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Nissan_Titan_XD_2018_STILLEN_Nfab_Toyo_Tires_6inLift-HQ (2)

Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Cab Length Black Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

The Nissan Titan has always been imposing, but the guys at Don Davis Nissan have turned this 2018 Titan XD into something downright menacing. We work with dealers all over the USA, so every once and a while we like showing you guys what you can do. Starting with a black Titan XD and taking a page out of the Midnight Edition playbook, this truck sports black in all the places you’d normally find chrome. Sporting a 6in Rough Country Lift Kit for Nissan Titan and matching Rough Country Fender Flares and riding high on 37in Toyo Open Country tires, this thing has the ground clearance to get over most obstacles.


The Rough Country 6in lift for Nissan Titan is what you call a “Bracket lift”, which is more involved than just a levelling kit or a bolt on suspension, in that the mounting points of the suspension itself are relocated. This thoroughly engineered setup isn’t the least expensive way to lift your truck, but if you wanna really lift it, it’s a great way to go. Featuring new shocks, this setup maintains factory-like ride quality, while also eliminating the ugly rake the truck has from the factory.

The Rough Country Pocket Fender Flares for 2016-18 Nissan Titans offer more coverage, allowing you to run a wider wheel and tire combination – not to mention that they look great, too. The exposed hardware of the flares gives them a look that evokes the ‘flares’ on the Frontier models of yesterday, and the matte black finish lends to the Titan’s sinister aesthetic.


Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

The end result is a truck that’s as eye-catching as it is capable, and the Rough Country bracket lift should still drive more or less like a factory Titan (when you don’t need the extra clearance, anyways).



Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

Nissan_Titan_XD_2018_STILLEN_Nfab_Toyo_Tires_6inLift-HQ (1)

Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

When you roll up in a truck like this, it’s sure to turn some heads. Normally, this would take the average enthusiast a while to get the truck looking like this, but the guys at Don Davis have created a setup where you can just as easily pick up the truck the way you want it to look, already customized right off the showroom floor.

Nissan_Titan_XD_2018_STILLEN_Nfab_Toyo_Tires_6inLift-HQ (3)

Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

The menacing look continues up front, with an N-Fab front bumper kitted with a variety of LED auxiliary lighting to be sure that even though this truck’s black, it’ll never be lost in the darkness.

Nissan_Titan_XD_2018_STILLEN_Nfab_Toyo_Tires_6inLift-HQ (4)

Rough Country 6in Lift Kit / N-Fab Front Bumper / N-Fab Side Steps
Rough Country Fender Flares / Toyo Tires 37in Open Country

Overall, Henry, Horacio and the rest of the team at Don Davis Nissan have put together a really brilliant package. With it’s menacing looks and imposing size, it’s sure to get more attention than a Wacky Arm-Waving Inflatable Guy.

Life’s too short to drive boring cars, so why drive off the lot with the same truck everyone else has, when you can have something that’s all you?

STILLEN’s network of dealerships not only share the STILLEN product line with its customers, they also offer products from STILLEN’s extensive catalog of brand partners! If you’re in Texas, contact Horacio Gutierrez at 877-415-3218 or check out the Don Davis Nissan website here for more information.

Otherwise, you can contact STILLEN directly at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via Live Chat at www.stillen.com.

The Nissan Titan has a lot of strengths, but as countless owners know, one of them is not the factory OEM radiator.  It’s combination of aluminum and plastic end tanks do one thing really well, and that is crack, dumping all of the engine coolant, leaving you helpless and stranded.

950-77345 & 77346

Plastic endtanks failing is nothing new, they’re less expensive for OEMs than an aluminum unit, but long term, those plastic endtanks are a recipe for failure. When those plastic endtanks inevitably crack and fail (cos they will), it sure sucks – for most that meant getting towed to the dealership, paying upwards of $600 for a new radiator and you’re on your way right? Well sure, the first time… and then it happens again, the plastic end tanks crack and void the contents of the cooling system on the ground below. By the way, coolant isn’t exactly cheap – and it keeps getting pricier every year.

