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STILLEN is excited to announce the launch of our complete line up of products for the 2018 INFINITI Q60 at the 2017 SEMA show.

The INFINITI Q60 redsport is a very exciting car as it brings performance back to the INFINITI marque.  Featuring a potent 400 horsepower twin turbo V6 badged the “VR30.”  This car offers the driver an exhilarating experience and inspires the driver to push the car aggressively.

STILLEN has been involved in performance parts for off-road trucks, supercars and street performance cars of a variety and makes and models, but STILLEN is perhaps best known for our experience in tuning NISSAN/INFINITI vehicles… we’ve been involved with developing performance parts for Nissan (and later Infiniti) for over 30 years now.  When the opportunity came to work with Infiniti on this platform, we jumped at the chance and let our engineers run wild.

To kick things off, we took a look at how we could beef up the car’s performance.  Our engineering team immediately began dissecting the air intake system to study it and determine how we could optimize airflow. While the engineering team was busy with figuring out how to get every last pony out of the intake, our fabrication team were hard at work under the car, reviewing the exhaust routing, tube diameter, configuration of the system and the construction of its muffler, all in order to see what gains could be made.

STILLEN INFINITI Q60 REDSPORT 400 SEMA 2017 3R1A0019 Cover off

After going through more than 20 prototype intakes trying to achieve our goals, our induction specialists produced a Q60 Intake design that yielded a huge gain of over 20 horsepower at the wheels, and that’s without the need for further tuning or any modifications to the vehicle. Not every ‘high flow’ intake on the market works with the OEM ECU map, so making sure our intakes benefit the car with the stock tune is a high priority for our design team. The end result is what you see above – the urethane airboxes offer a significant advantage over an exposed conical filter, as the airboxes ensure that the intakes are drawing in only cool, outside air, rather than sucking in hot air from inside the engine bay (which robs you of power). Designed as a complete solution, the STILLEN Cold Air Intake for 2017 Infiniti Q60 comes complete with silicone couplers, CNC machined and tig welded aluminum MAF tubes as well as poly-urethane air boxes to keep the engine fed with cooler air, helping to deliver maximum power output.


Turbo V6 engines are notoriously difficult to get the sound “just right.”  In the end, our team was not satisfied with any of the common mufflers we could source “off the shelf.”  The only option was to build our own.  So, we engineered our own mufflers, manufacture them in house, and pack them with a high temperature ceramic wool.  These tuned mufflers truly allow the heartbeat of the car to be experienced. The final exhaust design was selected after 15 different prototype systems were rigorously tested on our Dynojet chassis dyno.  It took quite a while to determine what the engine wanted in order to produce the most power across the entire powerband.  The end result is a tuned Y pipe, leading to a single mid pipe which branches back into a dual outlet exit.


With the performance parts development underway, now it was time to address the exterior styling.  The Q60 is a fantastic looking car straight out of the factory, but like a nice tailored suit, it can look even better with the addition of the right accessories. To bring out the car’s flowing lines, we opted to wrap the car with a red chrome wrap.  The brilliant luster of the red chrome accentuates all of the angles and curves of the body of the car and truly ‘makes it pop’. The Q60 has a very organic, free flowing design, and the hyperreflective red chrome shows off these daring curves and deep creases exceptionally well.  Like any car, we felt it could be a bit more aggressive and could do with some aero styling to really accentuate the curves the car comes with. The STILLEN design team then set to work shaping a Front Bumper Splitter featuring STILLEN Front Bumper Splitter for 2017 Infiniti Q60 – (with Winglet Extensions). With the front end spiced up to our satisfaction, we shifted our attention over to to the rear of the car, the STILLEN craftsmen then created a set of side splitters and rear spats to suit the aggressive feel we were going for.  Both of these parts were custom fabricated exclusively for the STILLEN Q60.


Finishing off the ground effects package, STILLEN designed a Rear Diffuser for the Red Sport V36 Infiniti Q60 with a set of aggressive air channels and openings for a larger-than-stock dual exhaust.  The STILLEN diffuser for Infiniti Q60 is no “one off” for a show car – this part is a production item you can purchase and install on your own Q60, along with the rest of the aero suite, including the STILLEN front splitter and winglets. While these days the majority of aftermarket manufacturing seems to be done overseas, but at STILLEN, we make all of our products right here in the USA. Every single STILLEN aero or appearance upgrade, intake and exhaust system is designed and manufactured in the USA, right here at STILLEN headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. Not everyone realizes that here at STILLEN we fabricate pretty much everything in-house,  exterior parts, intakes, exhausts, suspension bits — our CNC machines, benders, welders and a team of experienced and talented craftsman makes it possible to do everything here. Now that we had the ground effects completed, the team still felt like our Q was still missing something.  The rear end still lacked something, so next, the STILLEN artists then turned their attention to the rear spoiler.  The initial idea was a simple, clean spoiler that would added a bit of height to the deck lid.  After a few design studies, the team decided to step it up and came up with something that would compliment the dynamic lines of the Q60’s design, and created a custom hand crafted rear wing that completes the car and ties in beautifully with the overall design concept.


