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Crown Kia of Dublin - STILLEN Performance Hi-Flow Air Intake Kit and Styling Front Splitter
Enthusiasm for the Kia Stinger GT remains high as consumers around the country continue to snap up this fantastic platform.  Kia has done an incredible job with the release of the twin turbo V6 3.3L Stinger GT.  Inspired by European styling with true muscle under the hood enthusiasts have been devouring these sedans as quickly as they can.  Who knew that a reasonably priced 4 door hot rod would be so highly sought after!

Crown Kia of Dublin - STILLEN Performance Cat back Exhaust and Styling Rear Diffuser

To keep the excitement level high on these cars Kia invited STILLEN to offer our parts through the North American dealer network at last year’s Las Vegas dealers meeting.  Since then we have been shipping kits around the country to dealerships looking to offer their customers an opportunity for added value through personalized customizations.  The latest dealer to increase the heart rate is Crown Kia of Dublin in Dublin, Ohio.  The team there selected a ceramic silver example to adorn with the STILLEN poly urethane front splitter, STILLEN poly urethane rear diffuserSTILLEN cat-back exhaust and STILLEN cold air intake.

The complete package of performance parts creates the GT400 package unveiled at the Kia Dealer Summit in 2019.

Crown Kia of Dublin - STILLEN Performance Hi-Flow Air Intake Kit and Styling Front Splitter

Kia Dealerships across North America have started taking advantage of the STILLEN GT400 package featuring the STILLEN Cold Air Intake and Cat-Back Exhaust combination.  Chuck Olson Kia in Seattle, Washington are one of the latest STILLEN authorized dealerships to begin carrying and installing our high performance Kia Stinger GT performance products.

Check Olson has also installed the STILLEN Front Splitter and the STILLEN Rear Diffuser to this beautiful ceramic silver 2020 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD.

Chuck Olson Kia in Seattle, Washington

If you’re in the market for a 2020 Kia Stinger AWD GT1 we would highly recommend taking a trip to Chuck Olson Kia and checking out this beauty!

In November 2019 STILLEN was invited by Kia North America to introduce our performance parts and poly-urethane styling accessories to the Las Vegas dealer summit.  This was a great opportunity for Kia dealerships to learn about all of the ways they can offer aftermarket accessories by STILLEN to allow their customers to get even more enjoyment out of such a fantastic car.

STILLEN is proud to say that all of the parts on this Kia Stinger are Made in USA in our Southern California manufacturing facilities.


STILLEN® is proud to announce the GT400 package for the Kia Stinger. This engineered combination of Performance Air Intake and Cat-Back Exhaust System increases the horsepower output to more than 400* horsepower. In addition to the increase in power the air intakes and exhaust system combine to provide an exhilarating driving experience by making this great platform even more exciting.

*400HP claim is a calculation based on flywheel horsepower estimate

STILLEN® Kia Aftermarket Performance Products are positioned to sell through distribution with robust support for today’s Dealers. With over 30 years in business STILLEN® has a detailed knowledge of what it takes to create demand and equip dealers with the tools they need to successfully drive revenue reselling STILLEN® Products.


  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Elevated enthusiasm and driving experience
  • Products supported by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Increased revenue for sales floor, parts department and service center
  • An exciting offer to customers to increase vehicle enjoyment
  • Made and shipped from USA ensuring Excellent Fulfillment Rate across the US
  • Easy bolt on installations utilizing factory mounting locations
  • Dedicated Dealer Services and Customer Service teams

STILLEN has allocated robust resources to ensure
“Top of Mind Consideration” by consumers.