STILLEN has long offered the solution to the headache of constantly-failing Nissan Titan radiators for years, designing and having CSF Radiators produce an all-aluminum 2-row performance radiator, which has been a lifesaver for Titan owners stuck replacing their radiators over and over again – but we’re always looking to make things even better and we’ve improved things once again!

Meet the Premium High-Performance Aluminum Radiator

Nissan Titan Radiator

In 2013, a brand new drop-in replacement Premium High-Performance Aluminum Radiator for the 2004-2013 Nissan Titan, Armada and Infiniti QX56 features a 3-row thick core, and holds twice as much coolant as the factory radiators!

Click Here to visit the STILLEN website and purchase the Premium High-Performance Aluminum Radiator
Nissan Titan Radiator

Nissan Titan Radiator

Nissan Titan Radiator



The construction is all-aluminum, and designed to improve reliability, airflow, total cooling and also comes with an internal transmission oil cooler just like the OE unit.  The Premium High-Performance Aluminum Radiator for Nissan Titan, Pathfinder Armada and QX56 is designed as a factory-style replacement for ease of installation, featuring drop-in fitment like the factory unit, and backed by a 3-year warranty.

Even with all of these improvements for the 2013 version, we were able to keep the price identical to the CSF 2-row version! For those on a budget or just want exact OEM replacements, we also offer an OEM Style Replacement Radiator for Titan as well.


You know, your Titan’s getting older – and rubber doesn’t really age well. If you’re already in it for a radiator, it’s a great time to replace your hoses as well. Your OEM Rubber hoses are probably dry-rotted pretty good by now, so it’s great preventive maintenance. Available as a 6-piece kit with Upper & Lower Radiator Hoses, Reservoir Tank Hoses, Water Hose, and Thermostat Assembly or as a 3-piece kit with just the upper and lower radiator hoses and Water Hose.

Need a Premium High-Performance Aluminum Radiator for your Titan, Armada or QX56? Call us now at 866-250-5542, chat live with our experts right on the webpage at STILLEN.com, or stop by the showroom any time during business hours to order, or if you have questions or concerns.

Dealership Profile: Melloy Nissan x Rough Country Titan Lift Kit


Rough Country 6in Lift + N-Fab Cab Length Step Bars (Black)

As any enthusiast knows, people gravitate toward vehicles that stand out, and aftermarket products can personalize a vehicle to stand out from the unmodified masses. For some buyers, these upgrades could very well influence their purchasing decisions, especially when the upgrades are available installed at the dealership.

That’s why many dealerships choose to offer customized and modified vehicles as part of their new car stock, giving them that ‘extra something’ to draw the attention of potential buyers.

Melloy Nissan of Albuquerque, New Mexico understands this quite well, and having an already-customized vehicle on the showroom floor gives customers something tangible to look at instead of having to imagine the vehicle ‘as it could be’. One of the most popular upgrades for Titan fans is the Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit for 2017 Nissan Titan [H61] 4WD (87820), which is why offering new Nissan Titans with this kit already installed is an especially enticing prospect for new truck shoppers.


Rough Country 6in Lift + N-Fab Cab Length Step Bars (Black) + Rough Country Pocket Flares + Rough Country Black Series LED Light Bar

Offering Nissan Titans with Rough Country lifts installed has proven so popular, it’s almost hard to keep up with the demand, according to the Parts Manager Jorge Nanez, who had this to say:

“As soon as the sales department gets another batch of Nissan Titans in inventory, they immediately send a couple of them over to the shop to be modified. Displaying upgraded vehicles always gets buyers’ attention. Even if customers do not jump at the chance to buy the showroom model, they are inspired to modify their new vehicle in the same way but in their own choice of color and trim package. We have sold over 15 Rough Country to customers since they became available, and that does not even include the demo models that sell off the showroom floor! We are preparing six more demo vehicles, each being set up with a Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit for 2017 Nissan Titan [H61] 4WD (87820)Rough Country Pocket Fender Flares for 2017 Nissan Titan [H61] 4WD (87820), and Rough Country Black Series LED Light Bar for 2017 Nissan Titan [H61] 4WD (87820). The New Mexico state fair is coming soon and our plan is to display our modified Titans at the fair!”