With the power and exterior styling completed it was time to focus on supporting all of that extra power and downforce.  To do so, the STILLEN team partnered with RSR suspension, who used the STILLEN Q60 to develop and prototype a set of coil overs that are truly incredible.  One difference that sets STILLEN builds apart from other SEMA showcars is that our cars are built to be driven. Our Q60 Redsport is no trailer queen – this car was driven to the show and then driven home.  Since this car would be seeing hundreds of miles of actual road use between STILLEN HQ in Costa Mesa and Las Vegas, it was vital that the car not only look good, but could also retain its handling performance. The team at RSR hit another home run with the RSR Coilovers for 2017+ Infiniti Q60 we had fitted to the car – we really enjoyed these dynamic coil overs.  The ride quality is fantastic when cruising on the freeways and the car carves through the canyons with ease.


To make sure that the alignment was correct after the coil over installation and subsequent ride height lowering, SPC suspension provided a complete set of adjustable suspension including front upper control arms and SPC Suspension Rear Camber, Toe and Setback links for 2017 Infiniti Q60.  By installing the adjustable SPC suspension the STILLEN technicians were able to precisely dial in the alignment ensuring excellent handling characteristics.


To finish off the performance parts AP Racing by STILLEN big brake kits were installed on the Q60.  This brake package consists of the patented AP Racing World Radi-cal II calipers along with the patented J hook rotors.  For the front end, red 6 piston calipers were selected and matched with 390mm AP Racing rotors.  Matching the rear to the front required a set of red 4 piston calipers paired with 370mm AP Racing rotors.  The combination of the front and rear kits have proven to greatly reduce stopping distances, improve heat cycling longevity and stability under heavy load.


No car would be complete without the right wheel and tire package.  Wheels are one of those items that can make or break a car.  For years STILLEN has chosen VOSSEN Wheels for 2015+ Infiniti Q50 / Q60 and NITTO tires for their vehicles.  On this car though they wanted something a little different.  To accomplish this the STILLEN team selected the Vossen X Work line of wheels.  Particularly, the VWS-1.  Work wheels is a leading Japanese manufacturer of high end wheels and the collaboration between Vossen and Work has resulted in a melding of Japanese technology with American style.  These two piece wheels feature a high luster polished lip with a matte  gunmetal center and polished anodized barrel.

NITTO tires have been the preferred tire for STILLEN for many years.  Offering a wide range of tire selections for everything from race cars to passenger cars and even offroad vehicles.  For the STILLEN Q60 project STILLEN selected the INVO series of tires.  INVO tires are designed specifically for the luxury sports car enthusiast.  They offer excellent performance and grip without sacrificing comfort.


We’re thrilled with the end result of how our 2017 SEMA project came out – the team here at STILLEN feels that the Q60 we put together strikes the perfect balance between high end street luxury, with design inspired by our race-winning heritage tempered with elegant style.

STILLEN Vice President Kyle Millen had this to say of the project:
“The STILLEN Infiniti Q60 project car is one of my favorite cars out of the many projects we have created.  The team at STILLEN did an amazing job and made a car that is truly one of a kind.  From the work of the body craftsmen, the engineers and fabricators working tirelessly on the performance parts, I am extremely proud of the effort put into this car and the end result.”
Watch to learn more about SPC Adjustable Suspension

Watch to learn more about AP Racing Radi-Cal II Big Brakes

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal 402856_IMG_01_2016_UP_Infiniti_Q50_3

STILLEN News Flash! The STILLEN Short Ram Hi-Flow Intake w/ Dry Filter for 2016-2018 Infiniti Q50 + Q60 (402856DF) vehicles equipped with the twin turbocharged VR30DDTT engine have received C.A.R.B. Exemption and are now 50 State Street Legal! These intakes are now legal for sale in California! Order yours today!

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal 402856_IMG_01_2016_UP_Infiniti_Q50_Q60_intake_Overall

Infiniti breathed some forced induction life into the Q50 Sport and Red Sport models with the inclusion of its all new, twin turbocharged VR30DDTT V6 engine. Conservatively rated from the factory with 300 horsepower (in the Sport) and 400 horsepower (in the Red Sport), these new “Q’s” make decent power off the showroom floor. However, like any turbocharged engine, reducing air flow restrictions allow the turbochargers to spool up more quickly while efficiently generating boost pressure. This translates into improved response, greater incremental gains and oftentimes, more peak power.

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal 402856_IMG_02_2016_UP_Infiniti_Q50_Q60_intake_Cover_off

As a longtime specialist in the world of Nissan and Infiniti, STILLEN takes great pride in the engineering of its products. Having seen the performance potential in the new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6, our engineers set out to develop an intake system that produced the greatest performance gains without triggering the dreaded “Check Engine Light” error or requiring a custom tune.

