Review: STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit for Nissan 370Z by MotoIQ!

Review: STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit for Nissan 370Z by MotoIQ!

Here at STILLEN, we’re pretty proud of the products we make. We know firsthand how much time and effort goes into sourcing the correct materials, developing the perfect design and testing the prototypes all so that we are 100% confident that the aftermarket parts our customers are putting into their cars are the best they possibly could be. We tested our brake cooling ducts for Nissan 370Z on a real race track and verified everything worked with cold, hard data – but of course, the standard for any experiment is that someone else should be able to repeat your experiment and get the same result – so of course, we were happy to give our friends at MotoIQ the chance to test our brake cooling ducts for themselves.

As proud as we are of the parts we make, we are even more proud when a third party recognizes a STILLEN part for its quality. Needless to say, the office was abuzz this week when we found out how well the STILLEN brake cooling kit for the Nissan 370Z did in MotoIQ’s Project 370Z Brake Cooling Duct Review article!

Project 370Z Article Summary

As the article mentions, the goal of Project 370Z is to get some track time with their 370Z. As improvements to the car have led to improved lap times, they have also led to more stress on the brakes. With this in mind, the team decided it was time to upgrade with the STILLEN 370Z brake cooling kit. With that decision made, it was time to actually install the kit and test it. By this time, most of the STILLEN team was on the edge of their seat wanting to hear how our in-house testing was comparing to MotoIQ’s third party testing. Checkout the quote below to see how our brake cooling kit fared:

“With the brake ducts covered, the right front caliper temperature peaked at 272 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rotor at 529 degrees Fahrenheit. The Left front caliper reached 259 degrees, with the rotor at 550 degrees. Once the ducts were opened, both the left and right side caliper dropped 44 degrees. The right front rotor dropped 156 degrees, and the left front rotor dropped a whopping 216 degrees! This is a significant reduction and spot on with STILLEN’s in house testing at the same track. We were truly impressed with the numbers.

Also, the brake feel and control stayed more consistent throughout the session with the ducts functioning. Any 370Z that sees a decent amount of track time should look into purchasing this kit, it’s a cost effective way to give yourself a higher temperature threshold for your brake system and also prolong the life of the wear items, such as pads, rotors, piston seals, and brake fluid.– Clint Boisdeau, MotoIQ


Get More Information On the STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit for Nissan 370Z

For more information on this great brake cooling kit check out the full article on MotoIQ here, check out our writeup on the STILLEN 370Z Brake Ducts here or visit for more details.


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