Rough Country Black Series LED Light Bar for 2017 Nissan Titan [H61] 4WD (87820) / N-Fab Bed Access Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars (Black 6 step)

Installing a Lift Kit not only makes the Nissan Titan look better, but a proper lift can seriously enhance your off-roading capabilities as well as a part of your build.

STILLEN’s network of dealerships not only share the STILLEN product line with its customers, they also offer products from STILLEN’s extensive catalog of brand partners! If you’re in Albuquerque, contact Jorge Nanez at 888-599-8674 or check out the Melloy Nissan website at www.melloynissan.com for more information.

Otherwise, you can contact STILLEN directly at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via Live Chat at www.stillen.com. We’re everywhere you’d want to be!

Coulter Nissan x Rough Country Titan 1/2 Ton Lift Kit


Does your 2016+ Titan 4×4 need a lift? Rough Country’s solution could be the answer you’re looking for! Recently released for the Titan XD, Rough Country now offers its popular lift kit for the ½-ton Titan 4WD. This comprehensive and durable kit includes everything you’d need for excellent off-road performance. The benefits of this 6-inch lift kit include increased ground clearance, stronger lifted knuckles, strengthened front and rear cross members and upgraded rear shocks. Together, these components give your Titan a more rugged appearance while inspiring confident, off-road handling.

Rough Country Lift Kit


  • Lifetime Construction Warranty
  • Levels the Front and Rear of the chassis for enhanced road handling
  • The 6-inches of added clearance permit the use of larger tires up to 35-inches
  • No exhaust modifications required
  • Includes all necessary hardware to complete the installation
  • Backed by Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Coulter Nissan of Surprise, AZ has already installed the Rough Country Lift Kit on a half-ton Titan. The six-inches of added lift complement the Titan’s already imposing chassis. When matched with aftermarket wheels and off-road tires, it’s simply stunning. Prepare your half-ton Titan for the road and the off-road with a Rough Country Lift Kit.




Coulter Nissan’s parts and service department also works closely with STILLEN to offer you the parts, accessories and installation services to suit your needs. Get in touch with them for your Rough Country and STILLEN upgrades!

Rough Country Lift Kit Installed_WM

To order or if you have any additional questions about the Rough Country Lift Kit for the Titan XD 4wd please feel free to give us a call (800-576-2131), shoot us an email (sales@stillen.com) or reach out to us on Live Chat at STILLEN.com.


Nissan redesigned the iconic Titan for the 2016 model year. With that release came the Titan XD. A Cummins-powered full-size pickup with styling that appeals to a wide variety of consumers. Now anyone who knows trucks, knows that one of the most popular modifications is a lift kit.

Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit

The second Harbor Nissan (Port Charlotte, FL) found out the Rough Country lift kit was available for the new Titan XD, they jumped on the opportunity and immediately had 5 of their Titans sitting high above the rest.

Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit

The Rough Country lift kit raises the Titan XD by 6-inches along with leveling out the “nose-down” factory look of the truck. The kit maintains factory ride quality while increasing ground clearance as well as allowing the use of up to 35-inch tires. The lifted trucks they modified moved off the lot right away and Harbor Nissan is already in the process of lifting a few more of their Titan XDs in order to keep the sales momentum.