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal 402856_IMG_04_2016_UP_Infiniti_Q50_Q60_intake_filter

Unlike any other intake manufacturer, STILLEN’s longstanding relationship with Nissan helped to facilitate a genuine Nissan factory CONSULT diagnostics computer. Monitoring data channels that most in the aftermarket cannot, STILLEN engineers tested more than 20 different intake designs, evaluating numerous variables and noting the effects on specifics such as fuel trim, velocity and temperature, to name just a few. While the sheer number of prototypes might seem like overkill, the data collected enabled STILLEN to optimize the intake design for output and presentation.

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal 402856_IMG_05_2016_UP_Infiniti_Q50_Q60_intake_Right

INTAKE (As tested on a 2016 Q50 Sport)

Peak Power: 293.15 whp @ 5,331 RPM

Greatest Incremental Horsepower gain: 20.98 whp @ 3,244 RPM

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal Q50 Intake WHP

Peak Torque: 289.87 lb-ft @ 5,300 RPM

Greatest Incremental Torque gain: 33.71 lb-ft @ 3,256 RPM

Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal Q50 Intake TQ

If you’ve got questions about the Top Intake: STILLEN VR30DDTT Intake Now 50 State Street Legal or wish to place an order, please contact:
STILLEN 866-250-5542
Email: sales@stillen.com
Chat with us via Live Chat at stillen.com

With deep roots in the Nissan community, it’s only natural that STILLEN has introduced a new line of power, performance and styling products for the 2016 Nissan Maxima. Our design goal was straightforward: offer enhanced performance and add a hint of aggression to the jet-inspired styling, controls and luxurious appointments of the newly updated Maxima.

2016 Nissan Maxima with Stillen power, performance and body styling parts

STILLEN power, performance and body styling products catapult the 2016 Nissan Maxima into the Jet Set.

The Strong, Silent Type

Reviewers from Car and Driver praised the newly redesigned interior. It’s the rare review that doesn’t wax poetic about the enveloping, technology-rich driver compartment, said to be inspired by a fighter jet cockpit.

Yet the latest Maxima offers reduced cabin noise on par with leading luxury brands. Isn’t this a bit like Top Gun minus the control tower flybys?

Blue Angels

Nissan designers visited the Blue Angels for inspiration and ideas they incorporated into the redesigned 2016 Maxima. Not a bad day in the office!

Still a classic movie and all, but for Maxima pilots looking to enhance the engine note both inside and out, STILLEN Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust System for 2016 Nissan Mazima A367 offers to open up the afterburners a notch while offering a bump in horsepower and torque numbers.  Like a navy jet catapulting off a carrier deck, your 0-60 launch will sound a lot sweeter.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

The STILLEN axle-back performance exhaust turns the 2016 Maxima afterburners up a notch.

Living on the Edge

The heavily restyled Maxima incorporates lots of angles and v-shapes (more fighter jet influence?). You could literally and figuratively describe the ’16 Maxima design as “edgy”. So our designers finished the axle-back exhaust system with 4-inch angle cut, dual wall, tapered exhaust tips. They fill the factory exhaust cutouts nicely, delivering an aggressive look that matches the enhanced exhaust note.

Getting Shredded

Everybody knows you stand clear of jet intakes…unless you want to get shredded the bad way…aka like Parmesan cheese instead of like Ahhhhhhnold.  Turbine engines and car engines both rely on free flowing air to make power (trust us on this, we looked it up on howstuffworks.com).

close up of a navy jet intake

Highway to the Danger Zone!

So the perfect pairing with the axle-back exhaust is a STILLEN Hi Flow Cold Air Intake w/ Dry Filter + Polyurethane Air Duct for 2009-2015 Nissan Maxima A367.

It offers performance gains in the 8-10 horsepower range across the entire powerband. Like the exhaust system, the ram air intake amplifies the engine note just enough to add a sporty edge to the lux interior environment.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake adds firepower to the 2016 Maxima Air Force.

The intake retains the factory intake tract which leads into the STILLEN polyurethane air chamber, ensuring the coldest possible air reaches the engine. A sleek, polished aluminum intake tube adds to the look and durability of the unit. It wouldn’t look out of place on an FA-18 Hornet jet fighter. A genuine K & N high flow air filter ensures the Nissan VQ35 3.5-liter V-6 engine breathes cleanly and freely.

Amping Up the Style

For Maxima owners looking to personalize their ride with some subtly aggressive exterior cues, STILLEN designers hand-crafted some great body styling pieces.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Rear Diffuser

STILLEN designers took their cues from the Maxima’s ‘Flying V’ taillights to create an edgy, muscular rear diffuser.

