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As soon as the Nissan Cube’s began to hit the streets here in the US, we knew these fun little cars would spice up the Mini-MPV market, and STILLEN went to work in our R&D department to develop some bolt-on performance items for the enthusiasts looking to take their Cube to the next level.

2009 2010 Nissan Cube Intake System STILLEN

The STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake System for the Nissan Cube features bolt-on installation, removes the factory baffling and creating a direct intake air path.

STILLEN is excited to release the newest Gen 3 Intake System, extending the application list to include the 2009 370Z (Part #402852). This highly anticipated intake utilizes the principles proven with the G37 3.7L system, creating horsepower gains of +17.5 at the wheels.

STILLEN 370Z Generation 3 Ultra Long Intake

STILLEN 370Z Generation 3 Ultra Long Intake


The 370Z Generation 3 Ultra long intake features a proprietary intake design devised to maximize horsepower from the VQ37 engine.

As with all of the Gen 3 Intakes, these pass beyond the stock airbox location, and reside just in front of the radiator, allowing for cool air provided from the front grille, avoiding the troublesome location of at ground level, where asphalt temperatures can dramatically increase the intake air temp, and hydrolocking is most common. Slight enlargement of the factory core support is necessary to accommodate the pipes, which is achieved easily with a dremel or other cutting tool.

370Z with STILLEN Gen3 Ultra Long Intake

370Z with STILLEN Gen3 Ultra Long Intake


Pricing, Installation Instructions and additional information can be found at the STILLEN Generation 3 Intake Product Page

Dyno sheets and photos are listed below:

Continuing with the performance success of the STILLEN Generation 3 Intake System for the 3.7L engines in the G37 Coupe and G37 Sedan, STILLEN is proud to release the Gen 3 Intake for the Dual Throttle Body G35 Sedan.

STILLEN G35 Sedan Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake

STILLEN G35 Sedan Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake

When developing these intakes, we’ve seen the highest gains after 7-8 dyno runs. This intake was installed on a customer vehicle, so we limited testing to 3 runs.  During this testing, gains are up just over 15hp to the wheels (dyno below) at high RPM’s, 12hp peak, and may increase slightly.

Sound is mild during normal driving, but spirited under acceleration, especially over 5,500 RPM.  These intakes are in stock and shipping.  Pricing and additional information available HERE.

More information and a video (for approximate reference on sound) is available on the G37 Coupe Gen 3 Intake Blog post HERE.

Additional Gen 3 Ultra Long Intake Photos

The highly anticipated development of the STILLEN Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake (Part #402847) for the 2009 G37 Sedan is now a reality.  Sedan owners can now benefit from the extensive R&D done with the 3.7L motor here at STILLEN.

STILLEN G37 Sedan Gen 3 Intake System

Over 50 variations of this intake were used in the development on the 3.7L Coupe to get the largest gains possible.  Gains on the G37 Sedan are 14hp and 10 lb/ft at the wheels. (Dyno below.)

The Generation 3 Intake System has a mild sound when cruising around, and an aggressive, undeniably powerful note when put under throttle.

Pricing and information can be found on the STILLEN Gen 3 Intake product page HERE.  These are in stock and shipping.

More information and a video (for approximate reference on sound) is available on the G37 Coupe Gen 3 Intake Blog post HERE.

We’re proud to announce the release of our STILLEN Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake for the G37 Coupe (Part # 402846). This intake is the testament of the level of commitment from our R&D department, who went through over 50 variations before finalizing the design. The air filters are placed outside of the engine bay directly behind the main grille and are protected by a urethane splash guard.

STILLEN Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake for the G37 Coupe On Car

Dyno Sheet and Product Photos:

EDIT 10/8/08: We’ve had several customers in for this upgrade, and all are extremely happy.  We got a chance to grab a quick video with a point and shoot.  Better video to come.

Here’s the product text from the STILLEN Website:

STILLEN was the first national tuner to introduce a high flow intake for the G37 Coupe. Our first short tube intake provided a small boost in power with a great sound. Economical and easily installed, this Generation 1 Short Tube Intake became instantly popular. Some months later we introduced our Generation 2 Long Tube Intake, featuring polished tubes, even better sound and a power gain over the Generation 1.

Our continuing dedication to getting the maximum performance from each vehicle has lead to the introduction of our new Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake. This intake has a radically new design that provides dramatically better power than any G37 intake on the market. Our R&D team went through over 50 variations before being satisfied that this system is the best that can be made for the G37 Coupe.

The new Generation 3 Ultra Long Tube Intake places two large K&N filters in front of the radiator and directly behind the main grille. Strategic placement of the filters allow for optimum cold air flow and easy filter removal for cleaning. It features additional polished tubes that pass through the front core support, larger air filters than the Generation 2 unit, a urethane splash guard to help protect the filter and a system of varied diameter tubing and steps to maximize air velocity.

The power result: A dyno-proven 18.5 horsepower gain at the wheels. This translates to an estimated 22 horsepower gain at the flywheel. No other intake for the G37 can match these power gains!

Recommended installation requires removal of the front fascia clip (not absolutely necessary, but significantly aids in ease of installation) and slightly enlarging the holes through the front core support. Installation time is estimated at two hours for an experienced technician. No other part relocation or parts removal is required.

If you have any questions about the long tube intakes, please visit www.stillen.com or give us a call at 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. We also offer a wide variety of parts including an Infiniti G37 big brake kit, exhaust systems, and superchargers.  If you live in the Orange County, CA area, we also offer installation at our performance shop.