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Holman Infiniti Give this Q50 AWD the STILLEN Treatment


The STILLEN Splitter adds style and presence to the Q50 without looking overdone.

STILLEN designs and manufactures its polyurethane body pieces in house from a proprietary blend of materials that ensure durability with a handsome finish. These components are offered in raw condition and ready to be color matched to the rest of the vehicle, as well as flat black.

STILLEN Q50 Front Splitter (KB11225 – SPORT, KB11226 – PREMIUM)

  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Painted Matte Black – Can Also Be Painted to Match Exterior
  • Adds Downforce
  • Sport Models Only (Includes Hybrid)


STILLEN Q50 Rear Diffuser (KB11222 – UNPAINTED, KB11222MB – MATTE BLACK)

  • Diffuser Comes Pre-Installed with OEM-grade 3M Automotive Adhesive
  • No Cutting or Modification to Bumper Necessary
  • Unpainted – Ready for Primer and Paint
  • Polyurethane Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The STILLEN rear diffuser comes prepainted flat black and is also available in a raw urethane finish, ready to be painted to match the vehicle.

Holman Infiniti is a member of the STILLEN dealer network. Contact Holman Infiniti to purchase STILLEN products ranging from polyurethane body styling components to STILLEN Intake, Exhaust, Handling, Body Styling and Forced Induction solutions! You can also reach out to STILLEN directly by calling us at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via live chat at stillen.com!

With deep roots in the Nissan community, it’s only natural that STILLEN has introduced a new line of power, performance and styling products for the 2016 Nissan Maxima. Our design goal was straightforward: offer enhanced performance and add a hint of aggression to the jet-inspired styling, controls and luxurious appointments of the newly updated Maxima.

2016 Nissan Maxima with Stillen power, performance and body styling parts

STILLEN power, performance and body styling products catapult the 2016 Nissan Maxima into the Jet Set.

The Strong, Silent Type

Reviewers from Car and Driver praised the newly redesigned interior. It’s the rare review that doesn’t wax poetic about the enveloping, technology-rich driver compartment, said to be inspired by a fighter jet cockpit.

Yet the latest Maxima offers reduced cabin noise on par with leading luxury brands. Isn’t this a bit like Top Gun minus the control tower flybys?

Blue Angels

Nissan designers visited the Blue Angels for inspiration and ideas they incorporated into the redesigned 2016 Maxima. Not a bad day in the office!

Still a classic movie and all, but for Maxima pilots looking to enhance the engine note both inside and out, STILLEN offers an axle-back exhaust system to open up the afterburners a notch while offering a bump in horsepower and torque numbers.  Like a navy jet catapulting off a carrier deck, your 0-60 launch will sound a lot sweeter.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

The STILLEN axle-back performance exhaust turns the 2016 Maxima afterburners up a notch.

Living on the Edge

The heavily restyled Maxima incorporates lots of angles and v-shapes (more fighter jet influence?). You could literally and figuratively describe the ’16 Maxima design as “edgy”. So our designers finished the axle-back exhaust system with 4-inch angle cut, dual wall, tapered exhaust tips. They fill the factory exhaust cutouts nicely, delivering an aggressive look that matches the enhanced exhaust note.

Getting Shredded

Everybody knows you stand clear of jet intakes…unless you want to get shredded the bad way…aka like Parmesan cheese instead of like Ahhhhhhnold.  Turbine engines and car engines both rely on free flowing air to make power (trust us on this, we looked it up on howstuffworks.com).

close up of a navy jet intake

Highway to the Danger Zone!

So the perfect pairing with the axle-back exhaust is a STILLEN cold air intake system. It offers performance gains in the 8-10 horsepower range across the entire powerband. Like the exhaust system, the ram air intake amplifies the engine note just enough to add a sporty edge to the lux interior environment.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake adds firepower to the 2016 Maxima Air Force.

The intake retains the factory intake tract which leads into the STILLEN polyurethane air chamber, ensuring the coldest possible air reaches the engine. A sleek, polished aluminum intake tube adds to the look and durability of the unit. It wouldn’t look out of place on an FA-18 Hornet jet fighter. A genuine K & N high flow air filter ensures the Nissan VQ35 3.5-liter V-6 engine breathes cleanly and freely.

Amping Up the Style

For Maxima owners looking to personalize their ride with some subtly aggressive exterior cues, STILLEN designers hand-crafted some great body styling pieces.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Rear Diffuser

STILLEN designers took their cues from the Maxima’s ‘Flying V’ taillights to create an edgy, muscular rear diffuser.