The STILLEN Matte Black Rear Valance Diffuser for 2016 Nissan Maxima A367 adds some low-down aggressive styling to the rear end of the Maxima. Our designers realized the stock Maxima backside looked rounded and soft compared to the angular front end. They resolved this split personality disorder with a muscular diffuser that is much more cohesive with overall vehicle styling cues. Once installed, the STILLEN diffuser “wakes” up the angular taillight design and covers up the stock exhaust cans for a more finished look. Engineered and constructed for precise fit, the rear diffuser is available either unfinished and ready for paint or painted matte black.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Roof Wing Spoiler

The STILLEN Roof Wing Spoiler for 2016 Nissan Maxima A367 streamlines the Maxima swept roof line. Supersonic, baby!

For owners looking to enhance the Maxima roof line and improve aerodynamics, STILLEN offers a high quality polyurethane roof wing spoiler. Engineered and constructed for precise fit, the roof wing is available either unfinished and ready for paint or painted matte black.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima front splitter

The STILLEN Front Bumper Splitter for 2016 Nissan Maxima A367 will make you shout ‘Great Balls of Fire!”

Nissan’s designers hit their target with the Maxima front end design.  A light touch was all that was needed to add a little jet fuel to the fire – we created a suitably aggressive front lip/splitter that complements the natural lines of the front bumper while adding a subtle edge.

All of the STILLEN brand 2016 Nissan Maxima body styling products are constructed of durable polyurethane using a proprietary formulation. We’re so confident in their durability that we offer a limited lifetime warranty. They’re easy to install, offer precision fit and finish and include genuine 3M auto trim tape and installation instructions.

Check out these how to videos for installing your 2016 Nissan Maxima body styling kit


So if your stock 2016 Maxima doesn’t quite “Take Your Breath Away”, STILLEN has your six…teen covered.

The 2016 Maxima performance and styling products are proudly Made in the USA by expert craftsmen at the STILLEN hangars in Costa Mesa, California.

STILLEN combines best in class automotive parts and accessories with expert service to deliver personalized lifestyle solutions for automotive enthusiasts seeking power, performance and style.

With the recent release of the new 2016 Honda Civic, it was only a matter of time before accompanying aftermarket performance parts followed suit. The 1.5-liter turbo variant – the first mass-production Honda offered with a turbo – has arguably garnered the most attention from both car enthusiasts and performance manufacturers alike. Churning out improved, respectable numbers from the factory (174 horsepower at 6000 rpm and a zero to 60 time of 6.8 seconds), the new Civic has many salivating at the possibilities of even greater performance. Injen Technology has been one of the first aftermarket manufacturers to jump onto the scene with parts for 2016 Honda Civic turbo. These offerings include a 3″ stainless steel cat-back exhaust, a cold air intake, and a short ram intake – some of the most common first modifications on a driver’s to-do-list. Below, we’ve broken down these three products and their respective features for you.


2016 Honda Civic Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust

Before any aftermarket systems were even conceived, the 2016 Honda Civic 1.5T’s exhaust was already garnering a lot of attention. From the factory, a dual-tipped exhaust system accompanies the rear end of the EX and Touring trim levels – a notable first for any Civic. Injen decided to opt out of the dual exhaust tips in favor of a single-exit exhaust, however, ultimately giving the car a simpler, cleaner look. The 3″ stainless steel cat-back exhaust comes equipped with an embossed muffler and resonators with steel rolled tips. As for the performance output, Injen claims the system will add a respectable 8 HP and 7 lb-ft of torque. The exhaust offers a nice, consistent deep tone, serving as a great accompaniment to the Civic turbo’s newfound performance.

Injen 2016 Honda Civic Turbo cat-back exhaust

This 3” Injen cat-back exhaust system will give your new Civic turbo the powerful sound it deserves.

Part Number

Injen SES1573 3″ Stainless Steel CATBACK Exhaust


2016 Honda Civic Turbo Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is often one of the first modifications performed on any vehicle due to its relatively simplistic and affordable nature. Though cold air intake performance gains vary by vehicle, Injen claims its 2016 Honda Civic cold air intake can boost your car upwards of 29 HP and 25 lb-ft of torque! With significant power gains showing up across the entire rev range, the Injen cold air intake system seems to really open up this turbocharged engine’s potential.

Injen 2016 Honda Civic Turbo Cold Air Intake

You can’t go wrong with an Injen cold air intake – especially one with these numbers!

Part Number

Injen SP1573P Cold Air Intake

2016 Honda Civic Turbo Short Ram Intake

Aside from its cold air intake, Injen also offers a 2016 Honda Civic short ram intake. Featuring Injen’s patented MR (Mega Ram) technology, the company claims it can allow the intake to be tuned within the factory air flow ratio, all while optimizing horsepower and torque gains. Similar to the cold air intake, the 2016 Honda Civic short ram intake boasts some impressive performance increases of up to 23 HP and 21 lb-ft of torque. Depending on your budget, the short ram intake can certainly be a great alternative to its cold air brethren for your turbo Civic.


