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STILLEN Event Tracking (S.E.T.)

Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett

February  25, 2017

By Richard Fong

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Only the excitement of going to the track can get me up at 5am with enthusiasm. The STILLEN crew rose before the sun to make the trek out to Willow Springs International Raceway for Boost Festival 2017 by Honeywell Garrett. This multi-faceted event was run in conjunction with Global Time Attack, Just Drift and Drift 101. For the time attack fans, GTA conducted its first round for 2017 on the Streets of Willow, while JustDrift took over the Horse Thief Mile track where participants smoked some tires. For those interested in learning to drift or seeking to improve their drifting skills, class was in session at the Balcony as Drift 101 conducted lessons on how to get slideways.


Global Time Attack Round 1 Results:

CLASS: Unlimited RWD

Time                 Driver                             #              Car                                Team

01:22.577         Hessam Toudiee            458          Ferrari 458 Italia          Rules of Traction

01:22.692         Jason Sharek                   63           Mercedes C63 AMG      Jason Sharek

01:22.988         Will Wattanawongkiri  107         BMW M3                        WWR Racing

01:36.505         Matt Perkins                   166         Honda S2000                 Gryphon AutoLab


CLASS: Unlimited FWD

Time                 Driver                             #               Car                                Team

01:28.789          Martin Gonzales           73             Infiniti G20                   MotoIQ




CLASS: Unlimited AWD

Time                 Driver                               #             Car                                Team

01:18.717             David Haagsma            422         Nissan GT-R                SP Engineering



Time                      Driver                            #             Car                              Team

01:23.617             Clement Kwong              6            Honda S2000            Raceline USA

01:24.531             Henry Lam                     29           Mazda RX7                lucky7racing

01:25.353             Karla Pestotnik             54           Honda S2000             Karla Pestotnik Racing



Time               Driver                           #        Car                                 Team

01:29.177       Bradley Herrock          3        Honda Civic Si              Herrock Racing

01:29.193       Chris Hofmann          501     Chevrolet Cobalt LT      Foximus Motorsports

01:33.400       Jack Thomas               19       Fiat 500 Abarth             R1Concepts/Jolly Club Racing



Time                 Driver                           #            Car                                  Team

01:20.637          Markos Mylonas         555        Subaru WRX                   Snail Performance

01:22.791           Johnny Hernandez    30          Subaru WRX STI            lido labs

01:26.028          Sally McNulty             412         Subaru WRX                   Snail Performance

01:26.540          Jaime Jacquez             51           Subaru WRX STI            Unleashed Racing

01:27.497           Cody Nicot                  44           Subaru Legacy GT          Nicot Racing


CLASS: Pro/Comp

Time                 Driver                             #           Car                                  Team

01:19.600          Richard Buckingham   28         Ariel Atom SRA             Richard Buckingham


CLASS: Limited RWD

Time                 Driver                                #           Car                                  Team

01:21.445          Ken Xu                              88          Mazda RX7                    Diamond Hills Collision

01:23.904          Joshua Haddox               20          BMW E90 M3                Racewerkz Engr.

01:25.297          Jon Rook/Ravi Tomerlin  8         Acura NSX                       WDL Racing / SPN

01:25.402           Jerome Silvers              427         Chevy Camaro              Snail Performance

01:27.652           Travis Barnes                 24         Ford Mustang GT350   Snail Performance

01:27.764           Michael Sutton              36          BMW M3                        EDGE Motorworks


CLASS: Limited AWD

Time                 Driver                           #            Car                                      Team

01:19.445          Steven Chan               720          Nissan GT-R                       RD Engineering

01:24.915          Alan Bidgoli               55             Nissan GT-R                       Abiddyy

01:25.397          Nick Bright                 7               Subaru WRX STI              Prolific Auto

01:25.408          Daniel Albrecht        117            Subaru Impreza 2.5RS    Albrecht Racing

01:27.748          Scott Santellan          53             Lamborghini Huracan     Caliber Customs

01:29.667          Lars Wolfe                 23             Volkswagen Golf R            Lars Wolfe Racing


CLASS: Enthusiast RWD

Time                 Driver                               #           Car                                    Team

01:26.912           Hessam Toudiee          77           BMW M3                           Rules of Traction

01:28.249          Mike Kang                     248         Subaru BRZ                      CounterSpace Garage

01:29.311           Ariel Salazar                  5            Mazda MX-5 Miata         SBGarage

01:32.368          Giuseppe De Vivo         50           Alfa Romeo 4C                  Caliber Customs

01:32.650          Vincent Anatra              89          BMW M3                            Hoonigan

01:37.391           Bret Nicoletti                 10          Mazda MX-5 Miata         Rooney Speed Racing


CLASS: Enthusiast FWD

Time                 Driver                            #           Car                                    Team

01:30.107          Efrain Flores                 17         Ford Fiesta ST                   FloresRacing

01:31.373          Daniel Barker                805       Mazdaspeed 3                  Durp Squad