The STILLEN Rear Diffuser adds some low-down aggressive styling to the rear end of the Maxima. Our designers realized the stock Maxima backside looked rounded and soft compared to the angular front end. They resolved this split personality disorder with a muscular diffuser that is much more cohesive with overall vehicle styling cues. Once installed, the STILLEN diffuser “wakes” up the angular taillight design and covers up the stock exhaust cans for a more finished look. Engineered and constructed for precise fit, the rear diffuser is available either unfinished and ready for paint or painted matte black.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima Roof Wing Spoiler

The STILLEN roof wing spoiler streamlines the Maxima swept roof line. Supersonic, baby!

For owners looking to enhance the Maxima roof line and improve aerodynamics, STILLEN offers a high quality polyurethane roof wing spoiler. Engineered and constructed for precise fit, the roof wing is available either unfinished and ready for paint or painted matte black.

Stillen 2016 Nissan Maxima front splitter

The STILLEN front splitter will make you shout ‘Great Balls of Fire!”

Nissan’s designers hit their target with the Maxima front end design.  A light touch was all that was needed to add a little jet fuel to the fire – we created a suitably aggressive front lip/splitter that complements the natural lines of the front bumper while adding a subtle edge.

All of the STILLEN brand 2016 Nissan Maxima body styling products are constructed of durable polyurethane using a proprietary formulation. We’re so confident in their durability that we offer a limited lifetime warranty. They’re easy to install, offer precision fit and finish and include genuine 3M auto trim tape and installation instructions.

Check out these how to videos for installing your 2016 Nissan Maxima body styling kit


So if your stock 2016 Maxima doesn’t quite “Take Your Breath Away”, STILLEN has your six…teen covered.

The 2016 Maxima performance and styling products are proudly Made in the USA by expert craftsmen at the STILLEN hangars in Costa Mesa, California.

STILLEN combines best in class automotive parts and accessories with expert service to deliver personalized lifestyle solutions for automotive enthusiasts seeking power, performance and style.

If you’re looking for a new Infiniti Q50 and live in the Southern California area, you owe it to yourself to stop by Infiniti of Montclair. They’ve got a white hot Infiniti Q50 that you have to see in person to fully appreciate! It comes stocked with a STILLEN front splitter, STILLEN rear diffuser, STILLEN cat-back exhaust and STILLEN intake.

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter, Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust and Diffuser

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter, Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust and Diffuser

STILLEN Performance Parts Featured on This Infiniti Q50

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50

Body Components

Like all of our urethane components, the STILLEN Q50 splitter and STILLEN Q50 rear diffuser are both made durable and resistant urethane. These body components blend so well with the vehicle’s natural look that they look as though they were include in the factory design! They also come with STILLEN’s industry leading manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust & Diffuser

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust & Diffuser

Performance Parts

As you all know, STILLEN is about more than good looks – we’re about performance and that is exactly want you can expect with the cat-back exhaust and cold air intakes. Of course, this Q50’s future owner will get to enjoy that authentic sound that only STILLEN can create- calm under normal driving conditions, but quickly turns aggressive as you accelerate. More importantly though, the owner will get to enjoy that incredibly fun boost of power!

Infiniti of Montclair's Q50 with STILLEN Cold Air Intakes

Infiniti of Montclair’s Q50 with STILLEN Cold Air Intakes

Infiniti of Montclair – Where the Customer is #1

Known for their expert knowledge and stress-free buying experience, Infiniti of Montclair is dedicated to making the customer their top priority. If you want to check out this car in person and experience their superior customer service first hand, be sure to stop by Infiniti of Montclair, which is located at 9440 Autoplex Dr, Montclair, CA 91763. You can also call 909-625-8990 to speak with their expert sales staff, which will be happy to answer any question you have and schedule your test drive.

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter

STILLEN customized Infiniti Q50 with Front Splitter

Got Questions? Call Us!

As always, if you have any questions about the STILLEN product featured on this vehicle or any of the other Infiniti Q50 parts we offer, please feel free to give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. We also feature a full service performance shop in Orange County, CA that is happy to perform any brake upgrades, exhaust installs and more for you. To make an appointment, simply call us and we will get you on our schedule.

If you’re looking for a new Infiniti Q50 that is a cut above the rest, then you’ll want to stop by Fort Myers Infiniti in Fort Myers, Florida. They’ve put together an excellent build that features STILLEN body components for a sleek look and STILLEN performance parts for great performance and even better sound!

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Performance Parts

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Performance Parts

STILLEN Parts Included

Improving on the factory Q50 isn’t easy, but the Fort Myers team has certainly suceeded. This car offers the best of both worlds – good looks and even better performance! It comes loaded with a STILLEN front lip, rear diffuser, air intake and axle back exhaust.

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Front Lip & Cold Air Intakes

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Front Lip & Cold Air Intakes

Fort Myer Infiniti Q50 Front Lip & Rear Diffuser

The Q50 front lip and rear diffuser, like all STILLEN polyurethane body components are designed and manufactured in the USA by expert craftsmen. We are so proud of the products we produce that we offer a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Plus, these body components have been specially designed for the Q50, so they work with the natural lines of the car and look as though they are a part of the factory design.

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Diffuser & Exhaust

Fort Myers Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Diffuser & Exhaust

Air Intake & Rear Section Exhaust for Q50

Enjoy a boost of power with the Fort Myers Infiniti Q50, which features a STILLEN Gen2 Dual cold air intake kit (also avaliable with a dry filter option)! This cold air intake boasts polished aluminum mandrel bent tubes, true cold air design with urethane boxes, and genuine K&N filters. Additionally, this car comes with axle-back exhaust, which is made from 304 stainless steel and free flowing performance mufflers. The result is extra power and a great sound that is tame under normal conditions, but authoritative under throttle. Take a listen to this great combination below:

Superior Service

The Fort Myers Infiniti team is known for providing excellent customer service and providing a professional environment where potential customers can interact with their expert sales team without hassles or pressure. Plus, they are doing some fantastic work with STILLEN performance parts on their vehicles, so you can get a custom car right from the dealership at an affordable price!

Where to Find This Infiniti Q50

You think this Q50 might be your dream car and want to check it out, stop by the Fort Myers Infiniti Dealership, which is located at 14990 South Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33912 or give them a call at 888-880-5992 and they will be happy to help you. If you already own a Q50 or another Infiniti model and you want to add a few custom touches using STILLEN parts, they can help you also! Just give them a call and they will answer all your questions and set you up with the exact parts you are looking for.

Got Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about the STILLEN parts featured in this article, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.

maxima diffuser

Due to popular demand, we have now manufactured a Maxima Diffuser to complete the existing STILLEN Maxima Body Kit. Constructed from polyurethane, this diffuser finishes out the kit perfectly and is a great stand alone piece as well. The rear diffuser is available in raw urethane or painted matte black.

Maxima Rear Diffuser – Polyurethane Construction

Constructed from polyurethane, STILLEN body components are designed and manufactured in-house in our Southern California facility. Unlike fiberglass, polyurethane body components provide an OEM like fitment for a clean seamless look. Polyurethane is a more pliable material and is less likely to chip or crack.
stillen maxima rear diffuser

stillen maxima diffuser bottom view

The STILLEN Diffuser fits seamlessly with our complete Maxima Body Kit, but also adds an aggressive race look when installed on it’s own. Below are photo examples of different variations and other customizations for the Maxima Diffuser.

Maxima Rear Diffuser – Installed

STILLEN Maxima Rear Diffuser Matte Black Finish – Installed
stillen maxima rear diffuser installed side angle

stillen maxima rear diffuser installed driver side angle

STILLEN Maxima Diffuser Matte Black Finish – Installed with Rear Corners
stillem maxima rear coners insalled back view

stillen maxima rear diffuser corners installed back view

Custom Maxima Rear Diffusers – Customer Vehicles

A few customers have already taken it upon themselves to customize their Maxima Rear Diffusers. Check out what they have done.
STILLEN Rear Diffuser Custom Painted White – Installed with Rear Corners
Maxima Rear Diffuser - Painted White

STILLEN Maxima Diffuser Custom Painted Gray – Installed with Rear Corners
Maxima Rear Diffuser - Painted Gray

STILLEN Maxima Diffuser Custom Painted Gloss Black
Maxima Rear Diffuser - Painted Gloss Black

STILLEN Maxima Diffuser Custom Carbon Fiber Hydrographics
Maxima Rear Diffuser - Carbon Fiber Hydrographic

Although the Maxima Rear Diffuser is not a functioning race component, it does add a race inspired look and styling to a rather conservative looking sedan. The Maxima Rear Diffuser is now available now at a special introductory price of $299 raw urethane (Part #: KB127418) and $349 painted matte black (Part #: KB127418MB).

Nissan Maxima Body Kit

Click here for more information on the STILLEN complete body kit for the Nissan Maxima.