Part Number

Injen SP1572 Short Ram Air Intake


Waiting for the Aftermarket Flood Gates to Open

As exciting as the new 2016 Honda Civic turbo appears to be, the possibility of further improving its performance is even more exhilarating. Injen seems to be kicking things off nicely with its offerings of basic bolt-on parts that are sure to be crowd pleasers. However, for our California brothers and sisters, none of these appear to be CARB approved just yet. But have no fear – the aftermarket product wave for this car is only beginning. It is still a Civic, after all – with a factory turbo, at that. For any Honda fan, this is what dreams are made of.


If you’re looking for a new Infiniti Q50 and live in the Southern California area, you owe it to yourself to stop by Infiniti of Montclair. They’ve got a white hot Infiniti Q50 that you have to see in person to fully appreciate! It comes stocked with a STILLEN front splitter, STILLEN rear diffuser, STILLEN cat-back exhaust and STILLEN intake.

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter, Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust and Diffuser

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter, Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust and Diffuser

STILLEN Performance Parts Featured on This Infiniti Q50

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50

Body Components

Like all of our urethane components, the STILLEN Q50 splitter and STILLEN Q50 rear diffuser are both made durable and resistant urethane. These body components blend so well with the vehicle’s natural look that they look as though they were include in the factory design! They also come with STILLEN’s industry leading manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust & Diffuser

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust & Diffuser

Performance Parts

As you all know, STILLEN is about more than good looks – we’re about performance and that is exactly want you can expect with the cat-back exhaust and cold air intakes. Of course, this Q50’s future owner will get to enjoy that authentic sound that only STILLEN can create- calm under normal driving conditions, but quickly turns aggressive as you accelerate. More importantly though, the owner will get to enjoy that incredibly fun boost of power!

Infiniti of Montclair's Q50 with STILLEN Cold Air Intakes

Infiniti of Montclair’s Q50 with STILLEN Cold Air Intakes

Infiniti of Montclair – Where the Customer is #1

Known for their expert knowledge and stress-free buying experience, Infiniti of Montclair is dedicated to making the customer their top priority. If you want to check out this car in person and experience their superior customer service first hand, be sure to stop by Infiniti of Montclair, which is located at 9440 Autoplex Dr, Montclair, CA 91763. You can also call 909-625-8990 to speak with their expert sales staff, which will be happy to answer any question you have and schedule your test drive.

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter

Got Questions? Call Us!

As always, if you have any questions about the STILLEN product featured on this vehicle or any of the other Infiniti Q50 parts we offer, please feel free to give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.

If you’re looking for a new Infiniti Q50 that is a cut above the rest, then you’ll want to stop by Fort Myers Infiniti in Fort Myers, Florida. They’ve put together an excellent build that features STILLEN body components for a sleek look and STILLEN performance parts for great performance and even better sound!

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Performance Parts

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Performance Parts

STILLEN Parts Included

Improving on the factory Q50 isn’t easy, but the Fort Myers team has certainly suceeded. This car offers the best of both worlds – good looks and even better performance! It comes loaded with a STILLEN front lip, rear diffuser, air intake and axle back exhaust.

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Front Lip & Cold Air Intakes

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Front Lip & Cold Air Intakes

Fort Myer Infiniti Q50 Front Lip & Rear Diffuser

The Q50 front lip and rear diffuser, like all STILLEN polyurethane body components are designed and manufactured in the USA by expert craftsmen. We are so proud of the products we produce that we offer a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Plus, these body components have been specially designed for the Q50, so they work with the natural lines of the car and look as though they are a part of the factory design.

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Diffuser & Exhaust

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Diffuser & Exhaust

Air Intake & Rear Section Exhaust for Q50

Enjoy a boost of power with the Fort Myers Infiniti Q50, which features a STILLEN Gen2 Dual cold air intake kit (also avaliable with a dry filter option)! This cold air intake boasts polished aluminum mandrel bent tubes, true cold air design with urethane boxes, and genuine K&N filters. Additionally, this car comes with axle-back exhaust, which is made from 304 stainless steel and free flowing performance mufflers. The result is extra power and a great sound that is tame under normal conditions, but authoritative under throttle. Take a listen to this great combination below:

Superior Service

The Fort Myers Infiniti team is known for providing excellent customer service and providing a professional environment where potential customers can interact with their expert sales team without hassles or pressure. Plus, they are doing some fantastic work with STILLEN performance parts on their vehicles, so you can get a custom car right from the dealership at an affordable price!

Where to Find This Infiniti Q50

You think this Q50 might be your dream car and want to check it out, stop by the Fort Myers Infiniti Dealership, which is located at 14990 South Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33912 or give them a call at 888-880-5992 and they will be happy to help you. If you already own a Q50 or another Infiniti model and you want to add a few custom touches using STILLEN parts, they can help you also! Just give them a call and they will answer all your questions and set you up with the exact parts you are looking for.

Got Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the STILLEN parts featured in this article, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.

Our friends at Nissan Lloydminster are at it again with another souped-up Titan. The goal of this project truck was to make it powerful and fast to leave other trucks in its dust… They definitely met their goal with this Titan! The list of upgrades on the Nissan Lloydminster truck is impressive and is definitely enough to turn any enthusiast’s head!

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Nissan Titan

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Titan

Adding Horsepower to the Souped-Up Titan:

To get the horsepower they were looking for, the Nissan Lloydminster team started by replacing the stock intake with a STILLEN Hi-Flow cold air intake. They also removed the stock exhaust and added a STILLEN 503257 dual exhaust. Not only do these upgrades improve horsepower, but they also help improve air efficiency. However, these changes were not enough for the Lloydminster Nissan team… They wanted more power! To accomplish this, they decided to supercharge the engine with a STILLEN 407570 supercharger, which has brought the power on similar Titans up to 379HP at the wheels. Now, this Titan can really haul!

Note: Dyno results will vary based on temperature, altitude, and other environmental factors.

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Don’t worry though, this Titan didn’t just get a STILLEN power boost. It also got several other upgrades to round out its makeover. Other upgrades made include new wheels and tires, lowering shackles, transmission mount and chrome billet grille.

Nissan Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN upgrades

Nissan Lloydminster Titan with STILLEN upgrades

The Full List of Upgrades:

Check out the full list upgrades this project Titan has:

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

How to Find This Souped-Up Nissan Titan:

If you are as excited about this truck as we are and are in the Lloydminster, AB area, you’ll want to stop by the Lloydminster Nissan dealership or give them a call at (888) 273-4071. Additionally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN parts on this truck or any of the other parts we manufacturer, please give us a call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Good for 18.5WHP / 13WTQ Power Gain – CARB EXEMPT EO# D-436-22

Just announced… STILLEN cold air intakes for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles have been granted CARB EXEMPT EO#’s through 2014! For over 20 years, STILLEN has worked with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop products that are compliant with OE standards of total vehicle integration and performance while still satisfying emission control regulations. With this long history in mind, STILLEN is proud to announce the cold air intakes for the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 have been granted CARB EXEMPT Executive Order numbers. These numbers mean that the part has been shown not to alter or modify the design or performance of the factory emissions control equipment. While a typical aftermarket intake will automatically fail visual inspection, intakes with a CARB EO# will not fail a visual inspection, allowing the car to still be emissions tested as usual. We are equally proud to announce year range extensions for the 2014 370Z , Maxima and more. For a full list of vehicle applications, please see below.

STILLEN was the first company to prove that a cold air intake on the VQ37 engine could actually make power and is still recognized as the leading cold air intake with the highly sought after Generation 3 long tube cold air intakes for the 370Z, G37 and Q60.   It took 6 months of in-house R&D and testing and 56 different variations of prototype intake systems but it was all worth it and the end result was the leading cold air intake for the VQ37 equipped vehicles.

Nissan Titan Air Intake

STILLEN Air Intake for Nissan Titan CARB EXEMPT EO# D-436-22 is good for a 15WHP / 27WTQ Power Gain At The Wheels

When it came time to manufacturing air intake systems for vehicles like the Altima, Maxima, Titan, Frontier, etc. STILLEN leaned on its vast experience in manufacturing high performance parts for NISSAN/INFINITI vehicles.  On the Nissan Altima and Maxima applications STILLEN is the only manufacturer of high performance intakes that incorporates a poly-urethane ducted air intake path leading fresh air from behind the factory grille directly into the air intake filter.  Included in many of these kits is STILLEN’s unique velocity ring which increases the velocity of the air as it is drawn into the engine thus producing more power!

Note: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a division of the California state government and is widely recognized for having the most stringent emissions control regulations in the United States. Therefore, each of the 50 states recognizes its standards as the emissions standard for all performance parts. Each performance part that achieves CARB EXEMPT status is considered 50-state legal.

STILLEN CARB EXEMPT Cold Air Intakes (EO# D-436-21)


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For more information about the STILLEN cold air intakes, please browse our website or call (866) 250-5542 to speak with one of our experts.

Here at STILLEN, we love cars and the Infiniti Q50 is no exception. This car has already become a favorite among the STILLEN team, so it’s no wonder that we’ve been hard at work developing brand new performance parts that will squeeze every ounce of power, sound and performance out of this car. Just a few months ago, we introduced you to the STILLEN 504440 cat-back exhaust for the Infiniti Q50 (read more about this exhaust our blog post by clicking here) and now we’re proud to introduce you to the STILLEN 403230 Generation 2 Dual Cold Air Intake Kit for Infiniti Q50.

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Air Intakes

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Air Intakes

History of Excellence

The STILLEN R&D team has a long history of developing top of the line air intakes for the Nissan and Infiniti cars and chose to incorporate many of these principles in the Infiniti Q50 Gen2 cold air intakes. Like our other Gen2 intakes, this STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Gen 2 air intake kit comes with polyurethane heat shields that effectively direct air inside the engine bay to maximize performance.