CLASS: Enthusiast AWD

Time                 Driver                            #           Car                                     Team

01:28.190          Taylor Libolt                 42          Subaru WRX STI             Libolt Racing

01:29.294          Chris Hain                     813        Subaru WRX                    Hain Racing

01:30.091          Team Snail                     124        Subaru Impreza 2.5RS  Snail Performance

01:35.564          Istvan Klag                     214        Subaru WRX STI             Nightmotorsport

IMG_1572 IMG_1614 IMG_1632 IMG_2315 IMG_2328 3R1A9823 Edited IMG_2460_Small IMG_2420IMG_2057 IMG_1901 IMG_1872 IMG_1978

You might be wondering… When it’s time to replace your brake rotors, should you upgrade your brake rotors or just replace them with identical OEM rotors? One tip the STILLEN brake experts offer: consider how you use your car.

Is it a daily driver used for commuting and errands? Are you an enthusiast who lives for the open road and canyon carving? Or maybe you participate in autocross or track days.

Regardless, there are many choices in rotors, and one way to shop for replacement brake rotors, as well as brake pads and brake fluid is with a Good- Better – Best approach.

For more info about this approach, check out this how-to video from STILLEN expert Mark.


Brake Rotor Upgrade Level: GOOD

Drivers seeking a good rotor that offers a performance and durability upgrade from OEM rotors should consider upgrading to STILLEN OEM replacement brake rotors.  They are well suited for aggressive driving and the occasional track day.

Features include straight cut vanes, zinc coating, chamfered slots and precision ground friction surfaces.  Multiple machining options are available, from slotted to cross drilled to the popular hook slot hybrid finish.

Available for virtually any passenger vehicle on the road today, STILLEN sport rotors are proudly Made in USA.

Brake Rotor Upgrade Level: BETTER

For hard core enthusiasts and track day fans concerned with high temperature heat management, a better option might be the DBA 4000 series brake rotors. These discs offer more sophisticated metallurgy for longer life.

They also feature DBA Kangaroo Paw vane technology. These vanes are multi-directional, meaning they draw cooling air in from any direction.

This improves heat dissipation and also permits the rotors to be mounted on both driver and passenger side hubs. Another stylish touch is the available gold rotor vanes and hats.

Brake Rotor Upgrade Level:  BEST

The ultimate brake rotor upgrade could be the DBA 5000 series.  Suitable for frequent track use, these rotors offer the Kangaroo paw vane technology and improved metallurgy of the 4000 series, but add a two piece design.

The rotor hat is a separate assembly that is bolted to the brake rotor. This helps isolate the wheel hub bearings from excess heat, reduces brake vibration caused by rotor warping under heavy use, and offers weight savings as well.

One indicator the DBA 5000 series are meant for serious drivers is the brake temperature paint applied to the rotor edges. These indicators help drivers ascertain the temperature range their brake system is operating in.

This in turn helps determine proper brake pad and brake fluid selection for track use.

Brake Pad Replacement and Upgrades

It’s always advisable to replace brake pads when mounting new rotors. STILLEN Metal Matrix brake pads offer a nice blend of bite and power along with reduced dust and noise. This makes them ideal for street and occasional track use.

Other brake pads might be better suited for full-on track use, such as the Hawk HPS 5.0s or Ferodo DS2500 HP.

Brake Fluid Replacement

When you’re considering brake system upgrades, it’s essential to include brake fluid replacement in the thought process.

One popular opinion is that it’s best to upgrade to racing brake fluid.

As STILLEN brake expert and all-around good guy Mark explains, this is a common misconception.

While your OEM brake fluid does have a limited heat capacity, so does your OEM brake system. Upgrading your rotors and pads does give you a higher threshold, but your calipers still have a limit.

If you upgrade your brake fluid past what the calipers can handle, you could exceed your brake systems operating envelope without knowing it. Should it occur, brake fluid boiling is an indicator that your brake system is overheating.

Going with a little bit of an upgrade is fine, but you don’t need to go with a full-on race brake fluid.

While shooting the how to video for brake upgrades, Mark installed the DBA 4000 series rotors and STILLEN Metal Matrix brake pads on his Subaru BRZ and had the following to report:

“After we finished the install on the brakes, we moved onto the bed-in procedure then onto our test drive and you could really feel the difference. Our stopping distances were much shorter, our initial bite was much better and brake fade was much less apparent as the brakes heated up so this is an awesome upgrade for the BRZ or for any vehicle. You can really improve your driving experience.”

Questions About Brake Rotors?

Our brake experts are standing by and will stop at nothing to help you in quest for better braking. Take a brake from whatever you’re doing and call them at 866-250-5542!

STILLEN is a company that is proud to be owned and operated by automotive enthusiasts. This week’s employee spotlight is on one of our veterans here.

