Must Have for Z34 Brakes: STILLEN Nissan 370Z Brake Cooling Duct Kit

Must Have for Z34 Brakes: STILLEN Nissan 370Z Brake Cooling Duct Kit

STILLEN is proud to offer this new brake cooling option for Z34 Nissan 370Z owners looking to improve track times and lower brake temperatures. The Nissan 370Z‘s nose is famously restrictive, which prevents the brakes from getting enough airflow to adequately cool themselves, resulting in infamous brake fade issues on the 370Z. The airflow problem on the 370Z is enough of an issue that even high performance brake rotors, pads and fluid don’t help that much, which is what led us to develop this MUCH NEEDED brake cooling kit.

Made using the same high-heat motorsports-grade ducting used on founder Steve Millen’s #75 Nissan 300ZX Race Car, this kit is of quality you couldn’t replicate yourself at the hardware store. Dryer vents, these are not. These kits can be used with both Stillen Sport Rotors and Metal Matrix brake pads, AP Racing Brake Kits, and other 370Z Brakes

The way your brake rotor cools itself is by throwing hot brake gases out through the vents along its outer edge, drawing in fresh air from the center of the rotor. Designed to fit PERFECTLY on your wheel hub at EXACTLY the right clearance, the brake duct mounts on the wheel hub are not powdercoated to ensure each metal duct is precisely the thickness specified to ensure there are no ABS/TCS/sensor issues.
This cooling kit fixes the 370Z’s fatal flaw – while the kit it a little on the spendy side at $358 or so as of press time, consider – it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than your insurance deductible would be – not if, but when – brake fade inevitably rears its ugly head and puts your 370Z into so-called ‘ice mode’.
The efficient design of the STILLEN 370z brake cooling kit can lower brake surface temperatures by as much as 25%. Or as much as 140F. (Yeah that’s a lot of heat). The best part about this kit is it can be used with just about any brake set up and it works perfectly with the STILLEN 370Z front bumper for 2009-12 Z34 Nissan 370Z (STILLEN 370Z bumper fang inserts required) or the Stock 370z front bumper, WITHOUT any cutting.
We spared no expense in the quality of components of this kit, from the High Temperature hoses to the CNC machined stainless steel mounting brackets. We made sure that everything fit perfectly and worked perfectly.
After we made sure all the components of the kit fit properly, we decided to take our test vehicle to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA for some serious testing.

We installed the Nissan 370z Brake Cooling kit on one side of the vehicle and left the other side untouched. We then installed temperature sensors on both sides of the vehicle to give us our comparison figures.

Steve Millen Testing the 370Z Brake Kit

Steve Millen Testing the Z34 Nissan 370Z Brake Cooling Kit

The results ended up being much better than we expected, and we saw a difference in over 140 F between the two sides. In case you’re wondering what the advantages of running cooler brakes are, here’s a quick list:
  • Decrease in braking distance – Reduction in brake fade
  • Prevents warping – Reduced chance of pad glazing – Extends life of brakes
  • Reduces the chance of brake fluid boiling
  • Decreases the chance of catastrophic damage to brake system
  • Improved track time and longer track sessions

Below is an illustration on how brake discs vent out heat under operating conditions, as you can see from the illustration, brake temperatures will substantially increase under periods of prolonged use. Our 370z Brake Cooling kit is specifically designed to reduce brake surface temperatures by supplying a constant stream of fresh air to the brake rotor, allowing it to vent out heat more efficiently.

Diagram of STILLEN Rotors

Diagram of STILLEN Rotors

How did we get these results? Here’s the methodology we used.

As we mentioned, testing was performed with the brake cooling kit connected on one side, and not the other. Thermo-couplers were installed on the inboard friction surface of the rotors and connected to professional, race grade, data logging equipment. This testing environment ensured accurate readings under identical testing conditions. During testing the non-cooled rotors reached 600 degrees while the cooled side only reached 456 degrees. This is a temperature difference of over 140 degrees or 25%. The Brake Cooling Kit outperformed our expectations, and decreased rotor temperatures by 25% from side to side. The cooling kit spent a good amount of time with STILLEN’s engineers, and the results are a testament to their dedication and hard work. Testing showed not only does this kit keep the brakes cooler, but it better manages the temperature keeping the rotors at a more consistent temperature thus reducing the thermal cycling of the rotor.

From weekend warriors to the occasional autocross 370z owners, The STILLEN 370z Brake Cooling Kit is sure to become a “must have” item.
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