Rough Country Nissan Titan XD 6-inch Lift Kit includes:


  • Lifted knuckles
  • Front crossmember
  • Upper strut spacers
  • Bumpstop spacers
  • Differential skid plate
  • Sway-bar links
  • Brake line brackets
  • Hardware


  • Fabricated anti-wrap lift blocks
  • Rear crossmember
  • U-bolts
  • Sway-bar links
  • Brake line brackets
  • Hardware


  • (2) Premium N2.0 Series (Rear)

The Rough Country Nissan Titan XD kit is $1499.95 + shipping. To order, give us a call 800-576-2131, email sales@stillen.com, or use our LiveChat feature on our website.

Rough Country Lift Kit Titan XD

Keep your eyes open for Rough Country’s Nissan Titan (non-XD) lift kit – coming soon!

When it comes to trucks, more than half of an audience will agree that having one on a lifted suspension is better. So what do you do when you purchase a brand new Nissan Titan XD and want to lift it 6 inches and throw some 35-inch tires on it? Several Nissan dealerships now have a solution for you with the Rough Country Lift Kit.

There are some huge advantages buying your Titan XD from the dealership pre-lifted.

  1. The cost of the parts and labor can be rolled into your financing.
  2. The dealership will be your warranty center for your truck and your parts.
  3. The dealership works closely with STILLEN to make sure you are getting quality parts you can trust.

Check out the trucks below for examples of what this kit will do for your Nissan Titan XD.

Loving Nissan of Lufkin, TX did an amazing job with this Titan XD 4wd.

20161019_112324 20161019_112311 20161019_112255

Harbor Nissan in Port Charlotte, FL used the Rough Country 6 inch Lift Kit and N-Fab goodies to make this Titan XD shine.

dscn0609 dscn0607

The Rough Country 6-inch Suspension Lift Kit for the 2016+ Titan XD is currently only available for 4wd models. This complete lift kit includes everything you need for making your Titan XD perform better both on and off-road. On top of an aggressive appearance you get:

  • Lifetime construction warranty
  • Levels the front with the rear of the truck for enhanced road handling
  • The 6-inch increase over stock height allows you to install up to 35″ tires
  • No exhaust modifications required
  • Comes with all necessary hardware to complete the install
  • Backed by Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty

Here’s a visual breakdown of the Rough Country kit for those who are curious.


If you have any additional questions about the Rough Country Lift Kit for the Titan XD 4wd please feel free to give us a call (800-576-2131) or shoot us an email (sales@stillen.com).

With the new 2016 Nissan Titan XD, Nissan looks to jump back into the fray of the highly-contested pickup truck market.  Shooting for a nice balance between the efficiency and livability of a ½ ton and the performance and capability of a ¾ ton, the 2016 Nissan Titan XD could serve as the “Mama Bear” option to buyers shopping around the offerings of other more-established competitors.  In other words, it seems just right.


The Cummins Diesel is Coming for You, Big Three!

What really makes the 2016 Nissan Titan XD stand out is the all-new Cummins 5.0-liter turbocharged V8 diesel engine sitting pretty under the hood (yes, we said a Cummins diesel).  A Cummins diesel brings a level of heritage, performance, and reliability to the new Titan, much like it did for Dodge a few decades back.  All in all, the engine produces 310 HP and a whopping 555 lb-ft of torque.  That – combined with an AAM 9.84-inch rear axle and a 3.916 gear ratio – helps give the 2016 Nissan Titan XD the ability to tow nearly 13,000 pounds or carry over 2,000 pounds in its bed.  Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask us.

2016 Nissan Titan XD with ICON Vehicle Dynamics lift kit

The new 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit from ICON Vehicle Dynamics give the truck a powerful stance.


The Key to Success

A big key to the future success of the new 2016 Nissan Titan XD is a flourishing aftermarket presence.  Luckily, Nissan appears to be actively supporting its consumers’ desire to modify their rides.  Earlier last year, Nissan invited some major players in the aftermarket truck scene to a Titan “measuring session” to help aid them in manufacturing future accessories.  Well, we have now begun to enjoy the delicious fruits of this labor with an all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit from ICON Vehicle Dynamics!


