Get The Best Alignment with SPC Adjustable F+R Control Arms

Get The Best Alignment with SPC Adjustable F+R Control Arms

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Are your tires wearing out quickly after installing aftermarket springs or coilovers?

Is your new wheel and tire set up not delivering the traction it should be?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, it’s quite likely that your suspension’s alignment could be amiss. If you lower the ride height of your vehicles factory suspension, you are dramatically altering the alignment and camber adjustment specs of your vehicle. This change in ride height and camber results in alignment issues, which consequently can wear out your tires unevenly – and far before they’re time. Sure, if you’re about that stance life you probably don’t care you’re only wearing out one section, but if you enjoy your vehicles performance and don’t relish the idea of buying another set of pricey performance tires, ensuring your vehicle’s alignment is within spec is something you don’t want to miss.

Check out the video below to learn more about what these SPC Adjustable Suspension Control Arms have to offer:


The trouble is, many OEM front and rear control arms lack the necessary adjustments to bring a lowered vehicle within spec. SPC Suspension offers these adjustable replacements, which help ensure the best alignment whether you want to ensure your factory suspension stays accurately in spec, but they’re especially useful if your vehicle has been fitted with a suspension upgrade like lowering springs or coilovers. A set of SPC Adjustable Arms will improve your handling, extend the life of your tires by preventing unnecessary wear, and complete the look of the fitment inside the fender wheel arch. Get the best alignment with SPC Adjustable Suspension Arm components. A set of SPC’s “Front Adjustable Control Arms (Pair) and Rear Adjustable Arms (Set of 3)” replace the factory control arms of your chassis that lack the range of adjustments needed to keep a performance vehicle in spec.


This all depends on what your target goal is and what you want to do with your vehicle. Here at STILLEN we like to use the best aftermarket parts that provide an unlimited amount of adjustability because this can be helpful to correct any issues with performance or uneven tire wear. Easily obtain a better custom alignment by establishing the proper adjustments after installing lowering springs or when in need of better than factory specification for the wheels on the vehicle.

Are You Multi-Adjustable?

 Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension DuoBest Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension DuoBest Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo


  • Multi-link Wish bone, is similar to a upper control arm is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a multiple adjustable arm that adds to the chassis correcting the angle of the ball joint by adjusting the middle collar and threads outwards to generate length furnishing factory specifications desired. Vehicle manufacturers interest that this system gives the best road handling properties, because of all the assorted joints that make the suspensions versatility.

Do You Camber?

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

3 Adjustable Rear Control Arms

      • Camber- Top of the wheel showing “tilt” Positive Camber or Negative Camber can determine how much rubber tread patch your tire will come into contact with the road. Alignment machines ensure that all four wheels are true and steady with each other and are corrected for the best connection on the paved roadway.
      • Toe- Toe Out, is the front of the wheel pointing away from the centerline of the vehicle.
        Toe In, is the front of the wheel pointing towards the centerline of the vehicle.  Rear Toe adjustment is the most important, because it can be critical to tire wear and handling.
      • Set Back- Positive Set Back indicates that the right front wheel are sitting further back than the left front wheel and Negative Set Back refers to the left front wheel sitting further back than the right front wheel.

After installing of the rear arms bringing full adjustability to camber, toe, and set-back links adapting the settings; simply adjust the suspension arms simply rotate the middle section of the arm expanding the length providing a custom precision alignment of your liking.

Take full benefit of an adjustable performance coilover dropping the ride height even lower compared to the factory specs and in return the car is more adhesive to the ground, lowering the center of gravity, enhancing your lap time, and impressing everyone with the precision fitment you acheived. These adjustable arms are a guaranteed need if you plan on lowering your vehicles height or want a more aggressive appearance with the wheel, tire and fender combo.

Eibach and SPC Suspensions are iconic for providing the best suspension upgrades for the enthusiast that demands the highest return in investment, and that’s where the two top manufactures pair well when sharing the desired handling experience on or off the track.

Installed SPC Adjustable Suspension Arms

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Installed: Front Multi-link Adjustable Wishbone

Best Alignment X SPC Adjustable Suspension Duo

Installed: Rear Adjustable Control Arms

After installing the RSR coilover suspension on the SEMA 2017 Red Sport and reducing the cars ride height, the STILLEN team of technicians were able to dial in the custom alignment ensuring the best handling characteristics.

With over 30 years of aftermarket performance product knowledge, research and development expertise, the experts at STILLEN share their knowledge with enthusiasts by involving themselves in the community, and that’s how we’ve a leader in the aftermarket performance world.

Recently attending the world famous product development trade show, SEMA 2017, SPC teamed up with STILLEN to debut the newest custom adjustable suspension on the market. SPC partnered with STILLEN to help develop and test fit the brand new product on the freshly wrapped red chrome Infiniti Q60 Red Sport built by STILLEN for the show. SPC trusted the team at STILLEN because of our history of success and level of expertise that’s led OEMs to work with STILLEN as well as STILLEN’s winning Racing Heritage with a variety of platforms, from Off-Road Stadium Race Trucks to LeMans Winning IMSA Race Cars.


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