the driver an exhilarating experience and inspires the driver to push the car aggressively.

STILLEN is predominantly known for our experience in tuning NISSAN/INFINITI vehicles for over 30 years.  When the opportunity came to work with Infiniti on this platform we jumped and let our engineers run wild.  To start with, we focused on performance.  Our engineering team immediately began dissecting the air intake system to study and determine how the airflow could be optimized.  While that work was being completed our fabrication team were under the car reviewing the exhaust routing, tube diameter, configuration and muffler construction to see what gains could be made.

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After more than 20 prototype intakes our induction specialists produced a design that generates over 20 wheel horsepower without the need for further tuning or any modifications to the vehicle.   The STILLEN Hi Flow Cold Air Intake w/ Dry Filter for 2017 Infiniti Q60 V36 comes with silicone couplers, CNC machined and tig welded aluminum MAF tubes as well as poly-urethane air boxes.


The final exhaust design was selected after 15 different prototype systems were rigorously tested on our Dynojet chassis dyno.  It took quite a while to determine what the engine wanted in order to produce the most power across the entire powerband.  The end result is a tuned Y pipe leading to a single mid pipe which branches back into a dual outlet exit.   Turbo V6 engines are notoriously difficult to get the sound “just right.”  In the end, our team was not satisfied with any of the common mufflers we could source “off the shelf.”  The only option was to build our own.  So, we engineered our own mufflers, manufacture them in house, and pack them with a high temperature ceramic wool.  These tuned mufflers truly allow the heartbeat of the car to be experienced.


With the performance parts underway it was time to address the exterior styling.  The Q60 is a fantastic looking car straight out of the factory.  But, like any car, we felt it could be a bit more aggressive and could do with some aero styling to really accentuate the curves the car comes with.  To do so, the STILLEN design team immediately started shaping a Front Bumper Splitter featuring STILLEN Front Bumper Splitter + Winglet Extensions for 2017 Infiniti Q60 V36.  Migrating to the rear of the car STILLEN craftsmen created side splitters and rear spats.  Both of these parts were custom fabricated exclusively for the STILLEN Q60.


Finishing off the ground effects package STILLEN designed a rear diffuser with aggressive tunnels.  The STILLEN diffuser is a production piece along with the front splitter and winglets and are all designed and manufactured at STILLEN headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.  With the ground effects completed the team felt something was missing.  So, the STILLEN artists focused their attention on the rear spoiler.  The initial idea was a simple spoiler that would simply add a bit of height to the deck lid.  After a few design studies the team decided to step it up and create a custom hand crafted rear wing that really completes the car and ties in the overall design concept.  To finish the car a red chrome wrap was selected.  The red chrome allows all of the angles and curves of the body of the car to be accentuated and truly pop.


The Q60 has a natural free flowing design and the red chrome shows off these daring curves and deep creases exceptionally well. With the power and exterior styling completed it was time to focus on supporting all of that extra power and downforce.  To do so, the STILLEN team partnered with RSR suspension who used the STILLEN Q60 to prototype a set of coil overs that are truly incredible.  One difference with STILLEN is that we drive our cars.  This car was driven to the show and will be driven home.  So it was vital that the car could not just look good but could also handle well.  RSR Coilovers for 2015+ Infiniti Q60 hit another home run with these dynamic coil overs.  The ride quality is fantastic when cruising on the freeways and the car absolutely tears through canyons with ease.


To make sure that the alignment was correct after the coil over installation and subsequent ride height lowering, SPC suspension provided a complete set of adjustable suspension including upper control arms for the front and SPC Suspension Rear Camber, Toe and Setback links for 2016 Infiniti Q60.  By installing the adjustable SPC suspension the STILLEN technicians were able to precisely dial in the alignment ensuring excellent handling characteristics.


To finish off the performance parts AP Racing by STILLEN big brake kits were installed on the Q60.  This brake package consists of the patented AP Racing World Radi-cal II calipers along with the patented J hook rotors.  For the front end, red 6 piston calipers were selected and matched with 390mm AP Racing rotors.  Matching the rear to the front required a set of red 4 piston calipers paired with 370mm AP Racing rotors.  The combination of the front and rear kits have proven to greatly reduce stopping distances, improve heat cycling longevity and stability under heavy load.


No car would be complete with the right wheel and tire package.  Wheels are one of those items that can make or break a car.  For years STILLEN has chosen VOSSEN Wheels for 2015+ Infiniti Q50 / Q60 and NITTO tires for their vehicles.  On this car though they wanted something a little different.  To accomplish this the STILLEN team selected the Vossen X Work line of wheels.  Particularly, the VWS-1.  Work wheels is a leading Japanese manufacturer of high end wheels and the collaboration between Vossen and Work has resulted in a melding of Japanese technology with American style.  These two piece wheels feature a high luster polished lip with a matte  gunmetal center and polished anodized barrel.

NITTO tires have been the preferred tire for STILLEN for many years.  Offering a wide range of tire selections for everything from race cars to passenger cars and even offroad vehicles.  For the STILLEN Q60 project STILLEN selected the INVO series of tires.  INVO tires are designed specifically for the luxury sports car enthusiast.  They offer excellent performance and grip without sacrificing comfort.


STILLEN is very excited about the end result of this car and we feel it is the perfect balance between high end street luxury with race car inspired design and equipment.  STILLEN Vice President Kyle Millen had this to say “The STILLEN Infiniti Q60 project car has been one of my favorite cars that we have created.  The team at STILLEN did an amazing job and made a car that is truly one of a kind.  From the work of the body craftsmen, the engineers and fabricators working tirelessly on the performance parts I am extremely proud of the effort put into this car and the end result.”