Infiniti Q50 Intake by STILLEN

Impressive Sound

While many of us upgrade to aftermarket intakes from the stock intakes for the performance gains, sound is also another reason to upgrade. Aftermarket intakes just sound better and this is definitely true for the STILLEN Cold Air Intakes for Infiniti Q50. With these hi-flow intakes you can enjoy a mild sound while cruising, but also enjoy a richer sound as the engine comes to life under acceleration.

The Best Cold Air Intakes for Infiniti Q50

Heat shields and sounding good aren’t the only reasons we believe the STILLEN Generation 2 Dual Cold Air Intake Kit is the best cold air intake available. Here are a few more reasons why we like this cold air intake:

  • Twin mandrel bent polished aluminum intake tubes
  • Comes with two K&N Filters
    • 1,000,000 mile warranty on filters
    • Dual cone integrated with velocity stack
  • No check engine light (CEL) problems – guaranteed!
  • 50 State legal
  • Customizable – paint the urethane intake boxes to match your car or leave natural black
  • Hassle-free, bolt-on installation with easy to follow instructions
  • Made in the USA

STILLEN Cold Air Inake Installed in Infiniti Q50

Next Steps

For more information about the STILLEN Cold Air Intakes for Infiniti Q50 or browse our selection of other Infiniti Q50 parts, please visit www.STILLEN.com. We specialize in a wide variety of performance parts just give us a call at 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about cold air intakes or any of the other parts we carry!

You want to go faster, have a more responsive acceleration and improve the fuel economy of your car? Some may think that this is too much to ask for, but the truth is it is possible and the answer is simple: Get a new air intake kit for your car or truck. Air intakes not only make your engine more powerful, but they also make your engine more efficient. Plus, you get the added benefit of a better sound and improved performance!


Generation 3 STILLEN Cold Air Intake for Infiniti G37

Why Performance Air Intakes Are Better Than Stock Air Intakes:

When designing a vehicle the factory engineers are constantly dealing with compromises. Engineers will build the best vehicle imaginable. Then another set of engineers come in and make sure that vehicle will work for 99.9% of all people. From the young, aggressive, enthusiastic teenager to the middle-aged businessman and the little old lady using the car as a mode of transport. Once the car has been toned down enough for “everyone” to enjoy the accountants come in. Their job is simply to cut costs. Is the door handle necessary? Does the car really need a windshield? We joke, obviously, but the general job is to reduce costs as much as possible. In many cases their reducing the cost of the car without actually reducing the part, working with vendors to streamline their shipping processes, making adjustments to their manufacturing plants so they run more efficiently. Now you may be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with a cold air intake?”

By the time the vehicle has gone through the various levels of engineering, there have been compromises made for various reasons. The end result is a vehicle that has been de-tuned, and softened up. In some cases this is good, in others such as vehicle performance this means the engine isn’t breathing as well as it could and the performance isn’t as optimal as it could be. This is where we come in. As automotive enthusiasts, we want to hear the air intake. We want to hear the engine breathing. We want to feel the additional power. All of this becomes the character of the vehicle. To accomplish this there are a few things we do differently.

  1. Most vehicles come with a flexible intake tubing that looks like accordion tubing. This tubing creates turbulence as the air passes through. The turbulence is created by the riffles inside of the airstream. The goal when developing a cold air intake is to achieve a laminar airflow through the intake piping.
  2. Additional benefits can come by way of a larger air filter. Factory air filters are generally referred to as “panel filters” as they are simple drop-in squares or rectangles. Most performance intakes take advantage of an oval, circular, or more three dimensionally shaped filter. This allows for a larger surface area thus allowing for better filtration, less restrictive airflow.
  3. In most cases the factory air intakes are undersized and can create a bit of restriction in the intake path. By going with a larger diameter tubing it allows for a larger volume of air to be available to the engine.
  4. Some companies such as Injen technologies will manipulate the airflow to increase the velocity of the air as it travels through the intake piping.
  5. Some companies like AEM performance intakes will include a supplemental computer which can be attached to the factory MAF sensor to alter the signal being sent to the factory ecu. AEM calls this their ETI intake system or electronically tuned intake systems.
  6. When reviewing a cold air intake, the name itself tells the story. The goal is to simply draw air from the coolest place possible. By relocating the vehicles air intake location outside of the engine bay you are getting fresher, cooler air.

STILLEN dry filter

Why It Works:

Unlike stock air intakes, the design of aftermarket air intakes promote improved air flow into your engine. This increases the amount of oxygen that can be used for combustion. In turn, having additional air in your engine allows it to be more efficient – both in terms of horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Air is just like anything else in this world. It is made up of molecules and all molecules expand and contract depending on the temperatures in the environment they’re in. As the temperature increases the air molecules grow larger. As the temperature decreases the air molecules shrink and therefore become more dense. By reducing the temperature of the air you are effectively making the air more dense and the same volume of air becomes more oxygen rich.

To get the lowest ambient air temperature possible you have to move the air intake location as far outside of the engine bay as you can. This is the reason we relocate the filters and intake pickups to the front bumpers or between the fender and chassis rails. The goal is always the same, move the intake port to the coolest area getting the most direct airflow as possible.