  • Professional In-House Video Producers and Graphic Designers
  • Data Team Writing Product Descriptions to maximize SEO
  • Google Display Ad Campaigns
  • YouTube Paid Video Distribution
  • YouTube Search and In-Stream Ads

  • Facebook Paid Display Ad Campaigns
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This Stinger GT Exhaust improves the sound and performance of the vehicle while still keeping everything looking original by utilizing the stock exhaust tips. In addition to reaching industry leading HP & TQ figures, while maintaining stock emissions components, we are able to keep the exhaust tone quiet and comfortable while cruising on the freeway.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Uses the Factory Tip Outlets
  • Greatest Incremental Horsepower gain: 30 HP @ 6000 RPM
  • Greatest Incremental Torque gain: 30 TQ lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
  • Authoritative Tone Under Throttle
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA


After many different prototype configurations STILLEN combined our multiple decades of experience with metal fabrication and poly-urethane manufacturing to produce a cold air intake that utilizes both processes as well as the factory ducting to produce an air intake capable of providing an additional 25 horsepower and 31 lb/ft. of torque.


  • Improved Throttle Response and Horsepower
  • Aluminum Mandrel Bent Intake Tubes
  • Includes Genuine Air Filter
  • Enclosed Filter Housing
  • Greatest Incremental Horsepower Gain: 25 HP @ 5000 RPM
  • Greatest Incremental Torque Gain: 31 TQ lb-ft @ 3800 RPM
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA



STILLEN is excited to announce the release of the STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust System for the 2018 Kia Stinger K8 GT 3.3L V6 Twin Turbo. The Stinger boasts some impressive performance, with acceleration times besting a Mustang GT.

Great power with excellent handling, massive brakes and enough space to thrill 4 adults at once, the new Kia Stinger GT penetrates the performance sedan market traditionally dominated by European brands.

This STILLEN Kia Stinger GT Cat-Back Exhaust System made an impressive max increase of +30 HP / +30 lb-ft torque on the Stillen’s DynoJet Dyno in Costa Mesa, CA. Combine this Stillen Kia Cat-Back Exhaust System with a matched STILLEN Kia Stinger GT Hi-Flow Air Intake, for a whopping performance increase of +40 TQ and +40HP!

To learn more about STILLEN Kia Stinger Products including STILLEN Styling products for your KIA Stinger please visit our website https://www.stillen.com/vehicles/kia-stinger.html  .

402883DF 2018 Kia Stinger GT Intake

STILLEN is proud to announce the release of our KIA Stinger GT 3.3L V6 Twin Turbo Hi-Flow Air Intake.

STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake Kit – Oil Filter

STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake Kit – Dry Filter

402883DF 2018 Kia Stinger GT Intake

After many different prototype configurations STILLEN combined our multiple decades of experience with metal fabrication and poly-urethane manufacturing to produce a hi-flow air intake. We utilizes both processes as well as the factory ducting to produce an air intake capable of providing an additional 25 horsepower and 31 lb./ft. of torque.

Testing began by removing the factory air intake and thoroughly measuring and inspecting the intake tract, factory couplers, turbine housings, and filter surface area.  After measuring these key areas our engineering and fabrication team set to work in producing a pair of 3” mandrel bent intake tubes that provide a perfectly smooth airflow path from the air filters in to the turbine housings.

402883DF 2018 Kia Stinger GT Intake

By increasing the surface area of the filter by more than 50% and cleaning up the air flow with less drastic mandrel bent tubing we are able to control the air flow leading into the turbos and improve the efficiency of the intake tract and the turbos ability to draw air.

402883DF 2018 Kia Stinger GT Intake

To complete the air intake a set of poly-urethane shields were created which block off the hot air from the engine bay and prevent this heated air from entering the intake tract.

