STILLEN Performance Shop

STILLEN Performance Shop

Take your car, truck or SUV to the next level with the STILLEN performance shop. Click here to check out the latest vehicle builds coming out of our Southern California shop!
Nissan GT-R Nismo by STILLEN N-Attack

As the official installer of the NISMO N-Attack package, STILLEN is proud to release the first N-Attack NISMO GTR in North America. This car...
Nissan GT-R NISMO with N Attack Package

Nissan/NISMO introduce elements of package for GT-R NISMO that set record Nurburgring circuit time in the U.S.* Official installer: STILLEN, Costa Mesa, Calif. Available in very...
Öhlins Suspension

Now that we have reached the half way point on the installation of North America's first Nissan GT-R Nismo with N-Attack by STILLEN, many...
N-Attack Differentials Installation

This week as the build progressed for North America's first GT-R Nismo with N-Attack package, the experts from the STILLEN performance shop removed the...
N-Attack Prep - GT-R Fender Removal

Today, the specially trained STILLEN technicians, who are working on the first Nissan GT-R Nismo by STILLEN N-Attack vehicle in North America, received a...
Nissan GT-R being delivered to get the Nismo by STILLEN N-Attack package

Nismo and STILLEN are proud to announce that work has officially begun on installing the first N-Attack package for the Nissan GT-R Nismo! Today, the...
G37 Sedan on STILLEN Dyno After Exhaust and Intake Installation and Tune

Busy going to school in Southern California, the owner of this 2012 G37 Sedan wanted a way to unwind and have some fun with...
G37 Exhaust Install at the STILLEN Performance Shop

Recently, the STILLEN performance shop had a Corvette/ first time G37 sedan owner stop by for some upgrades for his new G. After talking...
Installed Vortech FR-S Supercharger at the STILLEN Performance Shop

While car enthusiasts back East are shoveling snow and dreaming up plans for future modifications to their vehicles, several Southern California STILLEN customers are...
A proud owner and her Whipple supercharged 2014 Raptor with Magnaflow exhaust

What is the first upgrade you would make to your new vehicle? Add a body kit? Upgrade your wheels? Raise or lower your vehicle?...