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Exedy started developing their racing clutch options for vehicle manufacturers in 1964 and since has amassed wins in a wide array of events, capturing titles in the racing world from rally and Gymkhana to F1 and Super GT300. You can have the same Exedy racing clutch technology that led these drivers to the podium, and you don’t have to buy the kit meant for a professional racer to start seeing serious performance and durability improvements.

Check out the available stages of Exedy Racing Clutch kits and see which one fits you and the use of your vehicle best.

Exedy Stage 1 Racing Clutch – Street Performance Kits

  • Exedy organic friction racing clutch composition, with the fibers held together by high heat resins
  • So strong it doesn’t need a steel backing to pass SFI burst test.
  • Maintain the drivability of an OE-style disc
  • 40% on average increase in the clamp load with high performance cover
  • Extra capacity to allow for common street car upgrades to fit

Ultra Fiber Disc Racing Clutch

Exedy Stage 2 Racing Clutch – Street and Track Cerametallic Disc Kits

  • Cerametallic racing clutch friction disc handles much more heat, and more horsepower than a stock type without slipping or fading
  • High performance cover has 40% more clamp load on average
  • High-strength, anti-burst protection
  • Extra capacity to accommodate common street car upgrades
  • Normal (thick) disc is recommended for street, drag or rally uses
  • Thin (~50% thickness of stock) disc is for circuit track use onlyExedy Racing Clutch Cerametallic

Exedy Stage 3 Racing Clutch – Hyper Single Kits

  • Exedy exclusive Ceramettalic racing clutch friction disc 6-pad design
  • Heavy duty hardened spring damper
  • Heavy duty bonding agents used for low wear and high heat resistance
  • Forged aluminum covers average 40% increase in clamp load over stock
  • Forged design is much stiffer, meaning no clamp-load deflection
  • Extra capacity that’s capable of fitting both street or race car power upgrades
  • Forged chromoly flywheel, which combines low weight with high heat capacity
  • Provides snappier throttle response and quicker shifting
  • Chromoly flywheel was designed for rally, drag and hi-performance street
  • Tested at 18,000 rpm without failure
  • Ring gear cannot separate and the friction surface cannot warp
  • Can be resurfaced for future clutch serviceExedy Racing Clutch Hyper Single

Exedy Stage 4 & 5 Racing Clutch – Hyper Multi-Plate Kits

  • Cerametallic racing clutch friction disc, 6-pad design
  • Low wear and high heat capacity
  • Heavy duty hardened spring dampers and bonding agents
  • Smaller and thinner discs reduce weight for quicker shifting and less wear and tear on synchros
  • Forged aluminum cover averages 100% increase over stock clamp load
  • Extra capacity to hold street or race car power upgrades
  • No clamp-load deflection
  • Some have choice between SD and HD clamping configurations to match wheel torque numbers
  • SFI approved chromoly flywheel is tested up to 18,000 rpm without failure
  • Designed for drag, rally or hi-performance street driving
  • Low weight, low inertia, providing snappier throttle response and quicker shifting
  • Most of these flywheels are designed to increase airflow and help cooling
  • With one piece forging means the starter teeth are machined in place
  • Ring gear cannot separate nor can the friction surface warp
  • Can be resurfacedExedy Racing Clutch Hyper Multi-Plate

To speak with an expert and place your Exedy Racing Clutch order, give us a call at (866) 250-5542. You can check out all the Exedy racing clutch products we carry, or explore all the items we have for sell here at STILLEN. You can also schedule anything from a routine maintenance or install to a full scale racing build on the Performance Shop site.