402883DF 2018 Kia Stinger GT Intake

Unsatisfied with simply developing a kit that fit and produced significant gains in power and torque, STILLEN held the release of the intake until it had been tested for more than 5,000 miles.  We worked with a local owner who drives their vehicle long distances and offered the use of the vehicle for durability and long term testing.  Here are his thoughts:

“I went on another trip to Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon with the KIA Stinger. Stock I would get a 26 mpg (highest ever recorded stock). But on this trip, I logged the best 32.1 mpg at 90mph I did not get a pic of that, but I did get one of 31.9 mpg at 80 mph with the intake and tune that’s a 6mpg improvement! (long range driving). And when I filled it with gas, I got 375 mi usually it’s around 300-330 mi depends on my driving habits…. this was done on sport mode, that’s all I ever put it on.  P.S. I love the intakes especially when boost hits, if I’m next to someone and they hear the intakes most of the time they won’t pull up next to me (intimidating turbo sound, LOL) and it holds up good to the 107 heat in Arizona.”

STILLEN 2018 Kia Stinger GT

STILLEN is very excited to enter the KIA market with our poly-urethane body kit, cold air intake, and soon to be released cat-back exhaust.  For over 30 years STILLEN has been recognized as a leader in the high performance automotive industry and we are proud to bring our expertise and American Made manufacturing to new communities.  Look for more products from STILLEN soon!

Also available for the 2018+ KIA Stinger GT 3.3L Twin Turbo:

STILLEN 2018 Kia Stinger GT - Front Splitter

2018 Kia Stinger GT Front Splitter – Matte Black

2018 Kia Stinger GT Front Splitter – Unpainted

STILLEN 2018 Kia Stinger GT - Rear Diffuser

2018 Kia Stinger GT Rear Diffuser – Matte Black

2018 Kia Stinger GT Rear Diffuser – Unpainted

Ready to add horsepower and style to your KIA Stinger GT? Reach out to us at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via live chat at stillen.com! Demand for these products are unprecedented, so order yours Today!

Kia’s new STINGER GT sedan has already been making waves with its turbocharged 3.3L V6 and RWD-oriented layout (with optional AWD). The plucky little Korean compact car manufacturer has grown up in a major way – and if all you remembered about Kia was what 90s Kias were like, boy, are you in for a surprise.

The Teutonic reckoning is here, and the Kia Stinger GT has the numbers to give the Germans cause for concern.

A far cry from the Kias of 20 years ago, the Stinger boasts some serious horsepower – giving quicker acceleration than a Mustang GT — and it’s no one-trick pony either, the Stinger GT also offers stellar handling, massive brakes and enough space to whisk 4 adults from LA to Vegas at triple-digit speeds (though we don’t actually advise doing that).

Seemingly out of nowhere, Kia jumped into the RWD performance sedan market, offering a sportier foil to the more luxury-oriented Hyundai G70, the Stinger GT hopes to entice buyers away from other sport sedans, and certainly has the performance stats to back that up.


Recognizing the performance potential of this all-new platform, STILLEN is proud to introduce our first two offerings for the Kia Stinger. Designed and manufactured totally in house in the USA at STILLEN HQ in Costa Mesa, CA, our designers set out to come up with something both aesthetically pleasing and functional in principle.


Drawing inspiration from what we learned during Racing Champion Steve Millen‘s experience, we sought to bring racing function and aesthetics to the street. Inspired by the front splitters used in racing (such as the one on our famous #75 300ZX Race car) the STILLEN Front Splitter for 2018+ Kia Stinger features a wide front plane to increase downforce thanks to mild aerodynamic effects, and thus improve front end grip at speed, meaning this splitter offers function as well as form.


In addition, the wide front plane also gives the car an aggressive edge and channels more air directly into the radiator, intercooler and condenser for a slight improvement in cooling.


Each STILLEN splitter features an embossed STILLEN “S” logo, so you know you’ve got a genuine STILLEN aero part. With its distinctive styling, this splitter is sure to set your Stinger apart from the crowd.


The STILLEN Front Splitter for Kia Stinger GT is available prepainted matte black as seen here (ready to install), or raw and unfinished, ready for you to prep, prime and paint the color of your choice. Molded in durable and resilient polyurethane like virtually all STILLEN aero and styling parts, it’s tough enough to stand up to the harsh realities of street driving in the real world. This is a front splitter you won’t break the first time you come into a steep driveway a little too hot or if a small rock hits it on the freeway.