An Icon in the Business

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is one of the world’s premier performance suspension manufacturers.  They specialize in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s, and pure off-road machines.  ICON’s products seek to improve your vehicle’s drivability, handling, and general performance in real world situations.  Their new 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit is certainly no exception to this rule.


2016 Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit from ICON Vehicle Dynamics

The 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit by ICON Vehicle Dynamics offers improved ride quality both on and off the road and an approximate 32% increase in wheel travel over the stock configuration.  It features adjustable coilovers that provide 2-3″ of lift height as well as vehicle-specific tuned front and rear shocks that deliver excellent shock damping and control.  The 100% bolt-on 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit ranges from Stages 1 – 3:

Stage 1 SystemIncludes ICON 2.5 Series coilovers, 2.0 Aluminum Series rear shocks, rear lift blocks, and u-bolts.  The Stage 1 setup is ideal for drivers looking to enhance their truck’s capabilities for normal road driving (as well as the occasional weekend off-road session).

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2016 Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit - Stage 1

Stage 2 SystemIncludes ICON 2.5 Series remote reservoir coilovers, 2.5 Series rear shocks, uniball upper control arms, rear lift blocks, and u-bolts.  The Stage 2 setup is perfect for the driver looking to make significant improvements to their Titan’s capabilities both on and off of the road.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2016 Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit - Stage 2

Stage 3 SystemIncludes ICON 2.5 Series remote reservoir coilovers with CDC (Compression Damping Control) Valve technology, 2.5 Series rear shocks with CDC Valve, uniball upper control arms, rear lift blocks, and u-bolts.  The Stage 3 2016 Nissan Titan XD lift kit is the system of choice for those looking to upgrade their truck to perform ideally in any situation they may encounter.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2016 Nissan Titan XD Lift Kit - Stage 3


A Titan Amongst Giants?

The 2016 Nissan Titan XD has some pretty stiff competition in an already-saturated pickup truck market.  However, the emergence of a strong aftermarket support system – starting with this new ICON Vehicle Dynamics lift kit – may be just the push the Titan needs to help it really live up to its name.

Ready for a lift? Order your ICON lift kits using the link below, or call your STILLEN power, style and performance expert at at 866-250-5542!



For those who find themselves dreaming of the great outdoors, Nissan has your solution: The 2016 Titan XD, which conveniently goes on sale tomorrow. To ease your restless spirit with the promise of many adventures to come, the 2016 Titan XD comes with 555 lb-ft of torque, durable frame and integrated towing features. See below for some of our favorite features and more vehicle information.

2016 Titan XD

Cummins Diesel Engine

With a two stage Cummins turbo diesel engine that produces 310 HP and 555 lb-ft of torque, this Nissan Titan brings the power and provides solid performance across the entire power band. Additionally, Nissan’s engineers made sure to address the two biggest complaints consumers have historically had about diesel vehicles – being noisy and dirty. Utilizing a compacted graphic iron cylinder block, which is stronger and lighter than traditional iron, and dual overhead camshafts, Nissan was able to greatly reduce the noise and vibration typically associated with diesel engines. Additionally, the 2016 Nissan Titan XD Cummins diesel engine comes with a diesel exhaust system, which has a particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction that allow it to run clean and reduce noise.

As you would expect, the STILLEN R&D team is already dreaming up aftermarket performance parts for this vehicle. Be on the lookout for power-adding intakes and exhausts in the future!

Solid Design

The new Titan is rough, rugged and ready for anything with a high-strength steel frame. Not only is the frame solid, but its other components are equally as durable. It comes with chassis and brake parts from the Nissan Commercial vehicle program. For those looking for even more performance, you can be sure STILLEN will be hard at work developing big brake kits and the like for these trucks.

