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Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs

Eibach is one of the world’s leading suspension manufacturers.  Through the rigorous trials and tribulations of professional motorsports, Eibach engineers have developed performance products that can meet all forms of extreme racing conditions.  Eibach’s street springs feature the same technology found in their race springs, providing everyday tuners the opportunity to maximize their car’s handling and suspension.

The new Chevy Camaro SS is the latest vehicle to receive a set of Eibach performance springs.  The 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs from Eibach are a sure-fire way to upgrade both the look and feel of your new vehicle.

2016 Chevy Camaro SS with Eibach lowering springs

The 2016 Chevy Camaro SS sits low and aggressive with the Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs.


2016 Chevy Camaro SS – A New Animal

The Camaro is all new and improved for its sixth generation.  The 2016 Chevy Camaro SS is a fire-breathing monster parading around in a sleek, curvy body.  Equipped with a massive 6.2L 455-HP V8, the Camaro SS shoots off the line like a rocket.  However, its updated suspension helps ensure that this muscle car is more than just a straight-line performer.  All in all, the 2016 Chevy Camaro SS feels more balanced, mature, and refined.  The Camaro has even gone through quite the diet, boasting a significant weight loss of over 200 lbs compared to the previous model.  Tipping the scales at around 3685 lbs, the new Camaro SS now has a lighter weight to match its new sleek appearance.


Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro Lowering Springs

When it comes to upgrading the handling of a street-driven vehicle, the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs are among the best of the best.  The Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs helps to drastically improve both the car’s performance and appearance:

Performance:  The Camaro Pro Kit lowering springs will – as the name suggests – lower your car’s center of gravity.  As a result, the kit will help reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners, and excessive nose-dive under braking.

Appearance:  By dropping your car’s ride height by over one inch, the 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs also will help lessen excessive fender-well clearance, transforming your vehicle’s overall appearance in the process.  With a lower, more aggressive stance, your Camaro SS will have the looks to match its newfound, improved performance.

Before Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs

Before: 2016 Chevy Camaro SS sitting at stock ride height.

Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs

After: Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs have been installed. What a difference!


Part Number

Eibach EIBE10230180122 Pro-Kit Lowering Springs


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All in all, the 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs from Eibach offer your vehicle high performance handling, a more aggressive stance, and an overall superior ride quality.  They are even backed by Eibach’s “Million Mile Warranty” to boot!  With the Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs, your 2016 Chevy Camaro SS will look and feel like a whole new machine.

If you have any questions about the Eibach 2016 Chevy Camaro lowering springs, please give our experts a call!  You can reach them at 866-250-5542 and they will be happy to give you more information, answer any questions you have, and help you order your new Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs!