STILLEN® Oil Cooler Kits

STILLEN® Oil Cooler Kits

For very hot running engine, an oil cooler kit is a must have. Too much heat is an enemy of any combustion engine. Having your oil temperature up to 30 degrees cooler during normal driving will add many 1000’s of miles to the life of your engine and improve performance.

Oil is rerouted to the oil cooler outside of the engine and is cooled prior to circulating back into the engine. The oil cooler kit is not too dissimilar from a car’s radiator. You will have to use up to two quarts more oil to fill up the coils and lines in the oil cooler unit. The end result is a healthier engine that will last much longer than an engine without an oil cooling unit.


  • Street and Race Kit
  • 19 – 25 Row Core
  • Increased Oil Capacity
  • Helps Prevent Engine Oil from Overheating
  • Includes Goodridge Stainless Steel Lines, All Needed Fittings, Hoses and Hardware
  • Thermostatic Sandwich Plate – Prevents Overcooling of Oil
  • Vehicle Specific Bracket


  • Nissan 370Z and 350Z
  • Infiniti G37 and G35
  • Infiniti Q50 and Q60
  • Nissan Maxima and Altima
  • Nissan Titan

*Check Year, Make, and Model to Confirm Availability

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