Get Out There: 2016 Titan XD Towing Features

Whether you’re towing your boat, toy hauler or trailer, the 2016 Titan XD comes packed with innovative features for you to get out there and enjoy.  Check out the list below of features this Nissan Titan offers:

  • 12,300 lb. maximum capacity
  • Integrated trailer brake controller
  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
  • Tow/Haul Mode with Downhill Speed Control
  • Trailer light check system that allows for one-person hook-up
  • Assisting trailer hook-ups is a RearView Monitor with trailer guides
  • Around View Monitor (optional)
  • Moving Object Detection (MOD)
  • Choose from two trailer hitches are available, including an integrated gooseneck hitch engineered into the frame and easily accessible in the bed.

Contact Us

While we’re thoroughly impressed and very excited for the release of the 2016 Titan XD, you can be sure that we’ll be offering aftermarket parts to help owners get even more from their trucks. Be sure to check back with us again for new product releases and tips for customizing your Nissan Titan’s performance. As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us by calling (866) 250-5542.

It’s no secret that Ford, Chevy and Dodge pretty much have the truck market on lockdown and leave little room for any of the other automakers. However, Nissan is making a move to gain a foothold in the US truck market with the introduction of the new 2016 Nissan Titan, which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show this week. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is can the Titan compete?


When the Titan was introduced in 2003 it was met with great excitement and lots of fanfare. The truck had class leading performance and was readily adopted by truck enthusiasts looking to personalize these trucks with their own unique styles. Unfortunately, nothing has really changed on the trucks since their original unveiling. In 2007 the engines received a small tweak to increase power and efficiency via variable valve timing. In 2008 the front end was “updated” with a new front bumper and grille. Other than that it’s pretty hard to tell a 2004 apart from a 2014, both from the outside and on the interior. The 2016 looks to have completely broken the mold of its predecessor and seems to be much more competitive with current production full size trucks. In some areas, the new Titan is even eclipsing its competitors.



How the 2016 Nissan Titan Stacks Against the Competition

2016 Nissan Titan 2015 Ford F150 2015 Chevy Silverado 2015 Ram
Engine Cummins® 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel V8 3.5L V6 EcoBoost® engine EcoTec3 5.3L V-8 FlexFuel (L83) 5.7-LITER HEMI® 16-VALVE V-8
Horsepower 310 horsepower @ 3,200 rpm 365 hp @ 5000 rpm 355 hp @ 5600 rpm 395 hp @ 5,600 rpm
Torque 555 lbs.-ft. @ 1,600 rpm 420 lbs.-ft. @ 2500 rpm 383 lbs.-ft. @ 4100 rpm 410 lb.-ft. @ 3,950 rpm
Maximum Payload Capacity 2,000 lbs.+ 2,020 lbs. 1980 lbs. 1710 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity 12,000 lbs.+ 10,700 lbs. 9,800 lbs. 10,340 lbs.

American Made Truck

Although Nissan is a Japanese auto manufacturer, for all intents and purposes the new Nissan Titan will be an American made truck. It is designed specifically for American truck buyers with the core planning, design, engineering and assembly taking place in the US. As the Nissan website says, “American Titan – Designed in California, Engineered in Michigan, Tested in Arizona, Built in Mississippi, Powered by Indiana and Tennessee.” Without being an US based company, you can’t get much more American than that.


We had the pleasure of touring the Smyrna, Tennessee assembly plant a few years ago and we were blown away by the attention to detail taken on each vehicle. Not only the detail of the assembly line workers, but the overall quality. NISSAN has multiple check points through their assembly process and if a vehicle does not meet necessary quality standards, it is removed from the line and sent to appropriate parts of the facility for correction. We actually witnessed entire trucks being re-worked in the paint correction facilities as they had not been approved for the next step. It was very impressive to say the least!

Big Power

With 310 HP and 555 lb/ft of torque, the 2016 Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L V8 turbo diesel engine is a beast, especially when paired with the new Titan’s half-ton pickup design. Not only does the Cummins turbo diesel engine provide drivers with significant power, but it also has a two stage design, so you won’t have to worry about turbo lag and can enjoy solid performance across the power band. We are already putting together our plans for an intake, exhaust and other performance parts for the 2016 Titan, we’re sure there is hidden potential there and you can be sure we’re already brainstorming how to squeeze every last drop of power out of this truck!