Types of Intakes Available:

Cold Air Intakes

There are two different types of cold air intakes. Traditionally and most obvious are the intakes that re-locate the air intake pickup to outside the engine bay. These usually require a bit more mechanical knowledge as often times you’ll need to remove body parts such as bumpers or windshield washer bottles.


The other type of cold air intake looks similar to a factory intake with a sealed air box. The primary difference is that the air box is generally larger and in most cases re-routes its air intake location to somewhere outside the engine bay. In some cases these sealed boxes can employ ram air scoops with air being directed from lower parts of the vehicle such as behind the front bumper on many full-size trucks.

Many people prefer the OE looks of this style of intake. You also get a large air filter, and a larger air box which allows for a larger air reservoir for the engine to pull from. In most cases, these systems are the easiest “cold air intakes” to install.


STILLEN Cold Air Intake Airbox for Nissan Titan is CARB Exempt (EO# D-436-14) and good for 15whp / 27wtq

Why We Like Them:

  • Offers the highest horsepower for basic applications
  • Prevents Ingestion of Hot Engine Bay Air
  • Sealed Airbox Design WILL DRAMATICALLY Outperforms an Open Intake In Traffic or Hot Days

Short Ram Intakes

These systems are identified by their short, single tube design with an open air filter at one end. If you are looking for an upgrade in throttle response, then this is the air intake for you. Another major difference between the short ram intake and cold air intake is that the short ram intake is generally louder. In most cases this type of air intake is the easiest modification you can make to your vehicle. It’s even easier than changing the oil or headlight bulbs on most vehicles.

Why We Like Them:

  • Offers a distinctive sound and improved throttle response
  • Simplicity

Make Sure Your New Air Intake is CARB EXEMPT:

It is important to know your states laws and regulations regarding performance parts on your vehicle. In most states as long as you don’t have any check engine lights your vehicle will be passed and you will receive your registration quickly and easily. However if you live in a state that follows the CARB regulations (California Air Resources Board) you will want to make sure that the cold air intake you are installing is legal for use and operation on the roads in your state – intakes that are permissible for use in California will feature a CARB EXEMPT Executive Order number, that exempts that part from emissions regulations. Currently there are only a few states that have adopted CARB regulations, but more states integrate these regulations every year.

If you purchase a CARB EXEMPTED intake, your kit WILL come with a decal which you will want to place somewhere inside your engine bay. We recommend sticking it next to your vehicles factory emissions decals generally located under the hood. Another easy to locate place is on the front core support directly above the radiator.

Dry Filters vs. Oiled Filters

For years the debate has raged on, dry filters are better than oiled filters, oiled filters have better filtration capabilities than dry filters. The factor of the matter is, both types of filters work very well. These days filter technology has come so far and is so good that it really comes down to user/owner preference.

Airaid oiled filter

Oiled filters will not damage your MAF sensor. K&N engineering is recognized as being the first company to employ oiled filters in their intake designs. They have been testing their oiled filters for decades and continue to test their filters and oils against the latest technology coming out from the OE’s. Every time they test their products they find that there is no damage being done to electronic components or engine internals caused by their oils. For more information on this visit the K&N website here: www.knfilters.com/maf/massair.htm

Dry filters do have the added benefit of not even being able to bring up the question about oiling issues or anything like that. As the filter is completely dry there is no way oil can get onto electrical components or into the engine. If you find yourself uneasy about the idea of using an oiled filter even after reading all of the information provided earlier, a dry filter is going to be your best option. Another side benefit is that a dry filter is typically easier to clean


STILLEN is the only major retailer who also designs and manufactures their own cold air intakes, and we make it all RIGHT HERE, in the USA at STILLEN HQ in Costa Mesa. Founded by Champion Racer Steve Millen, STILLEN has been manufacturing cold air intakes since the early 90’s, applying our championship-winning race engineering experience to our line of performance parts for street vehicles. After all, if we can build an 800HP race car, why wouldn’t we be the people to trust with your street car? STILLEN has been working with CARB to achieve exemption orders for many products since 1995. Not only do we carry all of the major manufacturers such as Injen, Airaid, Volant, K&N, AEM we also manufacture our own intake kits that are seen as the leaders in their segments, often delivering the most horsepower and torque to the wheels in their class.


A frequently asked question is, what will happen to my warranty after installing a cold air intake? Your factory warranty will not be affected by installing a non-factory intake. The dealership/manufacturer has to definitively prove that the modification made to the vehicle caused the issue your vehicle is experiencing. It is important to know your rights on this: www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0138-auto-warranties-routine-maintenance

Next Steps:

When you’re ready to take your car or truck to the next level, give us a call at 1-866-250-5542 and our experts will be happy to help you. We offer a variety of air intake systems including Injen air intakes, K&N air intake systems, AFE intakes, AEM air intakes and STILLEN air intakes.

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