Thanks to its durable polyurethane construction, the STILLEN splitter flexes when stressed and then returns to its original shape, rather than cracking like carbon fiber or fiberglass can, helping to ensure your splitter will have a long service life on your vehicle. Available now, call today 1-866-250-5542 or visit the STILLEN Website to be among the first to have this sleek splitter.


Continuing with the same racing-inspired aerodynamic design language as the front splitter, we spiced up the rear end of Korean sport saloon with the STILLEN Rear Diffuser for 2018+ Kia Stinger. Offering a much more striking appearance, we designed a rear diffuser that compliments the athletic styling of the Stinger. Like the front splitter, the rear diffuser is handsome and aerodynamically functional.


It’s worth saying that diffusers can be really effective – here’s an example. Back in 2009, Brawn GP dominated Formula 1 – for much of the season, they were so much quicker than everyone else, they were nigh untouchable for most of the season thanks to its clever and innovative rear diffuser design, demonstrating just how much of an effect this one aerodynamic component can have.


Much like the diffusers seen on the cars of the contemporary ALMS and production-class LeMans racing vehicles like our #75 racecar, the STILLEN Rear Diffuser for Kia Stinger features deep air channels and pronounced fins to better control airflow under the car, improving the aerodynamics of the car as a whole. With its sharp lines and pronounced fins, it’s sure to make people take notice.


At speed, these air channels can help clean up the airflow exiting from beneath the car, increasing the aerodynamic ‘ground effect’ and enhance downforce for a slight increase in grip. While a street car rarely goes fast enough for aerodynamics to take effect, at triple digit speeds, it can offer a minor  improvement in grip.

Besides the mild aerodynamic benefit, the STILLEN Rear Diffuser For Kia Stinger gives the car’s rear end a much more performance oriented aesthetic, giving the car a purposeful, sporty look.


Molded precisely to follow the contours of the Stinger’s rear bumper, this diffuser installs over the OEM rear valance and with the painted matte black finish, this diffuser looks like it came from the factory that way for an OEM+ look.

This rear diffuser is a wonderful compliment to any exhaust system, and is designed to pair perfectly with the STILLEN front splitter and works flawlessly with the STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust for STINGER GT  as well.


Like the front splitter, the STILLEN Rear Diffuser for Kia Stinger GT is designed and manufactured in house at STILLEN in Costa Mesa, CA in durable and resilient polyurethane. While a rear diffuser doesn’t have to deal with as much abuse as a front splitter, the flexible urethane construction allows it to survive transitions over steep driveways/roads and steeper speedbumps that would damage a fiberglass or carbon diffuser.


Available in your choice of prepainted matte black or also available raw and unfinished for you to prep, prime and paint the color of your choice, you have options to suit your style whether you prefer an OEM+ look or something more custom. In stock and available now, call us today at 866-250-5542 to order yours or order online at STILLEN.com.


This is just the beginning, stay tuned as for the unveil of the STILLEN Cat Back Exhaust for Kia Stinger GT and the matching STILLEN Cold Air Intake for Kia Stinger GT late this summer. We’re really excited to unveil these soon, because our intake and exhaust have yielded fantastic power gains in our early testing, we were pleasantly surprised with power gains exceeding even our own expectations – so you can imagine how stoked we are to bring them to market for the Stinger community.

Thanks for joining us, see you next time!

Need help installing your STILLEN Aero parts? Check out this helpful video which offers some tips and tricks to help your STILLEN aero install go as smoothly as possible and look its best.


Do you have a Hyundai G70 with the 3.3L Turbo V6? If so, we want YOU! Lend us your G70 for testing and score STILLEN parts FREE! If you’re in SoCal and available to bring your G70 in for testing, email us at media@stillen.com today.