Dean Doan

Dean Head Shot

Dean has been a performance specialist here at STILLEN since 1999. Coming from the tuning scene, Dean’s platform of choice was a G35 Sedan. Obviously working here he had his G35 STILLENized within no time. Last year Dean decided to pull the trigger on a new 2015 Subaru WRX.

Dean WRX 1

STILLEN had already been looking into entering the Subaru tuning market and Dean’s purchase made it that much easier. Dean said he has always been a fan of the WRX, but with the new design and its improved chassis, updated looks, and more mature interior design he was sold! Immediate plans went into the modifications that would be done and what kind of parts we wanted to make as a company. Dean’s WRX was used for testing and developing both our Hi-Flow Intake and our Performance Exhaust System. The 2015 WRX is an impressive car and seeing how it responds to tuning upgrades is amazing. Dean says he loves the power delivery and the handling. The car was good from the factory, but between STILLEN and some of our industry partners we have really transformed this Subie!

Dean WRX 2

Dean’s Build List:

Dean still isn’t finished with his build. He plans to do a full turbo back exhaust system, upgraded intercooler, and a full custom tune. To reign in all that power, the plan is to upgrade to the new AP Radi-CAL by STILLEN Big Brake Kit. Subscribe to our blog for further updates on Dean’s build.



Continuing STILLEN’s long-standing heritage of producing OEM-quality polyurethane body kits, we’re excited to release the highly anticipated body kit components for the new Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

These OEM-quality body components are the result of a community-sourced design contest publicized on Facebook.

After a two month open entry period, top finalists were picked by STILLEN’s staff from over 100 design entries. The top contestants were then voted on by STILLEN Facebook fans. After a tight race between Greg Thompson and Mohammed Irfendy, Thompson took the win as people’s choice.

The parts were sculpted at STILLEN’s modeling shop in Costa Mesa, CA. Final production pieces are manufactured out of OEM-quality polyurethane in-house at the STILLEN headquarters and manufacturing center. Polyurethane has many benefits for aftermarket automotive applications, the most obvious is it will maintain an OEM-quality finish without cracking, as opposed to composites like fiberglass or carbon fiber.

STILLEN FR-S Body Kit Side

STILLEN FR-S Body Kit shown without Roof or Rear Deck Wing

Components are available separately, as well as packaged together as complete kits. The components include:

This clean yet aggressive lip spoiler has a strong visual effect on the front of the FR-S. Installs over the OEM fascia, and has body lines to ease in painting the piece a 2-tone for additional effect, or can be painted completely body color as well. Front lip spoiler fits FR-S only.

This 4-piece kit includes both passenger and driver-side side skirts, and also includes rear corners for both sides. Like the lip spoiler, there are body lines present to incorporate a 2-tone paint scheme if desired. Side skirts replace the OEM skirts, and the rear corner accents cover the OEM rear fascia.


A unique element which rounds out the body kit, seeming to extend the roof line into the rear window. Installs at the top of the rear glass, designed specifically to match the contours of the vehicle.

STILLEN FR-S Rear Deck Wing

This simple design element adds a surprisingly large amount of character to the rear trunk. Easily installed and does not require drilling.


It’s official the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ has the aftermarket industry in a buzz and although we would LOVE to get our products out on the market as soon as possible, we always make sure the products do what they should before you put them on your vehicle. Case in point the STILLEN designed intake for the Scion FR-S.
Dyno Testing a Scion FRS at the STILLEN Performance Shop

Here’s a quick teaser vid of the FR-S putting the intake to good use… We can’t wait to hear a customer scream by the building as soon as they get theirs installed.

Make sure you visit our website or give us a call for more information on STILLEN SCION FR-S and SUBARU BRZ goodies.

(800) 834-0376

Most people immediately associate STILLEN with everything Nissan, while we do pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the name plate that was the corner stone of our founder Steve Millen’s racing career. We also, pride ourselves in our knowledge of just about every other make and model as well. We treat every car that comes into our performance center with extreme care and respect. From routine oil changes, to motor swaps, to brake jobs, there is never a corner cut or a shortcut taken in the work we do for our customer vehicles.  We are glad to see that word of this commitment to quality is spreading faster than ever,  a quick snapshot of the vehicles in our Performance Center today further illustrates this.

This customer is blending the line between street and track with an amazing suspension set up and a front and rear set of AP RACING brakes for his Subaru WRX STI


sti ap racing brakes

A different customer brought in his 2012 Chevrolet Camaro to get a Cat-back exhaust system installed in order to unleash the power and the sounds of his 6.2L  L99 Camaro SS.


We have a beautiful Nismo 350z in the corner of our shop getting a tune up and a Stage 3 Supercharger installed.

On our alignment rack we have a 2011 GT-R getting some angle dialed into it’s suspension in order to make it handle even better on the street and track.


If you happen to own a specialty vehicle and feel it deserves to get the respect and attention you put into it by a PROFESSIONAL mechanic. Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring. 1-866-250-5542 One of our specialists will gladly set up and appointment for you and make sure your ride gets the attention it deserves.