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Muscle cars are built for one reason and one reason only… to go fast! While doing burnouts and donuts in the local empty parking lot is always fun, it’s not necessarily legal. In the case of this Ford Mustang, the owner wanted to take the “go fast” concept to a whole new level and build his mustang to be a drag strip king so he could have as much go fast legal fun that he wanted.
Upon first glance this pony looks relatively stock.

“stock” until you notice the full set of slicks that the car is sporting. This isn’t one of those weekend warrior mustangs that just throws a set of slicks on to impress the slowpokes in the bracket racing classes. This thing is build for speed…
Check out the gutted interior and cagework.

The stock drivers seat helps keep the “sleeper” look but the roll cage and harness that are part of it are hints that this thing can move.
And speaking of moving… how about a SALEEN blower?

While I don’t have all the details on what’s in the motor. I hear this car can do 9’s in the 1/8th mile at 109 and lifts the tires all the way through 1st.

Evidence of a weekend well spent.

Since the customer was so satisfied with our supercharger install and tune, he drops the car off to us on a regular basis to make sure we take care of all the maintenance on this pony as well.

Feel free to give us a call at anytime if you have any build questions or need to dial in your pony to rule the street or strip.

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