This Truck Can Tow!

Not only does the Cummins 5.0L V8 turbo diesel engine provide the 2016 Nissan Titan with a lot of power, but it provides a lot of potential – for towing! To utilize the 2016 Titan’s power, the Nissan team engineered a gooseneck hitch right into the frame. For the skeptics out there, Nissan is reporting that the new Titan was able to haul more than 5 tons during initial testing. We can’t wait to put the new Titan to the test hauling Steve Millen’s 75 car to and from the track to see how it performs!


Upgraded Suspension

While few specifics have been released, Nissan has indicated they have made significant improvements to the Titan’s suspension including a reinforced and tuned double wishbone front suspension and a more rigid back suspension with bigger leaf springs and overhauled leaf bushings. Of course, if future owners don’t think this will be enough or just want to level their truck, we happen to know where they can talk to some truck experts for recommendations and pick up some aftermarket parts to upgrade their suspension.


Improved Braking System

With all that power and towing potential, the 2016 Nissan Titan’s braking system is of utmost importance. To compensate for the increased power, the Nissan team beefed up the braking system. However, for those that want even more peace of mind, whether it will be a full on brake kit or just aftermarket rotors and pads, expect a STILLEN solution to be available.


Updated Cosmetics

While we love power and performance, we understand how your truck looks is just as important. Keeping with its counterparts, the 2016 Nissan Titan maintains the same boxy look that is popular with many trucks on the market today. If you want to customize your truck, we’re sure there will be many options for you ranging from aftermarket grilles to nerfbars to bumper kits allowing you to get the look you want.

When Can I Test Drive the 2016 Nissan Titan?

By now, you’re probably wondering when you can get your hands on a 2016 Nissan Titan to try it out for yourself and see how it stacks up against the F150, Silverado and Ram. Nissan has not announced a specific release date, but have indicated that it will be available in late 2015. Until then, keep checking back for more information about the new Titan and as always, feel free to give our experts a call at (866) 250-5542 with any questions you have.

Our friends at Nissan Lloydminster are at it again with another souped-up Titan. The goal of this project truck was to make it powerful and fast to leave other trucks in its dust… They definitely met their goal with this Titan! The list of upgrades on the Nissan Lloydminster truck is impressive and is definitely enough to turn any enthusiast’s head!

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Nissan Titan

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Titan

Adding Horsepower to the Souped-Up Titan:

To get the horsepower they were looking for, the Nissan Lloydminster team started by replacing the stock intake with a STILLEN Hi-Flow cold air intake. They also removed the stock exhaust and added a STILLEN 503257 dual exhaust. Not only do these upgrades improve horsepower, but they also help improve air efficiency. However, these changes were not enough for the Lloydminster Nissan team… They wanted more power! To accomplish this, they decided to supercharge the engine with a STILLEN 407570 supercharger, which has brought the power on similar Titans up to 379HP at the wheels. Now, this Titan can really haul!

Note: Dyno results will vary based on temperature, altitude, and other environmental factors.

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Don’t worry though, this Titan didn’t just get a STILLEN power boost. It also got several other upgrades to round out its makeover. Other upgrades made include new wheels and tires, lowering shackles, transmission mount and chrome billet grille.

Nissan Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN upgrades

Nissan Lloydminster Titan with STILLEN upgrades

The Full List of Upgrades:

Check out the full list upgrades this project Titan has:

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

How to Find This Souped-Up Nissan Titan:

If you are as excited about this truck as we are and are in the Lloydminster, AB area, you’ll want to stop by the Lloydminster Nissan dealership or give them a call at (888) 273-4071. Additionally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN parts on this truck or any of the other parts we manufacturer, please give us a call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.