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After seeing Steve Millen and the STILLEN R35 Nissan GT-R tackle the Targa Newfoundland, STILLEN fan Alan G. from Montreal, Quebec decided he needed to recreate the car in his favorite racing game, Forza 3 for the XBox 360.

Alan took on the task using Forza’s in-game livery editor, and ended up requiring over 3 days and 500 layers to recreate the livery on the rally car.

We think it came out great, pretty accurate, and amazing since each logo had to be created using simple shapes to manipulate designs. Alan also included a brief video clip of the GT-R in action as well.

Alan included in his note that he’s been a fan of racing for close to thirty years as well as racing simulators, and this Nissan is his favorite car he’s replicated so far. Thanks Alan for sending this in, and we appreciate the dedication it took to get it so accurate!  A signed poster from Steve Millen and some other goodies are on the way!


Rounding out the recently launched Kia Soul performance products as well as body styling products, STILLEN is announcing the release of the Kia Soul Strut Tower Brace, Eibach lowering springs, as well as upgraded wheel options.

The combination of the stiffer springs from Eibach, lowering the center of gravity on the Soul, and firming up the front suspension with the STILLEN Strut Tower Brace inspires additional confidence in spirited driving.

STILLEN Kia Soul Strut Tower Brace

STILLEN Strut Tower Braces are made from the highest quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and specifically engineered to bolt onto the Soul, adding both additional handling and striking styling to the engine bay. Strut Tower Bars add additional stiffness to the front of the vehicle by locking the shock towers together, removing body flex to create flatter, more precise cornering.

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

Pro-Kit lowers your car’s center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit is the finishing touch to a winning recipe for performance. Pro-Kit also reduces excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look just as hot as it performs.

– 1.0″ Front & Rear Drop
– High Performance Handling
– Excellent Ride Quality
– Million Mile Warranty

XXR 962 18″ Wheels

STILLEN carries the full line of XXR wheels at discount prices. These high quality wheels are sure to make your Soul stand out in the crowd.

– 17″, 18″ and 19″ sizes available
– 4 Colors – Black/Red, Gold, Gunmetal and Silver
– Billet aluminum center cap
– All Kia Bolt-Pattern Fitments Available

Pricing and Ordering available from the STILLEN Website

Other products available for the Kia Soul from STILLEN:


After months of development, STILLEN is proud to release our new styling products for the new Kia Soul as seen at SEMA 2009.

Aero components include the Kia Soul Front Lip Spoiler made from durable Polyurethane to withstand abuse and perform just like OEM. Also new from the design studio is the Kia Soul Rear Roof Wing, constructed of urethane.

STILLEN Kia Soul Front Lip Spoiler

STILLEN is proud to release this functional high quality urethane Front Lip Spoiler for the Kia Soul. This piece comes ready for prime and paint, and installs in place right over the factory fascia and installation is a breeze. Another major benefit of the front lip spoiler is the durability. Constructed out of high-quality polyurethane, this front spoiler is nearly indestructible and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Adds an aggressive appearance to any Soul
  • Made from durable Polyurethane
  • Limited lifetime warranty

STILLEN Kia Soul Rear Roof Wing

Also new for the Kia, STILLEN has released the Soul rear wing. Care was taken to give a distinctive style that would meet OEM design standards, yet offers an aggressive upgrade for a unique look. All of the STILLEN urethane parts are so durable, flexible and impact resistant that we guarantee our urethane components against breakage or cracking in normal use for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

  • Adds an aggressive appearance to any Soul
  • Made from durable Polyurethane
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pricing and Ordering available from the STILLEN Website

Other Kia Soul performance parts available from STILLEN:

The December 2009 issue of Road & Track is out on the newsstands now, and features the full Targa Newfoundland Rally article written by R&T’s Feature Editor Mike Monticello, the Co-Driver on the rally in the GT-R with Steve Millen.

Check your favorite newsstand and see this issue, it’s a neat story from Mike’s perspective on taking part in this 6-day rally, and what it was like being at the mercy of Steve Millen pushing the STILLEN modified R35 GT-R to it’s limits over city streets and tarmac.

Excerpt from the ‘Tackling Targa’ feature:

“The second to last to start the stage, Millen launched the GT-R with fury into the waning light, carbon rotors a-glowing, belching blue flames from the exhaust and sending onlookers scattering for cover, the GT-R was in its element. And so was Millen, 4-wheel-drifiting through corners with near reckless abandon while I tried to keep up with the pace notes…”
– Mike Monticello, Road & Track

Here’s also a link to a video from Road & Track discussing the stories in this packed issue:  Road & Track December 2009 Video Preview

There are also tons of video and information on the build of the STILLEN GT-R, comparison tests against a stock 2010 Nissan GT-R, and information on the Targa Newfoundland at Road & Track website:  2009 Targa Newfoundland

Steve Millen and the marketing crew here at STILLEN took some time out and traveled to LA to spend some time with Adam Carolla, and be a part of his CarCast show.

Adam’s shop is very cool, with interesting things around every corner, and numerous projects in various states of completion.

We brought out the STILLEN GT-R, STILLEN 2009 Maxima, as well as our in-house 370Z with all of the STILLEN bolt-on items, and that is being used for body styling for upcoming STILLEN urethane items, including the prototype 370Z rear wing.

The Adam Carolla CarCast podcast will release in a week or so, and is available for free through iTunes and their website.  Additional video coverage of Adam and Steve discussing the cars will be available at the Motorator website.

Some behind the scenes preview is up on the Motorator website now:

Here’s some photos from our iPhone’s at the event:

Nissan Cube with STILLEN Intake and Exhaust on Dyno

Recently a customer (Chris K. in Canada) put our exhaust and intake on his Cube, and took it to the local dyno to check what type of numbers it put down. Follow the jump to see the surprising results…

STILLEN Nissan Cube Intake Installed on the Cube's 1.8L MR18DE Engine

Chris was so excited about the new STILLEN Nissan Cube Intake and STILLEN Nissan Cube Exhaust that as soon as he received them he immediately installed them on his car. Unfortunately that means he wasn’t able to do a “before” dyno. However the MR18DE engine in the Cube is rated at 122 hp @ 5200rpm and 127 lb-ft @ 4800rpm at the crankshaft from the factory. Applying an industry standard 15% drivetrain loss results in 104 hp and 108 lb-ft at the front wheels.

Nissan Cube with STILLEN Intake and Exhaust strapped to the Dyno at D'Sousa Performance

After the dyno was booted up and the car turned the drums at D’Sousa Performance in Milton, Ontario – Chris saw 125 hp and 122 lb-ft at the wheels. That could be as high as 21 hp and 14 lb-ft above our estimated factory whp rating. While it is possible that the Cube is underrated from the factory, that doesn’t seem very likely on an engine like the MR18DE.

Nissan Cube dyno sheet from D'Sousa Performance's Mustang Dyno

Chris was also very satisfied with the quality, fit and finish of the products, saying:


From the moment I unpackaged the parts, it was very clear to me that these were high quality products. Installation was a snap. Everything literally clicked into place and there was no need to modify anything for a perfect fit.

The pieces look fantastic on the car for sure, but the best part has to be the deep rich sound. The combination of the STILLEN CAI and the STILLEN muffler have really transformed my Nissan Cube into something not so SQUARE!